55 Ideas to Decorate Your Home Using Dried Fruits

Having the fruit as the decoration is such a good idea. We all know that the fresh impression that the fruit has is really effective to increase the good mood. However, it is quite troublesome to present the fruit as a part of our home decoration because it will be rotten soon. Well, in case you do really interested in presenting the fruit to your home decoration, then you can use the dried fruit. Of course, it is different from the fresh one but having the dried fruit can be a perfect solution for you. You can find certain kinds of fruit that can be dried such as orange, apple, berries, and more.

The dried fruit amazingly can be made into varied crafts and applied to certain home decoration parts. That is why it is really recommended since you can use it for multiple purposes. For example, you can use it to make wreaths and garlands. Those two things are the proper ornament that can be applied to any of your home decorations such as to decorate your door, fireplace, staircase, or simply apply them to the wall. Then, you can also use the dried fruit to be the additional material for your decorative lighting, to complete your table centerpiece decoration, apply to your vase arrangement, etc. You can find the complete references of the dried fruit decorations from the images below.

Dried Lime and Citrus Wreath from backyardboss

Hanging Natural Ornament from backyardboss

Shell and Dried Orange Wreath from backyardboss

Dried Lime Christmas Tree Ornament from backyardboss

Dried Apple Ornament from backyardboss

Dried Citrus and Pear from backyardboss

Dried Fruit Christmas Tree from backyardboss

Dried Fruit with Evergreen Garland from countryliving

Pine Needles and Dried Orange Garland from countryliving

Dried Citrus Ornaments from abeautifulmess

Dried Apple Wreath from shelterness

Dried Orange As Card Display from homebnc

Rustic Style Citrus Garland from deavita

Dried Slice Orange Garland from deavita

Dried Orange and Cinnamon Garland from deavita

Dried Orange Garland Fireplace from homedit

Dried Orange Wreath from homedit

Greenery and Dried Orange Centerpiece from blesserhouse

Dry Skin and Orange Wreath from deavita

Mason Jar Dried Orange from deavita

Dried Fruits for Christmas Tree Ornament from deavita

Dried Orange and Starfruits Centerpiece from deavita

Dried Orange and Cinnamon Garland from deavita

Cloves and Dried Orange Ornament from deavita

DIY Slice Dried Apple Wreath from craftingagreenworld

Dried Orange Candle  Holder from gardenguides

Dried Lemon and Orange Ornament from hearthandvine

DIY Dried Citrus Wall Hanging from thecraftygentleman

Dried Fruit with Herb Garland from hgtv

Dried Citrus Garland Windowsill from makermama

Garland Fireplace from makermama

Dried Orange and Berries Wall Hanging from homemadeheather

Slice Orange with Popcorn Table Decor from premeditatedleftovers

Dried Fruit and Tassels Door Holder from honestlywtf

Garland with String Light from honestlywtf

Garland Staircase Decor from themerrythought

Greenery and Dried Orange Garland from themerrythought

Candle Holder and Berries Centerpiece from digsdigs

Transparent Glass Decor Ideas from easyday.snydle

Hanging Dried Orange Ornament from homedit

Dried Orange Wreath with Ribbon from bhg

Long Dried Citrus Garland from redtedart

Lime and Cinnamon Garland from redtedart

Dried Orange and Apple Garland from redtedart

Garland for Windowsill Decor from redtedart

Windowsill Decoration from homesthetics

Decorative Candle Holder from homesthetics

Mason Jar with Dried Fruit from homesthetics

Decorative Glass Mini Jar from twelveonmain

Dried Wreath with White Ribbon from romantichomes

Decorative Slate Chair from romantichomes

Dried White and Red Berries Garland from deavita

Pinecones and Berries Garland from deavita

Dried Citrus with Apple Garland from deavita

Wreath Kitchen Ideas from mydomaine

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