55 Creative Chandelier Design References

From all of the lighting types, a chandelier becomes one of the lamps that attract your interest when decorating your home, right? Well, it might be can’t be seen closely just like the pretty decorative candle or fairy lighting but it can completely beautify your room or even becomes the center of interest. Of course, if you want to function your chandelier not only for your lighting purpose, you should make sure that you choose the ones that have beautiful designs or unique ones. Making your chandelier be seen as stand out will be the right one for your room decoration attractiveness.

When talking about the creative chandelier, it will be about the chandelier that has the luxurious or glamorous design impression just like what this lamp commonly be judged. There are also some chandelier designs that are made of varied materials with creative designs. The handmade products impression will be really interesting and have more value because of its efforts in making the products. However, there are also factory products that have unique designs for sure. Well, make sure that you choose the right designs with a creative look so that you can get the multiple functions for your chandelier (for lighting purposes and decorative purposes).

DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY Orb Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY Boho Fringe Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY Polish Chandelier from diyjoy

White Twig Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY String Chandelier from diyjoy

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY from diyjoy

DIY Crystal Chandelier from diyjoy

 Ribbon Chandelier from diyjoy

Gold Lightbulb Chandelier from diyjoy

Bead And Ruffle Chandelier from diyjoy

Cloth Chandelier from diyjoy

Industrial Style Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY Birdcage Chandelier from diyjoy

Rustic Tree Branch Lighting rom woohome

 Paper Doily Chandelier from diyjoy

Natural Wood Sputnik Chandelier from home-designing

Stick Chandelier from home-designing

Rectangular Farmhouse Dining Chandelier from home-designing

Twist Lighting from home-designing

Colorful Glass Orbs Chandelier from decoist

DIY Colorful Chandelier from decoist

Colorful Accent Lighting from decoist

DIY Wine Bottle Lighting from decoist

DIY Globe Chandelier from decoist

Rustic Twig Chandelier from decoist

Geometric Pendant Light from decoist

Morrocan Chandelier from decoist

 Cake Tin Chandelier from homebnc

Wire Chandelier from decoist

Bamboo Basket Lighting from homebnc

Farmhouse Ladder Chandelier from homebnc

Rattan Basket Chandelier from countryliving

Copper Wire Basket Chandelier from countryliving

Tulle Pendant Lamp from architectureartdesigns

Tree Branch Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Pendant Lamps from architectureartdesigns

Candle Chandelier from homedit

Wooden Beads Empire Chandelier from homedit

Wooden Beam Bulb Chandelier from homedit

DIY Fabric Paper Chandelier from homedit

Industrial Pipe Chandelier from homedit

Wooden Beads Chandelier from homedit

Pink Fringe Chandelier from homedit

DIY Globe Pendant Light from decoist

Bamboo Orb Chandelier from decoist

Galvanized Steel Wire Chandelier from decoist

Wax Paper Shell Chandelier from diyjoy

DIY Tassel Chandelier from housebeautiful

DIY Floral Chandelier Garland from diycraftsy

DIY Minimal Floral Chandeliers from diycraftsy

Handmade Boho Tassel Chandelier from diycraftsy

Hanging Branch Chandelier from hgtv

Bright Colored Halo Lights from bobvila

Nautical Rope Chandelier from bobvila

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