23 Amazing and Inspiring English Countryside Decor Ideas

The reason why the English countryside decor popular nowadays is that it is comfortable and relaxed. Also, it makes anyone feels peaceful in their relaxing moment at home. Some characteristics of countryside home decor can be seen from its muted color scheme, plays of textures, and some wooden elements. English countryside decor focuses on functional elements that will offer a stylish and stunning look. Now, we will deal with some characteristics of this interesting home decor.

Muted-Color Scheme

The first characteristic of English countryside decor is that the decision of applying a muted color scheme. Even though floral pattern sometimes dominates the decoration, they will come in the form of pastel colors. For example, for a white wall, you can combine it with some bright colors like green, soft blue and light butter yellows. The idea of applying muted color schemes will result a warm and cozy country room at home.

This English countryside is complemented by a beige and white color scheme to provide a warm and serene space. Adding green striped curtains and a couple of these English-patterned sofas will give the entire room an attractive and cozy look. This works very well because this style gives it an elegant and luxurious look. English countryside from homedit.

This white color scheme will provide a spacious and bright space throughout this British-style home. Pair it with a wooden console table complete with antique carvings for a unique result. This wooden chair will be a comfortable room decoration. Some of these framed wall decor will provide the perfect focal point of a room. White color scheme from homedit.

Opting for a pale white color scheme with green sofa creates a cozy and inviting British style home design. Adding yellow and red colors to the curtains of this house will give a unique and charming room design. This wooden floor also gives a warm and natural impression to the entire room. Pale white color scheme from homedit.

Pretty Patterned Wallpaper

The presence of wallpaper becomes something important for countryside home decor. With the pastel color of the wallpaper, your room will be awesome and beautiful. Moreover, the most commonly found wallpaper is those with floral print. This floral print wallpaper idea fits any rooms at home, like the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Wallpaper and textile designs are drawn from the fauna and flora found on Gothic and Medieval carpets. Choosing this motif is becoming very popular in rural England. Combined with the wooden floor and carpet under the sofa, this room decor will be warm and inviting. Fauna and flora wallpaper from homedit.

Choosing this classic yellow style wallpaper will give a fresh and bright room to the whole room. Pair it with some sleepy framed wall galleries to be the center of attention in this room. A red sofa and some pillows will complete the look of this English living room. Classic yellow wallpaper from curatedinterior.

Applying wallpaper with floral motifs in this English rustic living room will make the room decoration attractive and steal the attention of many people. You can choose a wallpaper with a green color to give it a fresh and cool look. Pair it with a wood-beamed ceiling for a rustic feel throughout the room. Green floral motifs wallpaper from curatedinterior.

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Many Storage

As we stated before that English countryside decor emphasizes the function of every element. In particular, some functional storages play an important role to make the cozy and well-organized decor. Storages in the kitchen cannot be ignored since they will keep your stuff clean as well. White cabinets are ideal for a bright sunny place where the family spends the time cooking.

This white cabinet will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and cutlery neatly so as to avoid clutter. Using this wooden table and wooden beam ceiling will give a rustic vibe to the whole space. Storage in the kitchen cannot be neglected as they will also keep your things clean. White cabinet kitchen English from curatedinterior.

This gray and white cabinet completes the décor of this British-style home kitchen. Placing it in the corner of this room will save space and will provide a stylish decor. This cupboard can be a bright, sunny place where the family spends time cooking. Gray and white cabinet from curatedinterior.

This British rustic kitchen design provides an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. You can add white wooden cabinets that will make the room neat and not cluttered. This open wooden shelf is equipped with an S hook that will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and hanging pots. British rustic kitchen from curatedinterior.

Potted Plants

Furthermore, it is usual to bring nature in for your home decor. Greenery or flowers bring a natural and fresh ambiance for any room. Get them potted to beautify your English countryside decor. Terra cotta pots or ceramics can be the alternatives to plant your flowers. In addition, choose flowers with low-maintenance or the ones which bloom in any seasons, like rose or orchid.

Some of the greenery in this rustic English home adds a fresh and airy touch to the entire room. Choosing orchids and some other ornaments will give a stylish look. Combine it with a wooden beam ceiling and wooden bookshelf for a rustic room result. Greenery in rustic English from architecturaldigest.

Cut flowers appear naturally on the windowsill, you can apply to the decor of an English country house that will bring a fresh and natural decor to the room. You can opt for terracotta pots and complement them with low maintenance greenery. This brown color scheme and wooden floor will create a calm and warm room. Terracotta pots in English country from architecturaldigest.

Placing plants in this ceramic pot will bring a fresh and natural feel to this rustic English living room decor. Choosing these orchids and roses will give a unique room design and steal the attention of many people. You can place it on coffee tables and fireplace mantels for a stylish room decor. Orchid ceramic pot from architecturaldigest.

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The Use of Wood Beam

English countryside home decor always comes with its warmth. Now, it comes with some wooden elements for your room. Wood beams can be seen through the great designs of the ceiling. It has a farmhouse touch which will make you get relaxed feels.

This simple, rustic English kitchen features rustic staples like ceiling beams, reclaimed mahogany countertop, brass gooseneck sink faucet and weathered metal chandelier. These wooden beams will give a rustic touch to the entire room. This idea will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Rustic English kitchen wooden beams from architecturaldigest.

The rustic element of British architecture is the exposed wooden ceiling beams found in so many British farmhouses. This is an attractive room decoration and will add a rustic feel to the room. This kitchen has a great modern update with a mix of white walls and gray cabinets with gold handles. Exposed wooden ceiling beams from curatedinterior.

Opting for this ceiling made of wood beams will add a rustic touch to your British kitchen decor. Combined with this white wall will present a clear and wider look. This white cabinet will also provide the perfect contrast to your kitchen décor. The wooden furniture here can also be added for a warm room. Wood beams ceilling from curatedinterior.

Farmhouse Table

On the other hand, English countryside home decor allows you to combine the elements with farmhouse style. A farmhouse table is the focal point of the kitchen. It sets the dining area with a sturdy, rustic, and classic touch. For a kitchen with wooden cabinets, combining it with a farmhouse table will result in a gorgeous decoration.

Implementing a small kitchen island with farmhouse countertops in this rustic English kitchen becomes the perfect focal point of the room. Choosing a white color scheme and this shabby wooden table gives the room a stylish design and attracts the attention of many people. This family home style wardrobe will also give a stylish look and steal the attention of many people. Small farmhouse kitchen island from homebnc.

Using this farmhouse-style wooden table you can add to your English country kitchen design for a warm and inviting space. Choosing a marble and wood table will add a touch of style to the room. Choosing a wardrobe with gold accents will give a luxurious and elegant room decor. Farmhouse-style wooden table from curatedinterior.

This farmhouse-style dining set in a rustic English kitchen provides a stylish décor and grabs the attention of many. It sets up the dining area with a sturdy, rustic, and classic touch. Pair it with a light blue color scheme and an open bookcase in a classic style for a unique and attractive room decor. Farmhouse-style dining set from curatedinterior.

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Mix of Patterns

In creating a good ambiance and countryside vibe, there are some patterns to mix as the decoration. Floral, fruit, line, and animal pattern are the ones to opt. In this picture, it is presented well that there is more than one pattern to complement the decor. The floral sofa and curtain work together to make a comfy look. Additionally, the oriental rug covers the floor well with its beautiful pattern. The zig-zag pattern of the armchair gets it more interesting with its floral cushion.

These two different patterned rugs give the impression of a unique room and steal the attention of many people. This floor-to-ceiling tiara also features a classic floral pattern for a stylish finishing touch. Several floral patterns on this pillow make the look unique. Two patterned rugs from curatedinterior.

Floral curtains and striped sofas present a unique room decor that will steal the attention of many. This oriental rug will add extra warmth to the entire English living room. This pale green wall will give the impression of a warm and calm room. Floral curtains and striped sofas from curatedinterior.

Combining a floral sofa and an oriental patterned rug, this creates a living space design. The choice of soft colors gives the impression of a calm room and gives a unique look. This pale yellow color scheme makes the room decor warm and serene. Some of these antique furniture will give a vintage look to the whole room. Floral sofa and oriental patterned rug from curatedinterior.

Oriental Rug

This oriental rug brings a classy look for this English countryside decor. It has two to fifteen colors that perfectly covers the floor. As well as, it works well with a muted color scheme of the room, creamy floral sofa, and blue wall paint. The presence of ottoman makes this living room more classy, impressive, and incredible.

Applying this layered oriental rug creates a warm room decor. You can add a burlap rug at the bottom to add extra warmth to the entire room. Add a matching white sofa and coffee table for a cozy living room result. Layered oriental rug from curatedinterior.

This red oriental rug provides a warm décor on your feet throughout the room. Choosing a large rug and placing it at the bottom of this sofa will make the room decor comfortable and stylish. Complete the décor with some wooden furniture for a cozy and inviting space. Red oriental rug from curatedinterior.

Those are some English countryside decor that you can try. If you want to feel a comfortable and relaxed home decor, you can those ideas above.


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