How To Choose a Cost-Effective Bed Within a Limited Budget?

We spend 1/3 of the day in bed, the bed determines the good or bad sleep to a certain extent. Many people pick the bed only focus on the appearance and price, but ignore the height, material and stability of the bed. Buy the bed home only to find that they do not fit, some beds are also very affected sleep. So, how to identify the good and bad of a bed? Sogeshome summed up some experience for you.

4 Steps To Select a Bed

Step 1: Determine the preferred material

The material of the bed is usually leather bed, fabric bed, solid wood bed, there is no absolute good or bad of various materials. According to the budget and personal preferences, choose the one you like on it.

Step 2: Determine if the bed is stable

When buying a bed, shake the head of the bed, lie on it and turn over to see if the bed shakes or makes a noise. A good bed will not make a sound no matter how you turn over.

Step 3: Determine whether the bed material is environmentally friendly

The bed is in direct contact with the body, try to choose the brand with quality assurance. If it is a solid wood bed to focus on the surface of the wood used is not environmentally friendly paint.

Step 4: Choose the right style

The bed is the most dominant furniture in the bedroom, and the style should be consistent with the overall style of the bedroom.

Pick How Big the Bed

The ideal proportion of the area of the bed should be a third of the bedroom, if the household area is compact, it is best not to exceed one-half of the bedroom. To avoid space constraints, thus affecting the mood.

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If you like to sleep in a queen-size bed but are worried about crowding in your bedroom, consider placing only one nightstand, or choose a style with storage at the head of the bed and simply omit the nightstand.

The height of the bed also has to be careful. In general, the height of the bed is best to maintain the same height as the user’s knees. If there are children and the elderly in the family, the bed can be a little lower to facilitate getting in and out of bed. It is best to try a few different bed heights when buying to see which is more suitable for you.

What Material To Choose For the Bed

Material is everyone’s main concern when buying a bed. Common materials are leather beds, fabric beds, solid wood beds, iron beds and so on. Various materials of the bed is not absolutely good or bad, the final choice of which material depends on their own budget and preferences.

|Leather Bed|

Leather beds give the impression of luxury and dainty, which is perfect for people who pursue a high quality of life. Good leather beds are usually made of large open cowhide, which is delicate to the touch, wear-resistant and stain-resistant, and can be used for many years.

|Fabric Bed|

Fabric bed material is warm and skin-friendly, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling, favored by many young people. And the color texture is rich, compatible with a variety of styles of home decoration.

|Solid Wood Bed|

Solid wood beds are stable and solid, with natural grain, and are a favorite of many people who like natural home styles. If you like the Japanese log style or the new Chinese style, then a solid wood bed is the most suitable for you.

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What kind of bed sturdy

A good bed must be solid and no noise. The kind of bed that creaks when you lie on it will undoubtedly greatly affect the quality of sleep. So when you buy a bed must pay attention to the internal structure of the bed, these are the keys to determine the bed is stable.

Ribbed bed frame, elasticity, can enhance the human lying comfort. And it is also very good ventilation, with the mattress is not easy to use moisture, and can disperse the pressure on the mattress to extend the service life.

The skeleton bed frame can also be used in combination with the air pressure bar, the bed frame can be easily lifted for storage of daily use of quilts, clothing, etc., very friendly to small households.

The biggest difference between flat bed frame and skeleton frame is the breathability. Flat bed frame is easy to cause the body to emit heat and cold air from the bottom of the bed, resulting in moisture gas and air circulation under the bed is not easy to mold.

What style of bed to choose

If the bedroom decoration style has been determined, the style of the bed to follow the bedroom as a whole; if the bedroom style is not determined, you can buy any style of bed according to their preferences, so that the style of the bedroom with the bed to determine.

When the overall style of the bedroom on the noble, atmospheric, a simple and calm leather bed is most appropriate. The warm color of the bedroom is not ostentatious to add a touch of warmth, simple and smooth shape to highlight the owner’s taste, luxury and elegance.

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When the bedroom is decorated in modern style, metal bed must be the best choice. Its shape is very simple, geometric shape of the metal bed head looks very clean and sharp, no unnecessary decoration, can make the bedroom space more spacious. The choice of thickened steel production, more solid and sturdy. The design at the end of the bed is also very simple, elegant metal curve has a sense of low-key luxury, placed in the bedroom is also very stylish.

If your bedroom has a rustic atmosphere, you may wish to choose a light dark gray solid wood bed, simple and sharp modeling low-key and unobtrusive, especially suitable for placement in a simple and fresh style of the bedroom.

The bed is the furniture that is in close contact with the body, and what suits you is the best. Come to Sogeshome, cost-effective quality good bed to help you sleep well.

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