Inspiring Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

If you are remodeling your kitchen or excited to do your first time designing a new kitchen, a kitchen sink is the key element of great functional kitchen design—which is no longer just for washing dishes. You might find one that fits your needs the most.

1. Farmhouse Sink

This traditional charming sink works well in a variety of kitchen styles. The idea of farmhouse sink design is a large and deep bowl to hold a large amount of water. So, it will also give a large space to work with. 

Make sure you have an expert hand to help you because the installation of a farmhouse sink is challenging.

The Cooper sink is one of the highly recommended farmhouse kitchen interiors for you. This sink is applied to a repainted wooden kitchen cabinet so it looks cleaner and more elegant. Perform routine maintenance on this sink for a clean appearance throughout the day so that it makes you comfortable when cooking in your current kitchen. Farmhouse cooper sink from homebnc.

Are you looking for a farmhouse-style sink to complement your kitchen interior? If so, then you can use a farmhouse sink made of hardwood as the main material for a smoother surface and certainly not easy to porous when used for a long time. In this kitchen room you can combine it with wooden cabinets that have been repainted in gray. DIY hardwood kitchen sink from homebnc.

The appearance of the sink will be more varied by choosing a carving kitchen sink which is dominated by clean white color. This modern farmhouse sink is equipped with a foldable faucet that looks more vintage and is perfect for your current room style. Green plants placed next to it become a wooden countertop decoration that you can get in your backyard garden. Carving kitchen sink from homebnc.

Adjust the sink material used with your current kitchen style, if you use a modern farmhouse kitchen style then you can use a single sink made of solid black marble. The use of this sink is very appropriate because it will look more shiny and certainly not easily dirty after use. Single marble kitchen sink from homebnc.

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2. Double Basin Sink

It’s usually enough for a single household to use only one bowl. But since there are items such as large pots and pans that don’t fit in regular-sized sinks, a double basin kitchen sink is the ideal solution.

You can make either two equal basins or some double units with one sink smaller. You will find your work easier as you can fill one basin with warm soapy water and clear water for rinsing at the other.

The advantage of using a double basin sink is that you will have more space when washing dirty dishes, pots or pans after using them for cooking. Currently you can choose solid black iron material so that it is not easily porous or rusty when exposed to water continuously, besides that the black color also minimizes your kitchen sink from looking dirty. Iron double basin sink from homedesignlover.

You can do dishes and wash fruit at the same time, so you can use double basin sinks of different sizes. Basin sink with a smaller size is suitable for washing your fresh fruit. The sink and countertop materials used look shiny and luxurious so that they present a modern style that never goes out of fashion. Modern double basin sink from homedesignlover.

Another option for double basin sinks is stainless steel which is easier to clean and certainly not easy to rust. Both of these basin sinks have the same size, making it easier for you to wash dishes in larger quantities. Apply the sink close to your glass window so it doesn’t get damp because it’s exposed to enough sunlight. Stainless steel double basin sink from homedesignlover.

3. Corner Sink Design

Corner kitchen sink design is a solution for kitchens with dead corner spaces. It offers flexibility as you can place the sink anywhere as long as it’s in a corner. So, it means you can come up with any sorts of ingenious designs and layouts for your kitchen.

The corner of your kitchen room will be more useful when you use it to apply a white single sink which is suitable for rustic kitchen decorations that are dominated by natural wood material without repainting. Corner single sink is equipped with a storage cabinet underneath so that it seems more multifunctional. Corner single sink from hgtv.

The corner sink design will look more colorful when you use a green tile backsplash and a blue pendant light that has a unique shape. This corner sink is very smart because it makes use of a narrow area in the kitchen to be more useful. Also put a small plant pot near the sink as a fresh countertop decoration. Corner sink with more colorful interior from hgtv.

Match the color of your corner sink with the kitchen cabinets that are used for a more elegant kitchen look and can blend in perfectly. White is the best choice to perfect your current farmhouse kitchen decor. The patterned tiles on the backsplash are the perfect combination that you can combine in one room. White corner kitchen sink from hgtv.

White marble countertops complemented by corner sinks with drainboards become a very useful kitchen interior. These drainboards become an area to put some kitchen utensils and dishes that have been washed so that they can be drained before being put into your kitchen cabinet. You can combine a corner sink with an iron faucet for a more solid interior. Corner sink with drainboards from hgtv.

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4. Stainless Sinks with Drainboards

No doubt that the drainboards feature makes prep more simple and mess-free, and offers so much easiness.

It is eco-friendly, easy to keep clean because the steel top can handle the water splash, and easy to combine with any materials. Well, it is the easiest choice of a smart home cook.

In order not to dirty your kitchen countertop to put some dirty plates or glasses, then you can use a sink equipped with drainboards on the side. Do not forget to choose the right choice of material so that it can be used for a long time, stainless steel is the best choice that is highly recommended for you. Apply this sink right in front of your glass window. Sink with drainboards windowsill decor from cannibalnyc.

You can choose the shape of the sink with drainboards according to the size of your current kitchen decor. If you have a kitchen with limited space, then you can use a curved sink with small drainboards on the right and left side of the sink. Apply this sink right in the corner of your kitchen decor. Corner sink with two drainboards from cannibalnyc.

To minimize the occurrence of your plates and glasses falling to the floor when drying on the drainboards, you can add a stainless steel basket that has a size according to the drainboards. This basket is very safe to store fruit and glass at the same time, you can try it easily without the need for a professional. Drainboard with stainless steel basket from cannibalnyc.

If you have a wooden countertop with a limited size, then you can use a round sink with drainboard with a size that is not too large. This sink has an inexpensive selling point, so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate the kitchen more efficiently or on a budget. This sink is equipped with a built-in faucet so it seems more practical and easier to install. Round sink with drainboard from cannibalnyc.

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To decide the right kitchen sink design, start with your practical needs. Single living with a tiny kitchen needs a different design than a large family. However, as long as it fits your needs, you are sure will be having a fun cooking time.

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