50 Proper DIY Lighting Ideas

Your house won’t be complete without lighting. In this case, the lighting will be really varied even when you can get the pretty one, you can use it to beautify your home decoration. The interesting thing about it is that you can adjust the lighting design based on your home design so that everything could be seen as harmonious. Well, do you have crafting or DIY skill? If yes, then it is also really possible to do the DIY lighting projects. There are some materials that you can use to make the DIY lighting such as the mason jar, some accessories to make the decorative lighting, and more that you can check below.

Mason Jar

Mason jars are really easy to find and cheap, of course. You can use your used mason jars instead of throwing them away. The mason jars can be really flexible for utilization. Let’s say that you can use it to be the pendant light, hanging wall lighting, table lighting, and more. Check out the design references below.

Industrial Style Lighting from homebnc

Mason Jar Kitchen Lighting from homebnc

Candle Mason Jar with Burlap Layer from homebnc

Glitter Mason Jar Light from homebnc

Hanging Mason Jar Light from architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Chandeliers from architectureartdesigns

Beach Theme Jar Lighting from homebnc

Polka Dot Mason Jar Lighting from homebnc

Colorful Paper in the Jar Lighting from homebnc

Fairy Mason Jar Lighting from homebnc

Mesh Mason Jar Candle Holders from homebnc

Mason Jar Pendant Light from diyncrafts

Mason Jar and Beaded Chandeliers from homebnc

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Decorative Candle

Candles can be said as common lighting that must be had by most people. Well, yes, there are colorful candles available at the store, but that won’t be enough especially if you want to adjust the candles with the season touches. In this case, you can make the candle holders or simply wrap the candles with some harmonious accessories compared with the season or design concept you want to have.

Cinnamon Candle Holder from homebnc

Yellow Candle with Coral Decor from homebnc

Frosted Candle Centerpiece from homebnc

Candles with Ribbons Accents from homebnc

DIY Glass Bottle Candle from homebnc

Sea Shells Candle Holder from homebnc

Rustic Wood Candle Holders from homebnc

Black Lace Candle Holder from homebnc

DIY Clay Candle Holder from homebnc

White and Gold Pipe Candle Holder from homebnc

Branch Candle Centerpiece from homebnc

Plywood Candle Holders from homebnc

Red Apple Taper Holders from homebnc

Wood Log Candle Holder from homebnc

Fairy Light

Hula-hoop Chandeliers from diyncrafts

Fairy Light Twig Globe from diyprojectsforteens

Wine Bottle Fairy Lights from diyprojectsforteens

Word Fairy Light Bedroom from jordlinghome

Fairy Light Headboard from jordlinghome

Fairy Light Flower Vase from jordlinghome

Polaroid Wall Fairy Lights from jordlinghome

Fairy Lights Sheer Canopy from jordlinghome

Dry Twigs with Fairy Light from jordlinghome

Rainbow Lights Wall Decor from society19

Curtain Bed Fairy Lights from society19

High Canopy Fairy Lights from society19


Well, commonly, lanterns are related to something classic, old, or traditional. But, with some DIY projects, you can make it to have any impression that you want. The lantern shape itself will be varied where you can have the square, round, hexagonal, etc. In giving the style impression, you can stick some accessories to the outer surface of the lantern. Here are some proper lantern designs that you can copy.

Flower and Leaf Wax Paper Lanterns from homebnc

Tin Can Lanterns from homebnc

Multi Colored Paper Lanterns from decoist

DIY Photos Lanterns from decoist

Outdoor Tissue Lantern Lighting from decoist

Paper Lantern Dining Room from decoist

Different Shapes Crepes Paper Lanterns from decoist

Colorful Yarn Lantern from decoist

Leftover Fabric Lanterns from diyncrafts

Paperboard Star Lantern from diyncrafts

Recycle Tin Tea Lantern from diyncrafts


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