How to Apply Built-In Storage to Your Home Decor

For you who have a small home space, then providing built-in storage can be the solution for you to create a more clean and neat impression without making your home be seen as narrow. In this case, the built-in storage is not only the one installed in the wall. But, you can also have it in your cabinet. In this case, you can add the installation for the additional storage or rack to your cabinet. Anyway, there are some possible rooms that you can add with the built-in storage such as the kitchen, bathroom, and family room as you can check from the following details.

Kitchen Storage

For a kitchen, storage is something important because you need to store many things there. Also, compared with the other rooms, your kitchen might become a small room where you need to store many things. Let’s say that you need to store your kitchen appliances, food stock, cutlery, and more. For your kitchen, if you already had the cabinet there, then you can simply add the rack or storage to the cabinet. Here are the references for you.

Hidden Built-in Utensil Caddies from homebnc

Built-In Kitchen Electronics from homebnc

Sliding Shelving Built-in Storage from homebnc

Built-in Cabinet Door Space from homebnc

Built-in Shelf Jar Storage from homebnc

Built-In Wine Rack from bhg

Small Built-iIn Bookshelf from bhg

Built-In Pantry from digsdigs

Small Built-In Kitchen Storage from digsdigs

Bathroom Storage

Well, the bathroom is another room where you will have only a small space there. That is why, here, providing a small space will also be really recommended. For the bathroom built-in storage, you can use it to store your towel, skincare, bathing stock, and more. There are some ways and designs that you can have for the bathroom built-in storage as you can see below.

Built-in Ribbed Glass Front Cabinets from bhg

Built-in Basket Storage from bhg

Building a Pull-Out Cupboard from homebnc

Pull-out Built-in Storage from homebnc

Glass Shelf Built-in Bathroom Storage from homebnc

Built-in Towel Storage from homebnc

Bathroom Built-in Storage from homebnc

Pull-Out Medicine Cabinet from homebnc

Built-ins and Baskets Storage from homebnc

Built in Bathroom Dress Up Storage from homebnc

Linen Closet with Storage Shelves from homebnc

Buil-In Toilet Paper Holder and Storage from homebnc

Concrete Shower Wall with Recessed Storage from homebnc

Built-in Shower Storage with Tile from homebnc

Hidden Pull-out Shelving from homebnc

Recessed Shelves with a Frame from homebnc

Built-In Medicine Cabinet from homebnc

Tiny Recessed Marble Shelves from homebnc

Over-the-toilet Built-In Storage with Shelves from homebnc

Built-in Minimalist Shelves from homebnc

Built-In Shower Shelf from homebnc

Built-in Tiled Shelves with Honeycomb Accent from homebnc

Buil-In Storage with Distressed Wood Shelves from homebnc

Tiled Floating Built-in Bathroom Shelf from homebnc

Built-in Natural Wood Shelving from homebnc

Recessed Storage with Shelves from homebnc

 Built-in Shelves and Cupboard Bathroom from homebnc

Built-In Shelv Tiled Wall from homebnc

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Family Room

Well, your family room might not be the space where you set to have a small space compared with others. But, for you who have a small home space, then making a well-organized family room is really needed. In this case, you should provide the proper storage for your living room where again, built-in storage is the recommended one. You can see how the built-in storage can make your family room be seen as proper and well-organized.

Built In Cabinet Cover Storage from homebnc

Built In Sitting Room Storage from homebnc

Built-In Shelving Unit from hgtv

Built-In Family Room Storage from decorpad

White Built-in Bookcase from decorpad

Built-In Log Storage from hgtv

Built-In Cabinetry with Shelf from homesandgardens

Floor To Ceiling Built-In Bookshelf from homesandgardens

Built-In Storage Family Room Decor from homesandgardens

Built-In Cabinetry from homesandgardens

Built-In Traditional Family Room from homesandgardens

Built-In Photo Wall Storage from homesandgardens

Corner Built-In Family Room from loveproperty

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