50 Best Home Renovation Ideas

We need to do the home renovation periodically to make our occupancy feels as cozy as possible. The home renovation itself could be in form of repairing the broken part of your house or by changing some of the home parts that you think are already out of style. Anyway, to make your home renovation run smoothly, you should make the basic plan. Here, you can categorize your home renovation into three parts those are the furniture, ceiling, and wall treatment. Well, then, after that you can move to the ornament that will be functioned to complete your home renovation in beautifying your home. Of course, for the renovation project itself, you can choose the affordable one or the luxury one. Buying the new stuff will be great, but, doing some recycling will also interesting. You can see the following details.


Having the furniture treatment for your renovation project won’t be that difficult. In this case you can buying the new furniture or make your old furniture look as new. For example, you can repaint your furniture, refurnish, or applying some new pattern. Moreover, you can even doing recycle projects for your old furniture that can’t be utilise anymore. 

Bunk Bed Kids Bedroom from elledecor

Recycled Barn Wood Bench from countryliving

White Wrought Iron Bed from countryliving

Vintage Coffee Table from countryliving

Rattan Chair from countryliving

White Wooden Dining Chair from countryliving

Vintage Furniture from countryliving

Chair Bench from countryliving

Wooden Dreeser from countryliving

Painting Kitchen Cabinet from homedit

Kitchen Countertops from homedit

Colorful Dining Chair from homedit

Floating Sink Bathroom from homedit

Wooden Cabinet from homedit

Floating Wooden Sink from homedit

Wooden Coffee Table with Drawers from housebeautiful

Velvet Sofa from housebeautiful

Wooden Dining Table from bhg

Vintage Bookshelf from elledecor

Wooden Shelving Storage from architecturaldigest

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For the ceiling, before you go to the look, please check for its expedience first. It is because the ceiling or the roof part is the spot that is mostly broken first. After you make sure that the ceiling is still in a good condition, then you can start to decorate it. You can do the ceiling decoration by using the lamps, adding texture, wallpaper, or repainting the ceiling.

White Wooden Beam Ceiling from elledecor

Gold and Navy Ceilling from elledecor

Hand-Painted Floral Ceilling from elledecor

Pink and Orange Ceilling from elledecor

Wooden Walnut Ceilling from elledecor

Dropped Beam Ceiling from housebeautiful

White Hexagonal and Wood Shiplap Ceiling from housebeautiful

Wood Paneled Ceiling from housebeautiful

Slimmer Wood Panels Ceiling from housebeautiful

Dark Wood Shiplap Ceiling from housebeautiful.

Wall Treatment

You can express your creativity on the wall treatment. It will really be varied where you can apply many things to your wall. For example, you can give patterns to your wall. It could be by applying the wallpaper, having a mural, or simply creating your own pattern by painting the wall. Also, you can install some ornaments on your wall. In case you have some collections, you can display them on the wall.

Hand-Painted Wallpaper from countryliving

Classic Wallpaper Bedroom from countryliving

Kitchen Wallpaper from countryliving

Marble Herringbone Backspalash from homebunch

Blue Wallpaper Pattern from housebeautiful

Abstract Floral Wallpaper from housebeautiful

Wooden Panel Wall from housebeautiful

Black Wll and Wood Mantel Fireplace from housebeautiful

Brown Paisley Wallpaper from housebeautiful

Gray Subway Tile Wallpaper from bhg

Classic Floral Wallpaper from realhomes

Geometric Mural Wall Bedroom from architecturaldigest

Reclaimed Walnut Planks from architecturaldigest

Gray and White Wall Treatment from architecturaldigest

Blue Wallpaper Panels from housebeautiful

Green Zellige Tiles Bathroom from housebeautiful

Velvet Upholstery Wall Decor from housebeautiful

Wood Panels Dining Room from housebeautiful

Fabric Effect Wallpaper from housebeautiful

Mural Wallpaper from housebeautiful

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