Questions to Ask While Selecting a Solar Panel Contractor

The decision to invest in solar energy is a significant one to make. California is the number one solar market in the US, with enough solar panels installed to power 8,430,324 households. Consequently, several local companies in California are at present offering solar solutions at competitive prices. How do you choose a contractor that would be best suited to your requirement? 

This article will take you through some questions that will help you evaluate solar panel contractors. 

How much Experience Does the Contractor Have?

When considering investing in solar panels, it would be best to work with a contractor who has experience in handling solar panels. Enquire about the staff, if they are trained, have the right skills and are licensed to work in your area. Going through customer reviews would also be an excellent way to gauge the quality of service offered by the contractor.  

What are the Different Solar Panels Services Offered?

The solar industry is rapidly changing; enquire about the types of solar products offered by the contractor. For example, there are traditional solar panels like mono-SI and polycrystalline. Then there are other types like thin-film and biohybrid solar cells.

Ask if they offer maintenance and repair services along with installation. You do not want to juggle between different companies when you have an issue with the panel. Also, enquire if they offer complementary solutions such as battery storage to complete your solar eco-system.

How Long Does the Solar Installation Take?

How long will the technicians take to complete the installation process if you go ahead with the contract? The average household installation may take 1 to 2 days. In the case of larger projects, it would be best to discuss the timeline in detail.

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What Happens In Case of Any Issues with the Solar System?

If your system runs into an issue once the installation is complete, how and who will resolve the problem? Companies today offer a wealth of information that you can leverage to troubleshoot issues. If you are not comfortable doing so, the contractor should be able to help with the process, either remotely or in person. 

Ask about their turnaround time once an issue has been reported. In case of products used in the solar setup, ensure you have proper warranty documents in your possession. 

Does the Contractor Offer Financing Options?

Investing in solar panels is a cost-intensive project. Several financing options are at your disposal, like the PACE, PPA program, or solar lease. The financing route you choose depends on your unique requirement; thus, it is advisable you speak to a sales representative to understand financing alternatives. 

What are the Modes of Customer Service Offered?

Choosing a solar panel contractor is a decision that requires much deliberation. You should be able to get in touch with a customer executive in case of any concerns or doubts. There should be chat and call options available so your issue can be resolved at the earliest.

The questions mentioned above are not exhaustive but a starting point to open communication with the contractor. If you have any concerns regarding the type of solar panels, how they work, the warranty offered, or battery storage solutions, do not hesitate to put them forth.


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