22 Home Decor Trends That You Don’t Wanna Miss

After several years of the same old décor, it’s time to upgrade your house look. You can notice that home décor trends 2021 are everywhere, starting from front to the back. Some people even do a total upgrading to look updated.

If you haven’t started any upgrading yet, don’t worry. It’s better to be late than never. Here are some ideas you can try, from changing paint colors to having a gallery wall. Which one will be your favorite?

Navy Blue

Classic blue becomes the most picked shades in 2021. Thus, you can expect to see a lot of it in the neighborhood. However, it might be too dark and bold to be the color scheme of your entire house.

To work on this, you can apply navy shade on parts of the walls where you have your art gallery. The color is also great to provide contrast for exteriors and interiors. Do you need a quick, dramatic look in the family room?

If you still want to use navy blue in the living room decoration but want the room to still feel brighter, then you can apply this color only to some interiors, the rest you can use white paint. For example, you use navy blue on a throw pillow and a little splash of navy blue on an abstract painting that is hung on an empty wall. Navy blue some living room interior from designingidea.

The navy blue wall paint may have been too dark when applied to the living room decor, to balance this color, you can use a white sofa and glass windows that are large enough to let more sunlight into the room. Hanging chandeliers are lighting ideas that can be used optimally at night. Navy blue wall paint with white sofa from designingidea.

You can try applying the navy blue color to the paint on the walls, sofas and chairs for a very dramatic classic modern living room decoration. Another color that you can try is earth colors like brown so that it doesn’t become a mix of contrasting colors that makes the room more boring. The white ceiling and large glass windows make the room feel instantly brighter. Wall paint and some navy blue furniture from realhomes.

Navy blue wall paint presents a masculine style that never goes out of fashion, now you can combine it with the use of pastel colored sofas such as light green and gray. Choose and use a sofa with velvet material for maximum comfort and of course it has a softer surface . Navy blue wall paint with pastel color velvet sofa from realhomes.

To make your modern living room decoration feel more cohesive, then you can add blue accents to some of the wall paint and one large piece of furniture such as a sofa, this decorating idea is very easy to do with inexpensive renovation costs. In addition to navy blue, you can also add other colors such as chairs with orange pillows and several other interiors made of wood. Navy blue wall and sofa paint from realhomes.

The decoration of this modern farmhouse living room is quite neutral with white shades dominating it. But it’s a good idea to add other colors such as navy blue to the sofa to make it a prominent color or main color. Another sofa and side table with a splash of brown are furniture ideas that are easy to combine with other interiors of any color. Sofa navy blue as a prominent color from realhomes.

To neutralize the color of this navy blue velvet sofa, you can use white wall paint. This velvet sofa will never fail to give a luxurious feel to a mid-century modern living room decor. The velvet sofa reflects a contemporary style that is suitable when combined with traditional touches, for example the use of shiny gold carved mirrors. Navy blue velvet sofa from realhomes.

The combination of navy blue with gray, beige and brown in this living room feels more comfortable and very inviting. These neutral colors also really work to make this navy blue living room more dramatic and more comfortable to live in. White window frames break up the navy blue, giving the room a balanced color scheme. The combination of navy blue with neutral colors from realhomes.

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Non-White Kitchens

When all people are overwhelmed with a white kitchen that sometimes looks so boring, trends 2021 is ready for the rescue. White gives impressions that the kitchen is clean, neat, and tidy. However, one thing lacking in the space is it is too pale and less attractive.

You don’t need to paint all those white into another color. If you want to upgrade such a kitchen, introduce some wooden interior. White and natural brown work well together. Opt for natural shelves, cabinets, or island. Incorporate some greeneries as well to balance the look.

White is always a neutral color choice that is suitable to be applied to any room and in any style, including in the farmhouse kitchen decoration. Now you can try white paint on the ceiling, walls, cabinets and floating shelves. As for the floor design, island tables and countertops, you can use wood without repainting. White farmhouse kitchen from bhg.

Two different types of wood are applied simultaneously in one room, for example on the design of your kitchen island and your kitchen floor. To neutralize these two wood colors, you can use cabinet, ceiling and tile backsplash with the same color, namely clean white splashes. Two different types of wood on the kitchen island and kitchen floor from bhg.

Modern farmhouse kitchens that are dominated by white will never fail when you enter some wooden interiors without painting and re-polishing because basically this farmhouse-style room is known to be very environmentally friendly. Wooden kitchen island and this floor have material harmony but with different types and colors. You can enter sunlight to avoid smelly and damp rooms. White modern farmhouse kitchen with wooden kitchen island from bhg.

The wooden kitchen island placed in this white kitchen decor will never fail and you can copy it perfectly. These two colors will work well to decorate the room to be more comfortable and very suitable to live in. You can try this white color in the design of kitchen cabinets and ceilings only. Next enter a pattern to add an elegant texture to the room. Wooden kitchen island in white kitchen decoration from bhg.

White, brown and beige are color combinations that are suitable to be applied to a classic modern kitchen decoration this year. Now you can also use a curved kitchen island design for a more different look. Furthermore, the use of dim lights also makes this room feel more dramatic and warm. Combination of white, brown and beige kitchen color from homestratosphere.

Don’t just go to the floor to use natural wood, you can reuse it for a dining chair design that is placed in the area around the kitchen island. Re-polish this wood material for a cleaner and shiny look, this wood material also has a more sturdy and hard surface so it is not easily damaged. Wooden floor and high chair from architecturaldigest.

Choose and use neutral colored paint such as white to make it the dominant color in your kitchen decor, as the right interior combination, you can use wooden beams ceilings and wooden floors that have splashes of dense color. All the colors used in this kitchen decoration have no contrast so that the room remains relaxed and not tacky. Kitchen decor in white with wooden beams ceiling from architecturaldigest.

Wooden beams ceiling, teak wood floating shelves are natural interior parts that can be applied to white kitchen decorations. This natural material will never fail to combine with other interiors of any color. While the white color itself has the advantage of making the kitchen space feel more spacious and open. Combination of wooden beams with teak wood floating shelves from architecturaldigest.

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Antique Art

The year has put art into some important considerations. Whether it is in the reading room, library, or family room, your art gallery will look fantastic, especially if you have some old collections of art. Old collections bring back memories and remind you of some histories behind it.

Don’t shy away from showcasing your artistic taste. There are plenty of people who would admire your taste in the arts. Those points of view can start a nice discussion in the living space as well.

Don’t let your white walls appear plain, arrange and hang some reclaimed wood frames containing old paintings so you don’t have to buy them back at a high enough price. Usually this old painting is used in a vintage farmhouse-style living room decoration. Old painting with reclaimed wood frame from extraspace.

The surface of the wall above the living room dresser is decorated with a classic and vintage themed canvas painting that uses a splash of earth tone color. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a classic hanging mirror next to a painting as a complement to your current farmhouse living room wall decoration. Combination of classic canvas painting with vintage mirror from extraspace.

To enliven the look of your walls while in the living room, then you can use and hang some old paintings with different themes that are beautified by moving them to new frames that are cleaner and certainly don’t lose their vintage style. Hang it at a distance that is not too far away so that it can be made the focal point of the room. Old painting with new frame from extraspace.

There is nothing wrong with hanging some painting frames on the wall area that has darker paint, this is done with the aim of beautifying the wall area while brightening the room instantly. In addition to painting frames, other room decorations that can be applied in this room are indoor green plants which are applied randomly but still look neat and orderly. Old painting hanging on the dark wall from extraspace.

If you have a collection of old records and band posters then reuse them as wall decorations that can be combined with the use of funky chairs and a jukebox underneath. By showing off your antique collection it will make this room more themed. Collection of recordings and band posters wall decor from extraspace.

Not only paintings can beautify your wall decor, now you can hang antique mirror frames with a shiny gold color. The bar cart placed underneath also makes a great multipurpose antique decoration for extra storage of knick-knacks as well as crystal bottles. Gold antique mirror frame from extraspace.

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Do you want to apply all those home décor trends 2021? We are happy to encourage you doing so!


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