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How to Have Winter Snowball Lighting

When talking about the winter season, it won’t be far from the snow where it will fall during…

When talking about the winter season, it won’t be far from the snow where it will fall during the season. Related to that, of course, it will be really proper to present the snow theme as your home decoration during the winter. When you are familiar with the snow theme ornament for your home decoration, then now we are talking about how the snow can be a theme for your decorative lighting. It will be really awesome to have the snowball lighting where you can see those white things is lighted which is really harmonious with the season. Another interesting thing about it is that you can install snowball lighting for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Are you curious about how you can have the winter snowball lighting for your winter decoration? Here is the answer for you!

Outdoor Snowball Lighting

Prepare a larger number of snowballs to be used as decorations that are suitable for application for a winter garden decoration. This snowball accent is equipped with lighting that can make your garden decorations look more dramatic at night. Choose and use a snow globe lamp with yellow lighting to give a warm impression that is suitable for this winter season. You can make it more interesting just by forming a cone with a size high enough so that it can also be used as an outdoor statement. This outdoor snow globe light can beautify the look of your home in a decent way.

Cone Snowball Lighting from deavita

Layout Container Snowball

If you want to beautify the appearance of your home, then you can do it by adding a snowball lamp in your house. So that these snowball lights are not scattered everywhere, you can place them in a round container that has a white color so that it fits perfectly with the winter theme this year. Besides being able to be used as home decoration, it can also be used as lighting in the surrounding area. Place this container snowball light on the console table for a clear view. The more snowball lights you use, the brighter your room will be. The existence of this lamp can be perfected by hanging a canvas painting that can be applied to the wall directly above it.

Container Snowball Lighting from digsdigs

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Candle Snowball Lighting

Don’t just use snowball lights to decorate your winter home. Currently you can use candle holder lighting that has a snowball-like appearance. The thing you have to do is coat the outer surface of the candle holder with a sprinkling of white powder that can be used as fake snow that can be placed perfectly indoors. Complete the look of this DIY snowball candle with some accents and other decorations such as red berries and pine leaves that still look green and fresh. Usually this snowflake candle is used as a centerpiece decoration that is able to give the dining table design a newer look.

Candle Snowball Centerpiece from digsdigs

Install Snowball Edge

Prepare a bunch of snowballs and first put them together in a circle. You can build snowball lights of the same size for winter edge decoration. The idea of a snowball with one size is intended to be able to place it more neatly and orderly. Arrange the layout of this snowball lamp on the side of the road with the appropriate distance so that it can be used as an outdoor winter lighting idea, besides that it can also maximize overall outdoor lighting. This lamp is one of the decorations that can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. Get these snowballs easily without having to buy them.

Outdoor Snowball Lighting from digsdigs

Metal Bowl Snowball

Consider making a snowball light at home using materials that are cheap and easy to get at any winter supply store near your home. It will look amazing if you use a snow globe lamp with yellow lighting. The yellow lighting also provides a more perfect outdoor winter look. The appearance of this snowball light looks more different when you put it in a metal bowl with a flat surface. Metal bowl is the best choice because it has a harder material and of course it is not easy to rust when exposed to water splashes, repainted with black to make it look more elegant. Jingle bells that are placed together with this lamp make a sweet finishing touch.

Black Bowl Snowball Lighting from digsdigs

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Applying Snowball Staircase

To enhance the look of the staircase leading to your home, you can add three light snowball lights during this winter season. This will enhance the look of your home as you will have no trouble adding these snowballs to your home. Choose and use these snowball lights in three different sizes to add visual interest and of course make them look more varied. The existence of this snowball light really helps your guests to get to the house with sufficient lighting that minimizes slipping or falling. Next put some red berries and greenery around it is perfect for a more stylish outdoor decoration.

Stylish Staircase Lighting from digsdigs

Use Colorful Snowball Lighting

When you want to use a snowball lamp indoors, you can use colorful accent lights to make it look more fun, these colorful lights can be obtained easily and are quite popular throughout the year. Apply this lamp to a wooden pine tree design that can be used as a home decoration and can also be used as a focal point for a room that looks different. When you want this snowball light to look more dramatic at night, then you can turn off the main light in this room, let the colorful accent lights work well. Put this wooden pine tree design in a room that is often visited by your guests such as the living room as an amazing view.

DIY Snowball Wooden Tree from instructables

Hanging Snowball Lighting

Hanging snowball lighting that is applied to a bedroom gives the impression of a person’s personality. This white-dominated round snowball lighting can be applied right above your bed instead of a headboard when you don’t have it. Make it or you can also buy this snowball lighting with a size large enough so that it can be used as the main lighting at night with a light source that is not too bright and is suitable to accompany your sleep. To save electrical power in your home, you can turn on the lights during the day or when the room feels brighter.

Snowball Lighting Bedroom from shelterness

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DIY Snowball Votives

One of the things you should get in winter is to bring a warm feel that can make your body feel comfortable while indoors. A decoration idea that you can try is DIY snowball votes with quite a lot. Instead of using a candle holder with snowball votes to make it more suitable when applied in a winter themed room. Besides being able to be used as lighting at night, these snowball votes can also be an additional heating accent in addition to the fireplace. The outer surface of this snowball lighting is perfected with a sprinkling of white powder and cotton that can resemble an artificial faux snow that you can make yourself without spending a lot of money. Decorate the surrounding area with red berries and greenery for a more perfect look.

Warm Snowball Votives Lighting from hallmarkchannel

Bold Color Snowball

It’s a good idea to use green snowball lighting when you are going to apply it outdoors. This is so that your snowball lighting is not stepped on by guests or even yourself. With a color that is quite striking, this lamp will be seen more clearly at night. You can use more than one snowball lighting for a brighter outdoor display and of course it can also be used as a warm welcome for your family who come to your house. This light will be seen more clearly when the atmosphere outside the room has begun to feel dark. You can try it to perfect your winter garden decoration this year.

Green Snowball Lighting from makinglemonadeblog

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