How to Repurpose Your Old Ladder

There will be so many possible materials that you can have for your repurpose projects including your old ladder. What is meant with repurposing here is how you can reuse your old stuff to make it has a new function. Of course, if the stuff is not proper anymore, you should do the retouch here and there. It could be by repairing it, repainting, or refurnishing. Back to the ladder, you can use the ladder for varied purposes when you have treated it well. The ladder here won’t be only the one with the single stair but also the one that has double stairs as it can stand by itself.

For your references, you can utilize the ladder for many utilizations. For the furniture, you can have the ladder as the rack, hanger, wardrobe, photo display, planter, and more. Even for the home accessories, you can use the ladder as your decorative lighting that will be very unique. Anyway, for the ladder, it will be perfect if you use it to create the rustic or farmhouse style impression. In case you want to make it be seen as shabby, you can simply make the ladder to be clean and let it has its old look. the point here is that make sure that the ladder is clean and proper. Go down for the references of the repurpose projects for your old ladder.

Old Ladder Into Shelf from Boredpanda

Shabby Chic Hanging Plant Display from Homebnc

Ladder Flowerpot Holder from Homebnc

Photo Display from Homebnc

Ceiling Lighting from Homebnc

Shoes Rack from Homebnc

Coffee Table from Homebnc

Pot Rack from Homebnc

The Most Unexpected Canopy Bed from Homebnc

Corner Crafting Supply and Linen Hanger from Homebnc

Wardrobe from Homebnc

Plant Stand from Homebnc

Blanket Rack from Homebnc

Vintage Ornament Display from Homebnc

Old Ladder Photo Display from Homebnc

Ceiling Mounted Coat Rack from Homebnc

Leaning Corner Note from Homebnc

Party-Ready Board Game Display from Homebnc

Bathroom Rack from Woohome

Ladder Book Case from Woohome

Painted Old Ladder for photo Display from Woohome

Ceiling Decoration from Woohome

Shoes Rack from Woohome

Book Shelf from Woohome

Coat Hook from Woohome

Flower Display from Woohome

Napkin Rack from Topdreamer

Old Ladder Side Table from Topdreamer

DIY Ladder Pot Rack from Architectureartdesigns

Use an Old Ladder to Hang Lanterns from Architectureartdesigns

Ladder Lantern Porch Chandelier from Architectureartdesigns

Wall Display Ladder from Architectureartdesigns

Book Shelves from Homemydesign

Ceiling Lighting from Homemydesign

Double Ladder Rack from Homemydesign

Old Ladder Shelf from Homemydesign

Bathroom Towel Rack from Homemydesign

Magazine Rack from Homemydesign

Pot Hanging Rack from Homemydesign

Shoes Rack from Homemydesign

Kitchen Towel Rack from Homemydesign

Bathroom Shelf from Homemydesign

Vintage Blanket Rack from Homemydesign

Ladder Wall Shelving from Notedlist

Hanging Plant from Notedlist

Ladder Lighting from Notedlist

Wooden Log Ladder Photo Display from Notedlist

Wall Photo Display from Notedlist

Painted Magazine Rack from Notedlist

Clothes Rack from Notedlist

Laundry Room Storage from Homesthetics

Tiny Blue Creative Shelf from Homesthetics

House Plant Display from Homesthetics

Pot Rack on the Wall from Homesthetics

Plant Rack from Homebnc

Over-the-Bed Country Keepsake Shelf from Homebnc

Wood Ladder Bathroom Storage from Homebnc

Upcycled Lighting from Homebnc

Old Ladder Coat Hook from Homebnc

Painted Plant Holder from Homebnc

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