Must-Have Garden Facilities for Your Chilling Time

You can make the backyard garden design as a refreshing place to unwind from your daily routine. There are many ways to design a backyard garden that although simple, still looks beautiful and neat. For example, by making the creative garden planter such as hanging pot where you can hang the plant so it looks beautiful and attractive. You can also add chairs or swings so that you can use the rear garden gathering place with family or children’s playground. To make it looks more beautiful, mix green plants with various types of colorful flowers. Here are some must-have garden facilities for your chilling time.

Garden Patio

In addition to the front of the house, the park can also actually be made behind the house. Not only for sweeteners, but the garden behind the house can also be used as a place to relax. Even if the size is large, you can use the park as a place for recreation and family gathering. Parks are not always synonymous with vast land, large plants and also many. In accordance with the growing trend, the park with a minimalist concept has now been liked by many people.

Take advantage of your garden decor as a patio idea that can be used as a relaxing and comfortable outdoor area to relax. Just add a few chairs and throw pillows as a sitting area that can be used as needed. The outdoor furniture that surrounds the fireplace gives a warmer impression at night so it is highly recommended to try it. Chairs and throw pillows from goodhousekeeping.

Garden decorations in the backyard will be put to good use when you add some outdoor furniture that can be used whenever you want. For example, if you combine an iron chair with a thick glass coffee table, the combination of these two materials is a smart idea that must be tried because it is stronger against all changes in the weather outside. Plants and greens around this patio make for a fresh decoration idea. Garden patio surrounded by greenery from goodhousekeeping.

Bring your sofa to the garden patio decoration to make it a comfortable and relaxing area when you are outdoors. The appearance of this patio will look more elegant when you add a striped rug that has the same color as your sofa and umbrella. The use of an umbrella on the garden patio is intended to keep you in a shady area during the day. Elegant garden patio from goodhousekeeping.

Another option for decorating your backyard garden is to turn it into an outdoor dining room decoration that is equipped with some natural-looking rattan wicker furniture. The hardwood dining table is also a solid combination and is not easily porous so it is highly recommended to try. The blooming pink flowers can be placed on the table surface to serve as a centerpiece decoration that looks feminine. Outdoor garden dining room from goodhousekeeping.

Iron chairs and tables are ideas for garden patio furniture that you can try, these materials are very strong against all weather changes every year. Place this furniture right under the greenery so you can still feel the shade during the day. Don’t forget to cover this iron chair with plaid patterned pillows to keep it softer and warmer. Repaint the iron part with a solid black paint color to keep it looking shiny. Iron chair set garden patio from goodhousekeeping.

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Garden Swing

Like the swing function in general, the presence of this swing model is intended to make your atmosphere of relaxation more quality and more relaxed. The presence of a garden swing can further dilute the atmosphere of chat. This can be one of your references to make the atmosphere at home more relaxed. With the garden swing, your back garden becomes more varied.

Do you need an area to relax while decorating your garden? If so, then you can install a rattan swing that is lined with pillows and thick blankets as a heating accent which is very easy to carry everywhere. This swing can also be refined with an elegant L sofa as an additional seat that can be used when your family or guests are gathered in the backyard. Rattan swing from goodhousekeeping.

This rattan wicker swing which is repainted in gray is one of the ideas for outdoor furniture that can be placed on a wooden deck that you have in your backyard garden decoration. Cover the surface of the swing seat with soft pillows and have a smooth cloth surface to make it more comfortable to use all day long. Decorate this swing area with some blooming flowers in a clay planting container. Rattan wicker swing from goodhousekeeping.

If you have a large enough budget, then you can buy a sized iron swing to be placed in your patio garden decoration. This swing will have a splash of white paint so it is easier to place it in any area, including in areas surrounded by greenery around it. In addition, iron material is also more sturdy and not easy to rust when exposed to dew in the morning. Carved iron swing from decoist.

A rustic touch in your garden decoration can be obtained easily when you use a wooden swing that is hung using a strong rope to the tree branch area. The burlap fabric layer gives the impression of a more beautiful and vintage swing, while the purple flower arrangement on the rope provides an elegant swing decoration and will certainly give a more fragrant aroma when you are on this swing. Rustic style wooden swing from decoist.

So that you avoid the reflection of excessive sunlight during the day, then you can use a wooden swing equipped with a pergola on top. Repaint this swing for a more elegant and clean look. Don’t forget to cover the swing seat area with pillows so that it has a warmer surface and is certainly not hard. Roses planted next to the swing are additional decorations that can be obtained easily. Garden swing pergola from decoist.

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Garden Lighting

Pretty garden lights don’t only take an important part in providing light or helping with lighting when you walk in the park at night. With many roles of garden lighting fungi, the variety of garden lighting models is always developing following the trends of the garden style. Adding lights in the home garden not only makes it more beautiful. With the right illumination, your garden will get these three useful things; safety, security, and even the beauty. Lights can also add its own mood. Select the object that you want to highlight from your garden, be it a beautiful tree, garden walls, character stones, or other plants.

This string light that has orange lighting is able to perfectly illuminate your patio garden area at night. If the string light has not been able to illuminate optimally, then you can combine it with spotlights that are applied to the fence. In addition, the orange lighting also gives a warm impression that can be enjoyed anytime when you are in this garden. Combination of string light with spotlight from homebnc.

To give a touch of modern style to your garden decor, try using lantern glass lighting as lighting that can be hung on a sturdy branch of your tree. The more lantern glass lighting you use, the brighter your garden decoration will be during the day. Lantern glass lighting from homebnc.

This vegetable cone trellis planted in a large pot will become an imaginative garden decoration when you line it with a string light that has a bright light at night. The thing to remember is to avoid the lights from the water so that there is no electrical short so you can remove the string light in the morning. String light vegetable trellis from homebnc.

Mason jars filled with candles are a very inexpensive and easy garden lighting idea to make. You can hang it to the tree area using a strong iron wire so it doesn’t fall to the ground easily. In addition, the lighting of this mason jar candle also gives the impression of a warmer garden when the air outside is cooler. DIY mason jar candles from homebnc.

The last option for lighting in your garden decor is a string light that is neatly wrapped around the tree area. In this tree area you can add a wooden pallet chair as a sitting area that can be used at night. String light has a low budget so it is perfect for those of you who want to save on a budget this year. String light wrapped around the tree from homebnc.

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Having a backyard garden is an advantage. You can use this area to strengthen your relationship with your family and friends. For that, you must equip this area with various facilities such as adequate lighting or lighting, garden patio, and garden swing. creating a back garden is not easy, but if you can make it will add to the beauty of the house itself.


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