Create a Country-Like Home with Modern-Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Nothing beats a rustic kitchen when it comes in creating a homey feeling. Modern touches in rustic interior transform the once shabby-looking table and pantries to a spacious kitchen full of character.

Without having to live in a mountain or country, you can achieve a country-like home with the modern-rustic kitchen installed. Essential elements such as neutral palette, reclaimed woods, as well as weathered ambience, are the key to achieving layer and depth in your modern-rustic interior. Check out these stunning modern rustic kitchen ideas you can apply in your home.

1. Rustic Industrial Haven

Rustic and industrial are a perfect combination for your kitchen design. The worn feeling of modern-rustic is apparent on the exposed beams and stone walls. However, the strong kick of stainless steel tools, black countertop, as well as whimsical upside-down lamps creates a unique industrial edge that will take your breath away.

This modern rustic kitchen has an open beam ceiling and natural stone walls that can create a rustic foundation instantly. Other interiors that you can use in this kitchen are metal benches, rust-resistant black tables and wooden floors that will really make this kitchen room more rustic and become an advantage that can be utilized as best as possible. Transparent glass windows are a source of sunlight that can enter the room freely. Open beam ceiling with natural stone walls from housebeautiful.

The stonework design that is applied to the walls of this rustic kitchen is one of the best interior choices that you can apply together with weathered exposed beams in one room. Don’t forget to use interior and furniture with the main material of shabby wood which has a simpler vintage impression. The white leather coating on the wooden stool adds a modern impression to the room so it will never go out of style. Wall stonework with weathered exposed beams from housebeautiful.

2. Stone on Wood

Decorated with a strong neutral palette, you will be fascinated with wooden shelves and shelves that store stone kitchen utensils. The gray table adds an industrial edge, finished with a refreshing chandelier.

Do you have a brick wall that is still empty and has not been used? If so, then you can use it as a storage idea by installing wooden shelves that are reinforced with stainless steel supports. These hanging wooden shelves have a longer size so they can be used for larger amounts of storage. Not only for putting kitchen utensils, but you can also put some decorations and ornaments such as green plant pots. Brick wall with hanging wooden shelves from decoist.

Not only in one part, but you can also install this shelf on both parts of the wall that are arranged vertically. Use reclaimed wood material that still has a harder surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Let this wooden shelf appear more natural without polishing and repainting, you can try it now by perfecting and recombining it with white kitchen cabinets. Vertical reclaimed wood shelves from decoist.

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3. Whimsical White

Looking best under the daylight, all-white modern-rustic kitchen ideas can never go out of style. With a homey wooden floor and counter top, feel as if you’re in your private cabin enjoying a long-awaited holiday.

The feel of a modern rustic kitchen that is dominated by white will appear more perfect when you include shabby chic wood materials together in the same room. You can apply this shabby wood material through the use of the floor, while the wood that has been re-polished you can try to the countertop area for a rustic kitchen look that is cleaner and shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight or the light that illuminates this kitchen at night. Shabby chic wood interior from housebeautiful.

White is one of the best color choices for a modern rustic kitchen decoration that will make it easier for you when combining it with other furniture around it, for example, combining it with a weathered iron stool and pendant light that has a solid black color. The use of reclaimed wood on the kitchen island gives the impression of a more vintage room, you can try it without having to spend a lot of money. Modern rustic kitchen dominated by white color from housebeautiful.

Kitchen cabinets and walls that are painted in the same color, namely white, will appear more optimally when combined with wood accents that are applied to the back of the chair, floor and countertop. You can enhance this kitchen room with some green plants placed on the windowsill so that it can be used as a fresh and very easy to find windowsill decoration. White kitchen cabinets and walls with wood accents from housebeautiful.

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4. Exposed Beams

Nothing beats exposed beams when it comes to a rustic interior. Comprises of a rich, textured floor, wooden counter top, as well as sleek white walls, this kitchen design is the embodiment of modern-rustic kitchen ideas.

There is nothing wrong with using ceiling beams for a traditional look that can be presented instantly in your modern rustic kitchen decor. These ceiling beams are perfected with recessed lamps that will make the room decor look more relaxed, warm and inviting. Plain white painted walls, black marble countertops and a teak wood kitchen island are kitchen interior ideas that don’t limit the decor of your kitchen space. Ceiling beams with recessed lamp from homedit.

No need to paint the kitchen ceiling area in the same color with the use of exposed beams to give the room a cohesive look, try the beige paint which has a warm earth tone color vibe. Even though they have different colors, the combination of natural exposed beams and ceiling beige can blend perfectly without giving a tacky impression. Beige ceiling with exposed beams from homedit.

The combination of open beams with wooden floors gives the room a warmer and more inviting atmosphere. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen island which are dominated by white color will blend perfectly and make the room feel very comfortable. Incorporate modern elements through the use of stainless steel kitchen chimneys that look shiny when exposed to lights or sunlight. Combination of open beams with wood flooring from homedit.

5. Airy Modern-Rustic Kitchen

Letting the sunlight and air circulations flow freely, this modern-rustic kitchen incorporates steel black cabinets, wooden floor, complemented with a stone counter top to add edge and depth to the overall look.

Instead of using walls with transparent glass windows that are large enough to display open kitchen decorations that make the room feel brighter during the day. The sunlight that enters this room also helps kitchen furniture made of wood not easily porous and avoid mold, avoid using curtains during the day to maximize the entry of sunlight into the room. Large transparent glass window from onekindesign.

Use one part of the kitchen wall that is still empty to apply the glass window as a source of sunlight that can enter the kitchen room easily so that your kitchen decor is more airy and open. The more glass windows that are used, the more lighting you will get. Use just enough kitchen furniture to save more floor area so that it is freer and not cramped. Triple glass kitchen window from onekindesign.

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Modern-rustic kitchen ideas are not so difficult to execute if you know which element to incorporate. With wooden floor, stone counter top, along with steel equipment, you already have what you need to nail it.


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