60 Ways to Style Your Living Room Sofa

In decorating the living room, you might commonly only focus on the space where you should provide some ornaments or pretty things there. However, you can surely simply focus on the main furniture that is available there which is the living room sofa. Well, of course, you can simply buy the good one at the store, but is that enough? You can still surely make your sofa be seen as more stylish for sure. Styling your sofa can be useful not only to make it prettier but also to adjust the design impression that could be matched with the decoration style that you are applying at the moment. Commonly, that will be related to the seasonal things to bring the spirit of the season into the house.

Is it possible to stying the sofa? The answer is yes! It will be even simple. Well, there will be some things that you can apply to the sofa where the simplest one is by adding the throw blanket there. It will be really easy to find the throw blanket that is matched with the season. Then, you can also provide the cushions with the needed cushion cover. If it is possible, match the throw blanket with the cushions cover! If you are bored with your sofa color and needed something new, you don’t need to buy the new one, what you should do is just apply the sofa cover that could be such a brilliant idea to have a new sofa without even buying the new one. There are still things that you can do with your sofa that are prepared below.

Blue Patterned Pillow from Homesandgardens

Green and Pink Pillow from Homesandgardens

Multi Color Pillow from Homesandgardens

Rempel Pillow from Homesandgardens

Green Sofa Cover from Deavita

Bohemian Sofa Cover from Deavita

Rempel Sofa Cover from Deavita

Grey Sofa Cover from Deavita

Striped Sofa Cover from Deavita

Puppy-Friendly Sofa Cover from Thespruce

Throw Pillows from Thespruce

Wooden Sofa Leg from Thespruce

Patterned Pillows from Idealhome

Four Pillows from Idealhome

Striped Blanket from Idealhome

Wooden Sofa Leg from Realhomes

Bright Color Pillow from Realhomes

Blue Pillow from Realhomes

Tropical Pattern Pillow from Realhomes

Throw Blanket and Pillow from Realhomes

Sofa Legs on Wheels from Realhomes

Floral Pillow and Pink Blanket from Realhomes

Mix Pattern Pillow from Realhomes

Throw Pillow and Fur Blanket from Realhomes

White Pillow and Throw Blanket from Realhomes

Leopard Throw Blanket from Realhomes

Throw Blanket and Pillow from Realhomes

Three Throw Pillow from Realhomes

Knit Blanket and Pillow from Realhomes

Colorful Pillow and Blanket from Apartmenttherapy

Patterned Sofa Cover from Apartmenttherapy

Striped Pillow and Blanket from Apartmenttherapy

Orange Sofa Cover from Apartmenttherapy

Brown Blanket and Natural Pillow from Stylemotivation

Striped Blanket and Pillow from Stylemotivation

Full Pillow on the Sofa from Stylemotivation

Throw Blanket and Pillow from Stylemotivation

Light Patterned Pillow from Stylemotivation

Pink Blanket and Throw Pillow from Stylemotivation

Chunky Blanket and Double Pillow from Stylemotivation

Light Color Pillow and Blanket from Stylemotivation

Soft Color Pillows from Stylemotivation

Green Pillow from Stylemotivation

Grey Blanket and Pillow from Onekingslane

Faux Fur Blanket from Diys

Striped Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Plain Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Map Pattern Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Geometric Pattern Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Color Block Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Flower Pattern Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Pink Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme

Light Pink Sofa Cover from Deavita

Polka dot Sofa Cover from Deavita

Floral Pattern Sofa Cover from Deavita

White Chunky Blanket from Digsdigs

Knit Blanket from Digsdigs

Fur Blanket from Digsdigs

Rempel Sofa Cover from Liveenhanced

Floral Pattern Sofa Cover from Liveenhanced

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