How to Have Winter Snowball Lighting

When talking about the winter season, it won’t be far from the snow where it will fall during the season. Related to that, of course, it will be really proper to present the snow theme as your home decoration during the winter. When you are familiar with the snow theme ornament for your home decoration, then now we are talking about how the snow can be a theme for your decorative lighting. It will be really awesome to have the snowball lighting where you can see those white things is lighted which is really harmonious with the season. Another interesting thing about it is that you can install snowball lighting for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Are you curious about how you can have the winter snowball lighting for your winter decoration? Here is the answer for you!

Snowball Lighting Home Decor

One of the best ways you can do to welcome the Christmas or winter theme in your home decor is to use the right lighting. For example, you can apply a snowball lamp with yellow lighting which can make the room feel warmer. Its existence can be tried on the fireplace mantle along with a DIY symmetrical Christmas tree made from bottle brush material. Evergreen can also be added in a neat arrangement, after everything has been arranged properly it is ready to be used as a different eye sight. Yelllow Snowball Lighting Mantel from @pedsersw

Prepare a larger number of snowballs to use as decorations suitable for winter dining room decoration applications. This snowball accent is equipped with lighting that can make your garden decoration look more dramatic at night. Choose and use snowball lights with colorful lighting to make it more attractive. To make it easier for you to organize it, the rectangle dough bowl is the right place to put this snowball lighting. Container Snowball Lighting Centerpiece from @at.homedesigns

The sputnik chandeliers design perfected with colorful snowball bulbs are ready to welcome any room decoration with joy. The lighting results obtained are also warm in color which is suitable for use to welcome Christmas this year. Just hang it to the ceiling of your house with a strategic layout so that it can provide maximum lighting to all rooms of your house evenly. Just get these snowball bulbs online and you can customize them according to the budget you have. Sputnik Snowball Chandeliers Design from @tiki_nobs

The fireplace is one of the important interiors that you must have for Christmas this year. Make maximum changes to the decoration of the fireplace mantle so that it has a new look that is ready to be used as a more festive room background. For example, you can put garland snowball lighting together with fresh evergreens that you can get from your backyard garden. Not only that, hang some stockings that are dominated by a combination of red and white for a livelier final result. Statement Christmas Mantel Fireplace from @dacbrown

The banister will have a more festive look when you apply an evergreen garland. Just put this garland in a neat and sturdy arrangement. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the garland with some snowflake accents and snowball lighting which is dominated by plain white so that it has quite a contrasting color. Get all of these decorations at your nearest craft store. Christmas Banister with Snowball Lighting from @girlwholovesgrey

Festive Look Snowball Lighting

When you want to use glitter snowball lights indoors, you can use colorful accent lights to make it look more fun, these colorful lights are easily available and quite popular all year round. Apply this lamp in areas that are often visited by your guests and can also be used as a focal point for a room that looks different. When you want these snowball lights to look more dramatic at night, then you can turn off the main light in this room, let the colorful accent lights work well. Glitter Colorful Snowball Lighting from @coolandcollectedvintage

Don’t just use snowball lights to decorate your winter home. At this time you can use a bulb that has a snowball-like appearance. All you have to do is coat the outside of the snowball with powder sprinkles that come in a variety of different colors. Usually the application of colorful bulb snowball lighting is in a room that is often visited by your guests or friends so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Colorful Bulb Snowball from @jennybadfield

We recommend that the colorful snowball lighting that you have is applied to the part of the Christmas tree that you have to give it a different look. This is so your snowball lighting won’t be stepped on by guests or even yourself. With a fairly striking color, this light will be seen more clearly at night. You can use more than one color of snowball lighting for a lighter appearance of season ornaments and of course it will look clearer when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark. Statement Christmas Tree Lighting from @pinkachan

The tinsel Christmas wreath design, which is dominated by the silver color, will look more lively and festive when you combine it with several snowball lighting that comes in a variety of different colors. After all the snowball lighting is installed properly and neatly, you can hang the wreath design on one part of the wall that is still empty. DIY floral ornaments can also be attached to this wreath design at a short distance. Just hang it using sturdy adhesive glue so it won’t come off easily during the Christmas season. Snowball Lighting for Wreath Design from @pluckymaidens

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Single Snowball Lighting

You can put a snowball lighting that is quite large in size into a wire orb so that it can be moved easily to any room you want. The lighting used is yellow so that it can give the feeling of a warmer room than before. Place it on a table or cabinet so that it is not stepped on by children or yourself. The simple design you can do alone on weekends, or you can do it together with your family. Snowball Lighting Home Decoration from

This textured snowball lighting is suitable for use when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel darker. White lighting in snowball lighting is suitable for use as the main lighting in your home. When you can’t make it yourself, you can buy it online at the best price according to the budget you have. Because the size is quite large and wide, using just one snowball lighting is enough to use in a small room, you can try it now easily. Dramatic Snowball Lighting from @gr8nrg

This white snowball lighting design is perfected with several small holes on the outer surface which will produce a more sparkling light. Just choose and use this snowball lighting which has yellow or orange lighting to give a warmer impression to the room. Because it has a quite unique appearance, the presence of sparkling snowball lighting is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Just place it right on the console table or dresser which is usually placed in entryway or living room decorations. Sparkling Snowball Lighting from @luna_lighting

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Layout Container Snowball

A container that has been cut beautifully can be used as a place to place several snowball lighting that has two different lighting. Then you can put it on the coffee table or on the dresser entryway so that all guests who visit your house can see it. One of the advantages that you can get from using this snowball lighting container is that it can be moved easily to any room according to the needs of your room. This elegant appearance is suitable for use in modern, contemporary style rooms or it can also be a minimalist theme. Elegan Look Cutting Container Lighting from @suvihjelm

When you have a cardboard box that you no longer use, you can use it again as a storage container for the colorful snowballs you currently have. Snowball lighting is usually used to welcome the Christmas season or winter this year. Choose and use lighting with a variety of different colors, for example a snowball with yellow, blue, red and green lighting. All of them can be turned on simultaneously for dramatic lighting that can be used at night. Cardboard Box Snowball Lighting Display from @pluckymaidens

Glitter snowball lighting that is simultaneously applied to a thick glass bowl is ready to be used as a decoration for a dining table or console table which is usually placed in the entryway area. Choose a bowl with a thicker material so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. Start buying snowball lighting in a variety of different colors. You can display it in a bowl vertically or stack it in a neat arrangement. Just turn it on at night so it can look quite attractive and of course this way your room decoration looks more dramatic. Colorful Snowball Container from @acleanslatepdx

Winter Window Treatment Lighting

Don’t let your glass windows look plain and boring. For now, you can hang a large number of snowball lighting garlands so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. The more snowball garlands you use, the more festive the look you get. You can try hanging it at different heights to make it look more varied. In addition, the lighting produced also makes the room brighter and brighter. White Snowball Lighting Garland from @photonut74

Consider making a snowball lamp at home using inexpensive materials that are easily available at any winter supply store near your home. It will look amazing if you use snowball lights with white lighting. When you are going to use it as a window treatment decoration, you can combine it with fresh green plant accents. These fresh leaves can be obtained in the backyard garden for free without having to buy them, you can try them now. Combination of Greenery with Snowball Lighting from @peggyvonburg

Pay attention to your glass window decorations to produce a more attractive appearance at night. What you can do right now is to hang a large number of snowball lighting strings so that they can be used as the main lighting at night. Apart from being able to see it from indoors, it can also be seen from outside for a different view for your neighbors who see it. Wooden window frames that are repainted in white are also a smart idea that you can use today. String Snowball Lighting Windosill Ideas from @judithpickard

Christmas Snowball Lighting Layout

A dry twig that stands firmly next to the area of the chair you are using can be put to good use for the application of snowball lighting with a white surface. This will be your main light when winter or Christmas day comes. Don’t forget, also cover the surface of your chair with a faux fur blanket and a pillow that can provide maximum comfort. You can turn on this light easily according to what is expected. String Snowball Lighting on the Twig from @studio.desta

This table runner layer made of faux fur can be perfected directly with some snowball lighting with very bright light. Just use this snowball lighting with quite a lot. At night its existence will work very optimally. The bright lighting is ready to give a new look to your dining table decoration, isn’t it very easy to try? Yes, you can do it yourself without the need for professionals. Snowball Lighting Table Decoration from @tashatishtosh

When the atmosphere in the room is getting dark, then it’s time for the lights you use to work properly. When winter arrives, you can use snowball lighting which can be applied to any part of the room according to your needs. But one of the right displays is in the ceiling area by using a large amount of it so that it can be used as the main lighting. Snowball lighting with white lighting is a smart choice that you can apply. White Snowball Ceiling Lighting from @twixlen

You can use this empty part of the wall to apply a dry tree that looks dramatic. Why dramatic? Because you can complete the final look with several snowball lights that come in yellow, blue, green and red. You can get all of these snowball lights cheaply online, or you can also buy them according to the budget you have. In this way, the appearance of your wall will be more attractive. Dramatic Snowball Lighting Wall Decor from @pluckymaidens

Snowball lighting that has different colors is ready to decorate your home room when combined with other ornaments that have interesting colors and styles too. A mini Christmas tree with additional colorful Christmas ball decorations is the best choice you can try. Just put the two of them close together so they can be used as the focal point of the room. When you put it on a white table, the decoration of your home room will look more lively and not easily boring. Snowball Lighting Display with Mini Tree from @pooh_corner_vintage

This dining table that has been covered with a bold red tablecloth can be perfected directly with the use of snowball lighting which is quite large in size. You can use more than one snowball lighting so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. The lighting, which comes in warm colors, is the best choice you can make when winter or Christmas arrives. This warm flannel tablecloth is the perfect surface to use this season. Snowball Lighting with Bold Tablecloth from @haapalai_riikka

Textured snowball lighting, which is dominated by white, is made of string lights using a fairly large bulb. Here you can resurface the outer surface of the bulb with faux snowy accents which can be found online. Install them together with several pinecones to emphasize the Christmas theme this year. Just put the two of them close together on your table so that they are ready to be used as a statement of the room of the house. White Textured Snowball Lighting Ideas from @lovethyneighbormichigan


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