30 Icy Winter Wonderland Decorations

In giving the winter decoration, people are commonly only applying the snowy effect to strengthen the winter impression. Anyway, you should know that the icy thing could be really interesting and adorable at once. In case you want to have the winter wonderland decoration concept, you can present the icy things there. You should know that there are so many choices in presenting the icy decoration. It could be from the lighting, the ornament that will be varied also, and many more. With the icy decoration, you will never fail to create a winter decoration. I’m pretty sure that you will be amazed by the ideas of icy winter wonderland decorations that we have here. Enjoy!

Try making an icy light catcher to complement your winter outdoor decor. All you have to do is take the fir, berry, and lemon slices and place them in a circular mold, and freeze them. Finally display the lantern wherever you want. Bowl Icy Candle Holder from @jennie_may_wandering.

This Icy mandala is made using blooming flowers and water which is put into a circle mold and frozen. The combination of pink and red presented by Icy Mandala manages to present a very beautiful appearance. Icy Mandala from @yewdellgardens.

Cute ! This snowball is made using frozen berries, evergreen and water so it looks different than usual. The creator did not forget to add a sisal rope at the top with the aim of making it easier to display. Snowball Ornament from @littlepinelearners.

In making this craft all you need is water. Put water in the Christmas ball mold then freeze it. And this Icy Christmas ball craft is ready to brighten up any winter decorations. White Icy Christmas Ball from @lemonknow.

It’s quite easy to make! This Icy ornament is made using a citrus slice by freezing it. This Icy ornament has a small size and is equipped with a blue rope at the top. You can hang it in an outdoor area and be ready to enliven outdoor decorations. Ice Ornament Feeders from @loveobeone.

This icy ornament embroidery hoop looks beautiful and manages to steal the show. Slice citrus, pinecone, evergreen and other accents will make this ornament look festive and perfect for winter. Embroidery Hoop Icy Ornament from @forest.roads.

These frozen flower petals will be a very beautiful and adorable winter ornament. It has a circular shape and is equipped with a rope, consequently making it very suitable for hanging on glass windows and as a window treatement. Freezing Flower from @preschoolforyou.

With citrus and evergreen slices in it, this icy craft looks prettier and fresher. Having a circle shape, this icy ornament looks simple but still attractive. Now you can hang it in an outdoor area and it will inspire many people. Icy and Citrus Craft from @nickelrefillery.

This mini ice ornament is made using frozen flowers and water so it looks beautiful in a simple way. You can display it in an outdoor area and make your winter decoration more festive. Hanging Icy Ornament from @scrogginsdesign.

Leaves, flowers and frozen water will make beautiful icy ornaments like the picture above. Complete the icy craft with a rope at the top to make it easier to hang. Hanging it in an outdoor area will make it look one with nature. Freezing Leaves Ornament from @madhousegardening.

This heart ornament looks attractive with accents of ribs, mini pine cones, and evergreen. Small enough size will make it look adorable. You can display it hanging so that it manages to steal the show. Heart Ornament from @1000urzunaj.

Instead of store-bought, these mini icy wreaths are made with a DIY project using a mixture of flower petals so they look really pretty. Here you can make some mini icy wreaths and hang them together to make it look more festive. Mini Icy Wreath from @rachel_paul_clark.

This frozen fried feeder looks unique and perfect for a winter decorating idea. Having a small size and a circle shape will make it look simple but manages to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. This craft is perfect in winter. Freezing Bird Feeder from @woodfieldhousemama.

This Icy ornamnet has wave edges so it will present a very beautiful and attractive appearance. The red and green accents produced from berries and evergeen will make this icy ornament look prettier. Wave Icy Ornament from @classconway.

Some of these icy star ornaments have berry and evergreen accents which will make them look more beautiful and less boring. Displayed by hanging will make it exposed from any angle. Star Icy Ornament from @asociacionenboscados.

This icy lantern was made with a DIY project and looks perfect in winter. Having a small size, makes it look cute but will never interfere with its function as a lighting idea. Currently placing it in an outdoor area is the right choice. Icy Lantern from @ottoelli.

This wreath is perfect in winter. Having a colorful theme makes it look very festive. Equipped with a rope will make it easier for you to display it by hanging it. Icy Wreath from @healthywellandwise.

This door hanger looks dazzling and perfect in winter. Designed with three levels makes it look more festive. The citrus slice accent on this icy door hanger will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Door Hanger from @naturinginmadison.

This Wreath looks different than usual. Made using frozen berries, the result will make your winter decoration even more perfect. Now you can hang it on a branch so it’s simpler and can be exposed perfectly. Freezing Berries Wreath from @irasiras3569.

This Icy suncatcher has floral accents in it, consequently making it look prettier and less boring. You can hang it in an outdoor area, so that if it melts it won’t wet your floor. Icy and Flower Suncatcher from @pia_valesca.

Beautiful and attractive. Leaves and various kinds of flowers that are frozen using beautiful prints will become an interesting icy ornament. Now you can use it for winter outdoor decoration ideas so that it inspires. Botanical Icy Wreath from @bethlehemchildrensschool.

These frozen pine cones and evergreens look great for winter outdoor decorating ideas. You can complement this craft with a string at the top to make it easier to display. Freezing Pine Cone and Evergreen Ornament from @pocketsfullofacorns.

Extraordinary ! This wreath is made using water and frozen wheat so it looks amazing. Having a circle shape will make it simpler but still interesting. Currently you can hang it in the outdoor area. Round Wreath from @polishthepaddle.

This square icy ornament has a green theme to make it look fresher. Complete with a rope at the top, making it very suitable for hanging on a tree so that it will present a more attractive appearance. Green Icy Ornament from @brenda.h.ak.

This lantern is made in a DIY project using water filled with vines and frozen so it looks very unique. This lantern craft is perfect for winter outdoor decoration and will be the center of attention. Icy Lantern with Vines from @tainaemilia.

Unique and interesting! This icy craft is made using mini molds so it will look adorable. The string attached to this icy craft will make it easier for you to display it. Mini Icy Ornament from @cassie_conforti_.

Star ornaments that are put in a container with water and frozen will become a beautiful winter craft. Some of the color combinations displayed by this icy craft look very lively and are liked by children. Colorful Star Icy from @uteschmidjones.

Check out this craft! This icy craft with a mix of citrus slices, pinecone and evergeen looks attractive in winter. Now you can assemble it into a chain and hang it in an outdoor area so that it manages to catch the eye. Icy Chain from @happyfoxtribe.

This star ornament is made using frozen water to make it icy. The creator added a rope at one end of this star ornament to make it easier to hang. Hanging it from a branch is the perfect idea. White Icy Star Ornament from @hagebuketten.

Make mini berries icy ornaments by freezing them. Hang some icy ornamnet berries on a branch and arrange them in a kettle vase for a neater look. Now you can add a bow on the front to make it look more beautiful. Icy and Branch Arrangement from @ritaritan59.

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