Need Some Landscaping Ideas? Never Miss Out These 4 Important Things

What would be a better idea of spending time with family or friends and enjoying intimate conversation with them than having it all at an open space and feel the natural air and lights surround us? Whether it is at the front or back yard, landscaping ideas are needed to create a beautiful and pleasing atmosphere for your outdoor space. To get started, here are four important things you should know.

1. Pick a Theme

To start decorating your landscape, you first need to decide on a theme. A theme will help you making plants selection, considering who will use your garden and what specific materials you must prepare. Garden’s themes are very varied from hydroponic, Mediterranean, to urban.

Change the theme of your landscape garden decoration to make it more useful by applying an outdoor table dining set that is surrounded by green plants that are fresh and thriving, this landscape garden idea has an urban theme that never goes out of style. You can use a wooden pallet fence to create the impression of an outdoor dining room that is more closed and private. Don’t forget to use candle stands for warm lighting ideas at night. Urban themed landscaping gardens from hgtv.

Choose and use your landscape garden theme with a hydroponic theme that will save land area so you can move freely. You can use a pipe tower for hydroponic planting ideas that can thrive and meet your expectations. Place this hydroponic tower right in front of the backyard fence to get maximum sunlight. Hydroponic themed landscaping garden from balconygardenweb.

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2. Focalization

The focal point in your lawn is one particular spot that will catch the first attention from your guests. Focalization will also make your landscape more perfect and stand out. Some common focal points that people place in their backyard or front yard are water fountain, gazebo, a swing, or a dwarf shrub. 

The water fountain design is one of the most favorite landscape garden decorations this year, you can surround this fountain accent with some shrubs, green plants and flowers as a complement that can be used as a fresh sight when you are in this outdoor yard. Perform regular maintenance to produce plants that remain beautiful and fertile. Water fountain surrounded by greenery from hgtv.

The next idea that you can try to decorate a landscape garden is a natural fish pond made of several types of stones with different sizes. You can design this pool to the maximum and of course it has a shape according to the size of your current garden area. Green grass is a design idea that is no less popular and has low maintenance that will make it easier for you when doing routine maintenance. Natural stone pool design from bhg.

Another option to provide a focal point in your landscape garden décor is to add a rattan swing as a comfortable and inexpensive relaxing area. You can put this swing right in the wooden pathway area so you can enjoy the view of the green plants around you. Rattan swing from bhg.

3. Keep Things in Groups and Colorful

It is better to put the same type of plants together rather them planting them apart. Place three to five same plants in a group then side them with a group of another type of plants. Bulb flowers in various colors to make your garden colorful. Consider picking different flowers that bloom at different time. However, flowers are not obligatory for landscaping ideas. 

Several different types of flowers can be planted in your landscaping garden area for a more colorful atmosphere. Currently you can group these flowers according to their type and color to make it easier for you when doing routine maintenance. The rock tiers make for an easier planting area when you group some greenery and flowers according to their type. Flower grouping stone tiers from bhg .

If you have a landscape garden decoration with a larger and more open size and land area, then you can group some flowers and green plants according to their type so that they can grow optimally. Don’t forget to create a stone path as a road area that can be used to see some of the plants and flowers that have been planted. You can do watering and fertilizing regularly. Large garden landscaping from bhg.

Take advantage of a little garden area in your front yard to plant several different types of flowers in one area so as to create a colorful atmosphere that will be a festive welcome for your guests or family who come to your house. You can complete the appearance of these flowers with a paver stone staircase which has a brighter color and of course has a more natural impression. Colorful flowers in the front yard garden from bhg.

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4. Enough Drainage and Sunlight

Plants need water and sunlight to grow. That is why making sure your greenery gets enough H2O and sunlight is very important. There are some types of drainage you can choose such as grassy swale, French drain, and dry well system. Sunlight exposure is also an important consideration. You must know which plants need full sun and which plants can’t handle too much sunlight.

Landscape garden decoration idea that you can try to maximize its current appearance is to create a drainage made of stone as the edge and white gravel that looks clean and looks brighter. Furthermore, you can plant several types of green plants in this drainage outskirt area for the right planting ideas so that you get the right water and sunlight and are not blocked by anything. Stone and gravel drainage from onekindesign.

French drain is one area that drains water to your garden area to the maximum. You can make it from iron which is surrounded by white stones and green plants that have various kinds and different types. This French drain design is certainly not equipped with a pergola because to maximize the green plants in this garden, they can grow fertile and get sunlight to help your green plants or flowers grow more efficiently. French drainage design from onekindesign.

From theme to drainage system are things that should be on your checklist when you have landscaping ideas in mind.

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