40 Proper Shed Storage Ideas

Since the shed is the place where you put things, then providing the proper storage is such a must. It is better for you to provide varied kinds of storage so that you can put anything there. The varied kinds here are not only the shape but also the size. Here, you can also adjust it based on your space condition. Make sure that you don’t make your shed be seen as crowded with some big storage in a small shed space. In this case, the best way that you can do is to make a plan for the kinds of stuff that you are going to put there so that you can decide the storage types that you should provide.

Basically, you can classify the storage type into the ones that are hung on the wall, stacked on the floor, or built it in a wide range there. The point is that the storage should be able to minimize the messy environment inside the shed. You may also provide the door for the cabinet storage that you will use to store something fragile or not kid-friendly stuff. The door will keep your stuff safe and more organized of course. Well, the door will be able to make the things that are stored there are not be seen because covered by the door. No matter how untidy you arrange the stuff there, it won’t be seen and your shed can keep having a well-arranged impression.

Floating Shelves from extraspace

Install Adjustable Shelving from extraspace

 Free-Standing Metal Shelving from extraspace

Stack Wooden Crates for Storage from extraspace

Tools hanger from extraspace

Storage Rack from extraspace

Wooden Crate Garden Tool Holder from extraspace

Storing Metal Tools from extraspace

Hang Lawn Equipment from extraspace

Shed Doors for Hanging Storage from extraspace

Workbench with Rolling Storage Carts from extraspace

Shed Old Garden Tools from extraspace

Small Wooden Shed Storage from realhomes

Small Shelf from realhomes

Hanging Shed Storage from realhomes

Table Shed from realhomes

Shed Shelving and Hanging Storage from realhomes

Small Shed Storage from realhomes

Hanging Stool Racks from realhomes

Peg Board Storage from realhomes

Shed Door Storage from realhomes

Vertical Rack Storage from thespruce

Peg Board Shed Storage from thespruce

Shed with Shelving from thespruce

Plant Shelf from thespruce

Masson Jar Shed Storage from thespruce

Pegboard Tools from thespruce

Shed With a Spot Storage from thespruce

Shed for Storing Plants from thespruce

Hanging Rod Storage from thespruce

Pegboard With a Shelf from thespruce

Charging Station in a Shed from thespruce

Wooden Shelving with Metal Wheels from digsdigs

Large Unit with Open Storage from digsdigs

Large Metal Shelving from digsdigs

Shed Wall Organized from digsdigs

Hooks on Wall Storage from digsdigs

Rack Shelf Storage from digsdigs

Old Kitchen Cabinets from digsdigs

PVC Organize Storage from digsdigs

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