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8 Unique Lighting Designs That Will Improve Your Bedroom Decoration

Lighting design also will improve your bedroom design. Whether you want to apply vintage, modern, o…

Lighting design also will improve your bedroom design. Whether you want to apply vintage, modern, or even industrial decoration, choosing the lamps can change everything. Pendant will bring you into modern look, while other chandelier brings you back into other atmosphere. See these following unique lighting ideas;

Go Industrial

Go Industrial


Bring your bedroom into industrial era with this unique chandelier.  This lighting idea will keep your bedroom look attractive. Even, when you apply modern bedroom design, you still can use this industrial lamp.

Think Minimalist

If you have high ceiling, it’s time to find out the best lighting for your bedroom. Choose lamp or chandelier that will make the room look natural. Here, we show you a beige pendant that seriously wonderful.

Exotic Pendant

When usually lighting is about bright, here you can try to give different touch. Exotic pendant gives you mounted light that will make you sleep well along the night. This Moroccan inspired lamp will look amazing for your bedroom.

Install Track Lighting

Improve your bedroom design by applying different lighting. Here, track lighting keep your bedroom bright and give modern decoration value. Further, it makes your bedroom look special and unique.

Glass Orb Light

For a bedroom with Bohemian decoration, glass orb light will make complete its beauty. It reminds us about the wonderful of natural life. Moreover, you will remember how the atmosphere of Miami Beach.

OTT Chandelier

Applying chandelier for a bedroom has an intention to create different atmosphere. Here, OTT chandelier functions to keep the room look cool, modern, and chic without makes it too fussy.

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Try A Vintage Lamp

What you are waiting for? For those of you who love vintage bedroom design, this lamp is one of the options to complete your style. Furthermore, it is much better than buying the brand new one.

Play With Texture

Go ahead with texture will surprisingly upgrade your bedroom design. Use bamboo or rattan to add texture for your pendant. This automatically adds aesthetic value for your bedroom decoration.

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