How to Easily Arrange Your Furniture for A Cozy Bedroom

Being the most personal space in your home, arranging bedroom furniture is entirely down to your own priority. Undoubtedly, a bed is the most prominent furniture inside, but there’s always more to make the bedroom your most luxurious retreat. Think more about placing things in their appropriate place and consider the layout for utmost comfort. 

1. Bed Position

Ideally, a bed is the center of the bedroom. Whether you opt for a queen-size, king-size, or a double, place it at the opposite side of the door. It will draw the attention directly to the bed. Moreover, avoid placing it under the window since it will be open frequently and cause uncomfortable drafts. 

You can apply the perfect bed layout to decorate the bedroom in the middle of this room so that it will provide the perfect room design and steal the attention of many people. Applying opposite the window you also need to try to create a comfortable room. Don’t forget to add internal storage for extra storage ideas into the room. Middle bed decor from idealhome.

Designing a bedroom by placing the bed away from the window provides a comfortable room design. This is a suitable room decoration for you to try because it will cause uncomfortable wind to enter your room. You can use a large wooden mattress for a natural and sturdy look. Bedroom decor ideas from idealhome.

If you have a large bed, you can place it in the middle of your bedroom and facing the window so that it will look more perfect. Using this white and yellow color scheme makes the room look fresh and bright. This floral patterned curtain also offers an attractive room design and gives a pattern to this room. Bed position from idealhome.

Placing the bed away from the window is the perfect idea. So you will avoid the wind and hot sun that might make you uncomfortable. Choosing a king sized bed complete with several pillows and blankets provides a comfortable and inviting room design. This green and white color scheme brings a fresh and airy space. King sized bed from idealhome.

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2. Side Bed Nightstand

The nightstand is common in any bedroom. Not only does it is highly functional, but also provide more storage in your room. You can choose one or matching nightstands; place an alarm clock on one side and a night lamp on the other. If you only desire one nightstand on one side, a standing lamp on the other can match the view. 

Placing a nightstand complete with drawers to decorate your bedroom will be very useful. You can put a table lamp on it and you can use the drawer as storage. As a table lamp, you can also add blooming flowers in vases and other ornaments to give it an attractive appearance. In addition, this shaby chic style room design is equipped with several vintage ornaments that will balance the appearance of the room. Vintage nightstand from homebnc.

Decorating the bedroom with a vintage nightstand next to your bed can be used to place a table lamp. You can choose a nightstand made of wood so that it will bring a natural feel to the room. Placing blooming flowers in this vase also produces a fresh design and steals the attention of many people. Vintage wooden nightstand from homebnc.

You can place the nightstand next to your bed to match the clock and table lamp so that it will give its own charm. Equipped with several additional drawers to easily store various ornaments so that it will provide a neat and clutter-free room design. Placing it on the right and left side of this bed will give it an attractive look. Nightstand with drawer from homebnc.

This cozy, chic and vintage French farmhouse-inspired bedroom boasts a unique nightstand. This simple end table with small architectural wall pieces like weathered shutters beautifies the room and makes it feel very light and airy. The faux greenery makes the room stand out with all the natural light that surrounds this cozy space. Vintage French farmhouse nightstand from homebnc.

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3. Place for Dresser

Choosing the right spot for the dresser is essential as you can eliminate clutter and create more traffic space. If you have a large, tall dresser, the best place is in the corner to claim another focal point in room decoration. If you have a short dresser, it’s better to place it under the window. Consider placing your dresser in the closet or built-in dresser if you don’t have enough room. 

If you have a short wardrobe, try placing it in the corner of your bedroom to make it look simpler but still attractive. With this sleek design, it will give a minimalist look to your entire space. You can add some ornaments and details in the vase for a natural touch to your bedroom. This white frame mirror also gives the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Sleek dresser from homebnc.

Decorate your bedroom with a wardrobe to make it look more perfect. You can place it at an angle so it will be the perfect focal point. Choosing a dresser from vintage wood produces a natural room design and looks more elegant. Adding some farmhouse ornaments and greenery in this vase creates an attractive appearance and steals the attention of many people. Wooden dresser from homebnc.

Applying a bedroom id dressing table complete with several dresser for extra storage, this presents a stylish bedroom design and will spruce up the look of the room. At the top of the wardrobe you can add a large mirror, cotton flowers in galvanized pots and other ornaments to create the perfect focal point of the room. The extra storage in the form of a wire basket makes it easy for you to store various pillows and blankets. Dresser with storage from homebnc.

The dressing table in the corner of this modern bedroom gives a unique look and steals the attention of every friend or family member who enters the room. Adding a mirror complete with a silver frame will create the illusion of a wider and brighter room. This table lamp and chandelier brings a dramatic glow into the room. Dressing table bedroom from homebnc.

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4. Make Room for Traffic

Despite the size of your bedroom, try to make room for easy movement. Furthermore, it is essential to keep all furniture, wall scheming, floor planning, and window treatment light. This way, your bedroom will appear larger and airier. 

Using white walls and placing furniture in the right position will create a comfortable bedroom and enough space to move. You can use a dark wood canopy for the perfect contrast. The curved sofa near the bed also provides a comfortable and inviting seating area. A large window on one wall also creates a bright room with natural light entering the room. White walls bedroom ideas from hgtv.

Decorating a bedroom with minimalist furniture will provide more space for you so that your room will feel very comfortable and pleasant. Adding windows on the right and left will bring natural light into your room, giving it a bright and airy room. Choosing the right furniture and arranging it creatively can improve the overall mood. Minimalist furniture bedroom from hgtv.

Installing windows in your bedroom will provide lighting and fresh air outside so that your bedroom will feel more comfortable. You just need to add a few pieces of furniture to make a room that is comfortable and looks more spacious. The large rug under the bed gives the illusion of a warm and inviting room. Large window in bedroom from hgtv.

Choosing the right furniture and creatively arrange them can improve the overall mood. Be wise to pick up everything and adjust with your bedroom size.


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