24 Warm Wooden Furniture for Your Farmhouse Home Decor

Many people in European and American countries apply the concept of a farmhouse style house. This concept accentuates the impression of a natural, warm and calm so that it can provide comfort for residents of the house. If you want to apply this concept to your new residence, then the first thing that you should do is preparing the best functional furniture.

Kitchen Cabinet

The farmhouse theme is perfect for a simple kitchen. You can use the space near the back door to make a brick exposed kitchen table. You can put the stove side by side with a sink with a rack on it to store spices and classic cups. Combining modern concepts with nature turns out to produce a very unique kitchen. Enough with a metal kitchen table and shelves made from natural wood, your kitchen will look eccentric.

The idea of a rural household kitchen cabinet using white painted wood will give a clean and attractive appearance. This will add a natural impression to the kitchen. White painted cabinet wood from homebnc.

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets that use wooden cabinets will give a better natural impression that you will present to the kitchen. Try now. Wooden cabinets from homebnc.

You can add solid wood farmhouse kitchen cabinets. You can leave the wood neutral in color and combine it with a white sink for a nice color scheme. Solid wood farmhouse kitchen cabinet from homebnc.

Dining Table

One style that you can apply is the concept of a farmhouse style dining room. Village elements attached to it can give a warm impression to the dining room. The dining room with exposed brick walls and a set of solid wood furniture is decorated with various wall and floor accessories. The wood material is the key that must be used for a farmhouse style, especially wood is able to give a warm impression on the space.

The wooden dining table in the farmhouse dining room brings a more special feel to the dining room. Besides that, it is equipped with wooden chairs and flowers in a vase to add to the elegant impression. Farmhouse dining room from decoist.

By applying a long wooden table in your dining room will certainly further strengthen the style of your farmhouse. Also use a unique chandelier to add a classic feel. Long wooden dining table from decoist.

Farmhouse dining area with wooden dining table and wooden chairs. And decorated with glass jars on the dining table. Creating an elegant dining room concept. Wooden dining table and wooden chairs from decoist.

Combining a wooden dining table accented with a flower vase in bloom adds to the wisdom of the atmosphere in the farmhouse dining room. In addition, the lace tablecloth accents give it a livelier impression. Wooden dining table with tablecloth from decoist.

You can try a unique wooden table to complement the dining room in your farmhouse. Also, place the glass vase filled with flowers to beautify the room. Wooden dinding table with vases flower from decoist.

To maintain the style of your farmhouse, you can use a large wooden dining table. Don’t forget to give a wooden touch to the dining chair to make it more harmonious. Large wooden dining table from decoist.

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Bed Frame

A bedroom is a place where we rest for a full day of activities, therefore it is definitely needed a comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Not always dark colors, especially black are not suitable for small rooms. Small farmhouse room designs can actually look elegant with a touch of black on the head of the bed, the edge of the window, or the bedside table. To make the farmhouse room design look more natural, you can add green leaves on the edge of the window.

If you feel the bed frame is monotonous and boring, you can use wood material. Wood is natural so that your bed feels more alive. Wooden bed frame from bhg.

The vertical wood motif on the bed frame adds a calm impression to your bed. Make sure to choose the right wood for your bed frame. vertical wood bed frame from bhg.

Try with wooden beds to maintain the atmosphere of a farmhouse in your bedroom. Present shades of green like plants in pots beside the bed to make it cooler. Wooden beds from ana-white.

Using a wooden frame will add a sturdy and magnificent impression to your bedroom. Equipped with several pillows and blankets will make you feel at home when in the room. Wooden frame from homedecorfeed.

Choosing a wooden bed frame in a farmhouse bedroom is another great idea for you to try. Combining a wooden ceiling and floor will add a warm impression to the room. Bed frame from homedecorfeed.

A wooden nightstand if you put it next to the bed may better display the atmosphere of a farmhouse. You can also use wooden walls to strengthen the style of your farmhouse. Wooden nightstand from homedecorfeed.

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Coffee Table

The coffee table can be a focal point of the interior design of your living room or family room. You can put the coffee table between the sofa and other furniture objects. All objects or furniture in the room, tend to surround this one object, such as making it the center of the room, its charming shape that gives its own charm.

Complement your wooden coffee table with a rattan tray for DIY magazine storage. So that the table is more neat and orderly. With this wide plank rustic table you have a charming living room decor. Wide plank rustic table from homebnc.

Utilizing the old door as a DIY coffee table will make your farmhouse’s living room look more vintage. Let the original color be your current furniture to make it simpler. Wooden old door from homebnc.

Decorate a farmhouse living room with a heringbone coffee table with hairpins and pair it with a burlap rug. Provides a sense of comfort for you to relax with your family. Heringbone coffee table from homebnc.

White washed coffee table . Coffee table shape which gives you practicality. Combined with a patterned carpet and gray sofa, it creates the perfect living room feel. White washed coffee table from homebnc.

Coffee table design with reclaimed wood finishes and metal legs. Adding green plants in pots will give an attractive and neat impression. Reclaimed wood coffee table from homebnc.

Distressed wood coffee table has storage at the bottom. Adding potted greenery will make the living room even more beautiful. Distressed wood coffee table from homebnc.

The coffee table design in the living room of this farmhouse has its own charm for you to try. Using metal legs will make your table look sturdy and attractive. Wooden coffee table from homebnc.

Decorating a farmhouse living room with the addition of a log-cut coffee table will provide a focal point in the room. Adding a soft feather rug will create a warm impression to the room. Log-cut coffee table from homebnc.

This wooden coffee table design with white X-shaped legs gives your farmhouse living room its own charm. The addition of a white tray complete with green plants will enhance your appearance. X-Frame coffee table from homebnc.

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The warmth of the farmhouse design certainly reminds us of grandma’s house in the village. The appearance of the farmhouse as a whole is radiating peace and tranquility. For that, you must choose quality wooden furniture so that the warmth of your home is durable and durable.


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