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8 Lovely Canopy Beds That Will Improve Your Bedroom Design

Designing a bedroom with canopy may become one of your dreams. For some decades, canopy is used to …

Designing a bedroom with canopy may become one of your dreams. For some decades, canopy is used to decorate noblemen bedroom. But nowadays, anybody can have this privilege design at their home. Even, it can be created easily with simple steps. See these lovely canopy beds that will improve your bedroom design;

Headboard Canopy

Headboard Canopy


Change headboard with canopy will give you a new look. You need a fabric with specific pattern that look cohesive to your bed. Then, use some curtain roads to create the canopy. This idea will dramatically improve your bedroom design.

A Small Classic Canopy

A couple white curtains and a curved shower curtain rod take beautiful role for this bedroom decoration. With those white curtains, this little girl’s bedroom appears more beautiful. Combine with wallpaper that with feminine touch.

Overlapped Canopy

Overlapped canopy deals with more fabric. Here, the owner of this bedroom chooses to apply white fabric that look so elegant. No more words to say. This bedroom is perfectly sweet for couple goals.

Curtain-less Canopy

Canopy with curtain-less? Why not? This bedroom is design without curtain or fabric. However, it can appear more than just beautiful. You can see that the bedroom look rustic and remind us about industrial age.

Rings Canopy

If you want to design your bedroom to look more luxurious with minimum budget, this rings canopy may represent your needs. You only have to prepare two rings that will be hanged on the ceiling. Both of them are given long fabric to create suspicious look.

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Chandelier Canopy

Have you ever think to use chandelier as canopy? When you want to read your favorite novel at night, this chandelier canopy gives solution. However, you need to be more careful to not make the chandelier broken.

Moulding Canopy

If you want to have more traditional bedroom design but look sophisticated, this moulding canopy may give you brilliant idea. The use of sheer fabric that hanged from the ceiling brings romantic elements and looks luxurious.

Mosquito Net Canopy

Cover your bed with this mosquito net canopy every night. You will have beautiful bedroom decoration that will save you from mosquitoes attack. Hang the fabric at each of your bedroom corners. Open it up when the day comes and use it again at night.

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