How to Create a Cozy Spring Decoration for Your Small Home Space

Even when you only have such a small space in your occupancy, it is still possible for you to create the seasonal decoration for sure. Especially for spring where the happy ambiance outside should be provided inside your home. We do recommend you add the spring touches to your home no matter how small or spacious your home is. Well, the colorful things of the spring might annoy you when your small home will be seen as crowded. But, there are still ways to provide the spring touches to your home without leaving the coziness feeling there. The choices will be really varied as you can adjust them based on your home space condition.

Now, let’s talk about how you can bring the spring touches to your home decoration. The easiest one is by adding the greenery where during spring, the leaves will grow and the flowers will bloom. Or, you can add the dried flowers or foliage for a more durable decoration. Don’t forget the colors. You may also add the spring color touches to your throw blanket, cushions, curtain, and more. You can have the wall decoration, centerpiece decoration, mantel decoration, furniture decoration, and more. By looking at our image references below, you’ll know clearly how to add spring touches to your small home space. Enjoy!

Potted Mini Tree from shelterness

Yellow Chandelier from shelterness

Flower Centerpiece from shelterness

Wooden Drought Bowl with Flower from shelterness

Pink Flower Arrangement from shelterness

Floral Wallpaper from shelterness

Flower Pillows from shelterness

Corner House Plant from shelterness

Potted Vines from shelterness

Flower Arrangement on the Table from shelterness

Pink Flower Arrangement from shelterness

Leaver Arrangement from shelterness

Mini Flower Arrangement from shelterness

Hydrae Flower Arrangement from shelterness

Pink Rose Arrangement from shelterness

Pink and Green Flower Arrangement from shelterness

Yellow Wall and Blanket from Shelterness

Potted House Plant from Shelterness

Greenery on the Wall from Shelterness

Floral Wall Art from Shelterness

Yellow Bedding from Shelterness

Rose Wall Art from Digsdigs

Flower Wall Hanging from Digsdigs

Flower Bedding from Digsdigs

Blue Floral Bedding from Digsdigs

Floral Tablecloth from Digsdigs

Yellows Flower Arrangement from Digsdigs

Floral Accessories from Digsdigs

Potted Lemon from Digsdigs

Colorful Breakfast Nook from Housebeautiful

Purple Hydrae Arrangement from Housebeautiful

White Flower Arrangement from Housebeautiful

Bowl with Hydrae Display from Housebeautiful

Green Chair from Housebeautiful

Pink Flower Arrangement from Housebeautiful

Greenery on the Rack from Shelterness

Flower Arrangement from Apartmenttherapy

Flower Wallpaper from Apartmenttherapy

Floral Bedding from Decoholic

Butterfly Wall Art from Amazinginteriordesign

Striped Carpet from Amazinginteriordesign

Pink Flower Arrangement from Amazinginteriordesign

Moss Wreath and Potted Flower from Cutediyprojects

Potted Flower from Digsdigs

Yellow Furniture from Digsdigs

Egg Wall Hanging from Digsdigs

Potted Flower from Digsdigs

Greenery and Flower Arrangement from Digsdigs

Yellow Wreath from Digsdigs

Purple Flower Arrangement from Familyholiday

White Vase with Flower Arrangement from Familyholiday

Potted Blooming Flower from Digsdigs

Blooms in Vases and Pots from Digsdigs 

Potted Flower from Homestoriesatoz

Colorful Flower Arrangement from Homestoriesatoz

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