14 Ways to Create Peaceful Nature Bathroom

What is your perfect room for releasing stress and to get inspiration in your house? For mostly people will answer that bathroom is that place to release ‘negative’ side from outside and also to restore our energy then finally revealing inspirations. All activities in bathroom is not only for cleaning but also being a remedy sanctuary. That is why, a good and enjoyable decoration are needed to make our mind, body, and soul being recharged. Basically, there are some things that you can do to create the peaceful nature bathroom as follows.

Glass Wall for Outdoor Scenery

You might start with install glass wall which it let the sunlight come into the room. If your house in the middle of exquisite scenery, this glass wall are perfect for you. It really helps you to refresh your mind, body, and soul. But, if you live in a housing, you still can apply this on your bathroom. The point is natural light for your healthy bathroom. Moreover, your bath activities would be beyond of regular activities. Well, anyway, It also will save your electricity expense.

To avoid decorating your bathroom with damp and smelly, the room design idea you can do is to use a transparent glass wall with a larger and wider size. This glass wall design is also a source of views in the room that you can enjoy anytime in the bathroom, do routine maintenance to wipe this glass wall so that it always looks clean and shiny. Big and large transparent glass wall from architectureartdesigns.

Do you want a different look in your modern bathroom decor? If so, then instead of using cement or stone walls with thick transparent glass walls that allow you to see the outdoor scenery that is green and fresh to look at. This bathroom decoration is side by side with a tropical garden filled with green plants that have a larger size and are lush, of course. Thick transparent glass walls from architectureartdesigns.

The bathroom bathtub decoration that is perfected with a glass window will make the room feel more spacious and bright. Besides being able to be used to enter sunlight, this glass window is also a source of indoor views that you can enjoy because this window is directed towards a green garden area filled with shady trees and fresh green grass. Close this window using curtains when the sunlight entering the room starts to get hot and excessive. Glass windows to the backyard garden from architectureartdesigns.

Floor to ceiling glass walls will provide maximum lighting to your open bathroom decoration so it saves electricity costs because you don’t need lights anymore during the day. Next to this bathroom is equipped with a wall plant that grows lush and lush so that it can be used as a beautiful view that is never boring. Perform routine maintenance for maximum results and according to your wishes. Floor to ceiling glass wall from architectureartdesigns.

You can play a fresh and interesting look in the bathroom decor with a large glass wall that directs you to the garden decor next to your bathroom. This glass wall allows you to enjoy the view directly from your bathroom without having to leave this room. The shades of the bathroom that are dominated by chocolate make the room feel warmer and dramatic, you can try and imitate this decoration easily. Glass wall as a green view from architectureartdesigns.

The appearance of a modern bathroom will look more luxurious when it is equipped with several suitable interiors, for example, you can use a marble bathtub and a large enough glass wall. This glass wall will direct your eyes to an outdoor area filled with lush greenery that makes you feel like lingering in the bathroom. The rectangular mirror will reflect sunlight throughout the room evenly so that it makes the bathroom brighter during the day. Combination of glass walls with marble bathtub from architectureartdesigns.

If you have a garden with tropical green plants that grow fresh and lush on the side of the bathroom glass wall, then you can enjoy the view directly from the bathroom. This glass wall will also make the air in the room healthier and is highly recommended for those of you who want to increase a sense of comfort and well-being when soaking in the bathtub. This glass wall is suitable for those of you who live in a warmer climate. Glass wall as a source of view from architectureartdesigns.

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Providing the Greenery Inside

This ornament is really worth to be placed in your bathroom. Some plants will make the rooms feels so natural like living in the best resort that will bring the beauty bathroom impression. You can add orchid, aloe vera, peace lily, or spider plant. But, you should take care of those plants too and don’t ignore them. Moreover, if you install a glass wall it would be perfect combination then your greenery will grow and do what their job in your bathroom.

The green plants applied in the bathroom are perfect when combined with gray cement walls. Consider ornamental plants that match your decor, for example, when you use modern bathroom decorations, cactus and vines can work well with straight lines and minimalist accents. Modern bathroom with cactus and vines from digsdigs.

There are many ways to decorate your current bohemian bathroom decor, one of which is to use indoor green plants that are arranged freely but still look neat and organized. You can use your favorite green plants to make you feel more energized while doing daily maintenance. Use some low maintenance indoor plants. Bohemian bathroom with indoor green plants from digsdigs.

Various types of green plants that are applied hanging or placed on the floor are a great addition to bathroom decoration. This greenery creates a focal point for the bathroom and is sure to utilize and fill unused space in a fresh and modern way. Glass windows are large enough to be a source of sunlight that will easily enter natural lighting without having to spend a lot of money. Indoor greenery focal point from digsdigs.

Shades of a white bathroom will appear more colorful when you add two or three different types of greenery. How to place or place these green plants, you can hang them or place them in the vanity area and standing iron shelves with three legs that seem sturdy and not easily porous. Do watering regularly, basically this indoor green plant has low maintenance and is not complicated. Hanging plant and green plant stand from digsdigs.

This bathroom, which is updated with tropical nuances, uses green plants such as banana trees and bamboo trees to create a forest-like feel. If you are short on dining floor space, applying some wall plants is a great idea to add a little greenery without having to take up a lot of your floor area. Tropical plant bathroom from digsdigs.

Transparent glass walls allow indoor plants that are applied to bathroom decorations to receive more light and of course can create a pleasant focal point of the room. You can use a variety of different types of indoor plants to add a fresh color that is perfect for a white bathroom feel. Perform routine maintenance to produce good plant growth and development. Various types of indoor green plants from digsdigs.

If you have a bathroom decor with limited space, then consider hanging green plants vines to the ceiling area or placing them in the corner of the room by installing floating shelves which both have the same color as the bathroom wall paint. You can also place a ceramic pot filled with greenery in the bathtub area as a fresh, low-maintenance addition. Hanging vines and potted plants over the bathtub from digsdigs.

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In fact, decorating a room needs some important aspects to be concern and the one is budget. You must expect to have a dream-bathroom with low cost expense for decoration. But, actually you can redecorate your small bathroom by maximizing the existing space. This solution is more lower expense. And of course, don’t forget to put some greenish to cheery your room. See more at Most Cozy Bathroom designs!


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