5 Instances Where You Should Paint Your Cabinets

“When should I paint my kitchen cabinets?” If this is the same question that goes around in your head, you are not the only one. There are a few situations in which you must start painting your cabinets because you have had enough of that unwanted grain or those spots that just don’t go away even after buffing them 20 times. You should think about painting your cabinets only if you have:

1. Solid Wood Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Solid wood cabinets are the easiest to paint because in several cases you won’t even require sanding or buffing them at all. If you have any oak wood kitchen cabinet panels, painting them is going to be a dream. It is not only therapeutic but the result is completely phenomenal. The paint is not going to chip or fade because the surface of these cabinets absorbs the liquid easily. The paint and wood become one and with just a single coat of varnish, you are done.

2. Too Much Grain and Fibres In Your Panels

If your kitchen cabinets have a lot of grain and fibers and if that’s something that you have gotten completely bored of, it is better to paint them right away. Your cabinet painting project is going to turn out to be a lot more fun if you know that the final output is going to look like something you saw in your favorite interior decor magazine. There are times when you don’t want that amount of grain or fiber in your cabinets regardless of where they are located.  Buffing and painting them in your desired color is the only way to achieve the “look”.

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3. Spots That Just Won’t Go

What about those spots and spills? What about that termite infestation? What about those burn marks? Your cabinets stood their ground because you had invested in high-quality wood. But you are looking for a different look now. You want them to be as good as new. What do you do? You pick up that bucket of paint, preferably something that you want to look at every day. You start painting your cabinets the way you want. You can get a little creative though. You can paint your favorite shapes and designs on the panels or maybe every other panel for a more asymmetric and bright look. This could be one of the easiest ways to revamp your space and give it a very unconventional and attractive appearance.

4. Enough Time On Your Hand

Yes, this is one of the most critical factors that you will have to keep in mind. If you do not have enough time on your hand, there is no point in taking up this project in the first place. No matter how driven you are or how many ideas you have sprouting inside your head, you must have enough time to see this project through. It will not be a good feeling if you start painting your cabinets and then quit in the middle of it.

5. Old Cabinets That Need A Facelift

So, this is probably the safest bet. You have a set of old cabinets that you have been using for almost a decade now. They are a robust set but you want them to look different now. You can afford to paint them on your own and even if you mess it up, you know that it’s not going to be a deal-breaker. This is your playground. If you feel like experimenting with colors and textures, go right ahead. 

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These were a few practical instances where you can afford to paint your cabinets all by yourself. It is not much of a hassle. It is not a big investment. All you have to be is committed to this little fun chore.


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