Best Furniture You Can Provide for Your Home Decor

When talking about the home decoration, of course, you will deal with the furniture. It even can be said as the main thing for your home because you can do nothing without the furniture. Anyway, the furniture will be in so many different kinds. It even has different furniture for each room in your house. Although there might be some furniture that has the same kind, it will have different types. Take a look at the following explanation.

Living Room Furniture

For the living room, the main furniture that will be existed is the coffee table and the sofa or chairs. Here, the table will be in a short height or adjusted with the sofa and chairs height. Commonly, it has the multi-functional value where it is provided with drawers or storage. Then, for the sofa, it should be considered with the comfort side so that you can really enjoy your time there with your family or guests.

Make your living room decor more minimalist by using the right furniture, this coffee table made of transparent glass is equipped with an empty space underneath which can be used as a very precise storage area. This storage shelf under the table can be used as an idea to store some throw pillows that have a splash of neutral color. You can choose this table with a thick glass material so that it is not easily broken when used for a long time. Glass coffee table with pillow storage from housebeautiful.

Choose and use a marble coffee table that is equipped with several open shelves underneath which can be used as ideas for storing your favorite books and magazines. This table has a size large enough so that it can store several of your books in larger quantities. Swing is one of the furniture that can be used to relax in your living room decoration comfortably and warmly. Coffee table with bookshelf from housebeautiful.

Kitchen Furniture

The countertop and cabinet are two pieces of furniture that become a must for a kitchen. You can have the sink and stove there. Commonly, there are also a small coffee station and kitchen island. The chairs are also provided in case the kitchen has a kitchen island. Moreover, sometimes there is also the additional storage to store the appliances and food stocks.

Marble kitchen island combined with wooden stools can be used as a comfortable dining table in your modern kitchen. In addition, this kitchen island countertop is also equipped with a sink so that it can be one of the most multifunctional kitchen furniture. In addition, marble material is also very easy to clean and of course it will be more sturdy, you can try it perfectly. Big pendant light is an excellent lighting idea to illuminate the entire room evenly. Marble kitchen island with wooden stool from architectureartdesigns.

Match the color of the kitchen island with the wooden cabinets in the kitchen to match the color tone of an elegant room that is never boring, gray is a neutral color choice that is very suitable when combined with other interiors around it. The kitchen island here is equipped with a high stool and a sink that can be used simultaneously. In addition, the countertop on the kitchen island can also be used to serve food and drinks that have been provided. Kitchen island equipped with stool and sink from architectureartdesigns.

The kitchen island design is not only equipped with wooden stools, now you can choose a kitchen island that is equipped with built-in open storage underneath. This kitchen furniture is made of melamine wood so it looks more modern and minimalist, you can harmonize the color of the kitchen cabinet with the kitchen island so that the color tone of your kitchen can blend in more optimally. Glass windows that are large enough to be natural lighting ideas that you can use during the day. Kitchen island design with built-in storage from architectureartdesigns.

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Dining Room Furniture

It is really clear that there will be only two basic furniture that the dining room has. You will only need the dining table and the chairs. Adjust the size of the dining table and the number of chairs based on your family members. Anyway, some dining rooms might have the cabinet or storage. That will be ok! to have that in your dining room. But, that will just become the additional furniture.

Adjust the use of your dining chair with only the number of families to save your floor area so it doesn’t interfere with your lunch or dinner activities. You can choose a chair with a soft and smooth seat cushion, faux fur material is the best choice for you to try. The wooden dining table which is repainted in dark black is a combination of furniture that is very easy to combine with other interiors around it. Faux fur seat cushion from housebeautiful.

Complete your dining room decor with just a few main pieces of furniture. If you use the French country style, then you can use a reclaimed wood dining table and dresser that is repainted in a neutral color. Several wooden dining chairs in the dining room are also covered with pastel colored pillows that have a sweet striped pattern. The use of rattan woven rugs is a very suitable footwear idea to be combined in this room at the same time. French country dining room from housebeautiful.

Adjust the use of your dining chair with the shape and size of the wooden dining table used today. When you use a medium-sized dining table, you can use five dining chairs that surround this table neatly. The dining table which is repainted in dark black makes the appearance of your dining room look more modern and clean. Blue wall mounted rack can be used to store some of your antique plates which can also be used as room decoration. Dining room with wall mounted storage rack from housebeautiful.

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Bedroom Furniture

Make sure that you provide comfortable furniture for your bedroom because it will be the room where you spend your time to rest and having the quality time with yourself. The most important furniture for your bedroom is the bed. Provide a comfortable bed with a soft texture and good quality bedding. Then, you can also provide a table and chair, cupboard, additional storage, and more. Simply adjust the furniture you are going to put into your bedroom based on your needs.

The wooden platform bed which is lined with a mattress and several pillows becomes a comfortable and warm surface to use as a resting area at night. In addition, in decorating this bedroom, you can also equip it with some other furniture that can be used comfortably. Such as floating shelves and a closed wardrobe is an idea for storing clothes that are safe and protected from dust. Wooden platform bed design with floating shelves from interiorzine.

There is nothing wrong with adding a set of chairs and a table in your minimalist bedroom decor as additional furniture that can be used to relax in the room. You can put chairs and beds outside to get a cool view in the morning and afternoon. A bed that is equipped with an iron canopy will be more sturdy and can be used for a long time. Canopy bed with chair facing the window from interiorzine.

Anyway, there might be the same kind of furniture provided in some different rooms, but it has different type and design based on the room. It is because each room has the different function need. For example, is the table, you will have different table types for your living room, dining room, and even your home office caused by the different functions. Again, you will also have different types of the cabinet in each room of your house. That’s the way furniture plays its rules.

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