15 References to Get a Proper Balcony Decoration

A balcony is a place where you can enjoy the scenery with a cup of tea or coffee. To complete that need, you should provide the decoration there that consists of some aspects. The first one to be considered is the furniture where you should provide the ones based on your needs and your space purpose for your balcony. Then, you should consider the beauty so that you can really enjoy being there. It will be related to the ornament, accessories, and some greenery, of course. After that, you should make sure that you provide the proper lighting so that you can enjoy your time there even at night. Since there are varied kinds of lighting available, then we do recommend you to choose the ones that can add the beauty of your balcony decoration. Here are the design references for you.

For a very inviting balcony decoration, you can use bold colored furniture such as red. This red color can be applied to the use of dining tables and benches made of natural wood. Then complete it with a striped rug that can cover the entire balcony floor. Neutralize the red color with a splash of white paint that dominates. It’s not enough to end here, end with the use of flower arrangements and green plants in a galvanized vase that has a size large enough. Bold color balcony furniture from goodhousekeeping.

Do you need an outdoor relaxing area? If so, then you can take advantage of balcony decorations as the right area to use all day on weekends. Use the right furniture for the comfort you can get. The recommended furniture is a wooden swing covered with pillows for a softer sitting surface. Don’t forget to add bold colored flower plants in the surrounding area as a sweet final touch. This balcony is also enhanced with beach views that you can enjoy anytime you want. Outdoor swing from goodhousekeeping.

Bring your little patio to life with the use of a set of bright pink furniture. This furniture set is a folding chair and table that can be used as an outdoor dining room that has a different feel. To make this balcony decoration look more colorful, you can coat the wooden floor with a rainbow striped rug which can also be used as a base for the legs of the furniture used. Hanging flowers with basket pots are decorations that can be applied to black iron fences. Pink outdoor furniture from goodhousekeeping.

An easy way to bring a colorful theme to your balcony decoration is to use a ball string light that can be applied to the solid black fence. Because this fence has a fairly dark color, the colorful ball string light looks bolder. You can use comfortable furniture to serve as a sitting area. Blooming flowers can be applied in several different places as a fresh decoration that can be used as a beautiful eye sight. Colorful balcony lighting from goodhousekeeping.

If you have a balcony decoration with a size large enough, then you can use a dining table set made of wood and iron. These two materials are very suitable when applied outdoors because they are more sturdy and not easily porous when faced with changing weather changes. With this you can have living room decorations with different nuances, it’s not enough to stop here, you can also have outdoor views that you can enjoy whenever you want. You can try it right now. Outdoor dining room from goodhousekeeping.

This rattan or wooden furniture is a complementary idea that can be applied to your balcony decoration. Furniture such as rattan chairs make this balcony room feel bigger and allow maximum sunlight to enter. Don’t forget to add a small coffee table as a combination that can work well together to meet your balcony decoration needs when you use it. Finish with the use of greenery of various different types as a fresh finish. Rattan furniture with green plant decoration from goodhousekeeping.

The lantern candle placed on the floor is one of the dim lighting that can make your balcony decoration warmer. Not only candles, but you can also add a string light bulb to be applied to the fence so that it can be combined together at night. Green plants and pink blooming flowers become balcony decorations that you can place in the balcony area so that they can bring a garden feel that never fails. Use a folding iron chair to save more floor space. The combination of lantern candle with string light from homedit.

Make the most of your small balcony decoration so that it can be used more optimally. For example, you can use a balcony corner to place a corner pallet sofa that can be covered with pillows so that your sitting surface is softer and more comfortable. Furthermore, so that this balcony decoration can still be used at night, you can add a lantern candle and ball string light with a size long enough so that it can illuminate the balcony area to the maximum. Just apply this light to the fence for very precise placement. Corner pallet sofa from homedit.

Decorating the balcony in this boho style will give a beautiful look and natural touch to the entire room. Adding a set of rattan tables and chairs and a swing chair in the corner of this balcony will make you feel at home for long on the balcony of this house. The choice of boho style is dominated by natural accents for an attractive room design. Burlap rug, macrame, string lights, and this sunbrust mirror will complete the balcony look of this home. The bamboo fence will also provide privacy throughout the boho balcony and you can enjoy the fresh air on this balcony. Rattan sitting srea from homedit.

A touch of modern or minimalist style will never fail to decorate your home. Now you can try it on a small balcony which is perfected with several types of green plants hanging on iron that has been applied well to the empty wall. To maintain the minimalism of this balcony, you can use just enough furniture. This is done so that you have more free space and of course make this outdoor area more open. Minimalist balcony from homedit.

An easy way to bring a touch of spring to your balcony decor is to use colorful splashes that can be applied directly to the throw pillows that are neatly arranged on the wooden sofa that is used. You can get other colors from the use of ball string lights and blooming flowers that are placed on the floor area in a neat and orderly manner. With this, you will get a complete spring decoration. Wooden floors are good footwear for you because they have a smooth surface and are certainly able to bring a natural touch. Spring style balcony from homedit.

Use natural materials for some of the furniture and accessories that are placed in the tone balcony decoration. Furniture or accessories that you can use for example chairs, woven rattan rugs and ottomans. Natural dividers will add interest and fresh energy that can and make it easier for wind or sunlight to enter this area. Cover the chair with pillows so that it becomes a comfortable sitting area for anyone in this room to use. Balcony decoration with natural furniture from homedit.

This white tones applied to a balcony creates a cool transition for a stylish finish. In addition, the white nuance also makes it easier for you to combine it with the furniture around it. To give a different color you can use furniture with other colors such as solid black. Not only through the use of furniture, you can also use green plants that can be applied in several different areas. The white cloth applied to the ceiling gives a dramatic final look, you can try it now. White themed balcony from realhomes.

The balcony is the right room and is suitable for entertaining your guests who come to the house. So just decorating it to keep you looking relaxed and inviting. Choose and use furniture that extends so that it will leave floor space that can be used as an area for walking. Furniture that you can try is a dining table with a square shape and surrounded by dining chairs made of hard material so that it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Feast your eyes on the greenery that surrounds you. Square shaped dining table from realhomes.

This perfect balcony decoration with a beach view is the best area that you can use together with your family or friends who come to the house. Don’t forget to add only important furniture such as chairs and coffee tables for a neater and minimalist look. Both of these furniture are perfected by the green plants around them. Besides that, you can also relax while enjoying the cool breeze. The choice of furniture made of wood is very appropriate. Balcony decoration with beach view from realhomes.

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