Mistakes In Your House Exterior Which Can Increase Chances Of Burglary


Mistakes can be forgiven, right!

However, when the mistake can cost you something like risking yourself an intrusion, these mistakes should be avoided at any cause.

This is one of the reasons why you need to take extra care of your house and ensure that you are not making these mistakes.

One mistake!


Suddenly the intruders, buglers, and stalkers who are keeping an eye on your house have suddenly got the greatest jackpot of all time.

Now, if you think you are not making these mistakes, then there is no harm in looking through these lists right.

You can never be too careful about anything.


Who knows, you might find something which you need to stop doing.

Keep your equipment rooms unlocked, for example!

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the different ways with which you can protect yourself from these mistakes.

Once you get a little more organized and calculative about everything, it will help you protect yourself a little better.

We can understand that with these busy schedules, it can be a little difficult for you to avoid some mistakes.

That is why we brought this list to you; so you can avoid these mistakes by checking this list once.

Why Smart Security Is So Important

Yes, smart security is very important because there are certain mistakes that you can avoid or even combat with these smart security tactics.

These are some of the common security measures which you can incorporate into your house.

Smart securities will make sure that your house is still protected even if you make these mistakes.

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By mistake!

An Alarm System

The alarm systems are like smart security guards who could alert you immediately in terms of any breaking in.

There are certain locks that have sirens that immediately go off when someone is trying to forcefully unlock them.

You can also have sirens which will literally awaken the entire neighborhood if someone tries to break in.

A Smart Lock

Let’s say you have forgotten to lock the door!

You stay alone!

You excuse yourself from a busy day at work, only to find out that you haven’t actually left it unlocked. It was just your paranoid self.

At times like this, if you have a smart lock, it can solve a lot of problems. Smart locks are wireless, and you will be able to lock and unlock your door anytime, anywhere with your cellular device.

A CCTV Camera

There is more to it; when you are making mistakes, half of the time, you aren’t even aware of when you went wrong.

You come home and find some of your precious items missing, and there is a clear sign of breaking in.

This is one reason why you need an extra pair of eyes in your home.

These eyes could be the cameras that monitor everything and give you alerts from time to time.

A Panic Button

This is an excellent invention that can help you save some precious time if, God forbid, you are under any intrusion or Burglary attack.

This is one of the reasons why everyone should have a panic button in their house.

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A button that immediately alerts the police in times of emergencies.

Mistakes You Can Avoid For Your Security

Here are some of the common mistakes which you should avoid at any cost.

Easy Passwords On Smart Locks

You have a smart lock!

You can do anything with the help of these smart locks. You can secure your house with multi-step authentication, and yet you are giving passwords like ‘1234’.

Come in!

It is high time.

Give something better.

Utilize the functioning of these smart locks to the fullest.

Keeping Ladder Outside

The most stupid mistake that you can make is to work on your roof and then keep that ladder outside.

Do you have any idea how many ways it can be used by someone with malicious intent?

Someone can literally use this ladder and get to your second-story window.

Keeping The Equipment Door Open

Your equipment room doesn’t have any precious items!

Yes, we understand that!

However, it can have tools that can easily give access to everything they will need to break-in.

Maybe a hammer to break in the glasses or a screwdriver to get the doors open.

Keeping The Wild Grasses In The Backyard

If you are letting your wild grasses grow so much in your backyard!

They are going to get taller with each sunlight and water. Soon they will give intruders the perfect space to hide and pry on you.

Before they prey on you!

So, ensure that there is no secret hiding space left in or around your house.

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Keeping A Spare Key Around

So, are you still keeping your spare key underneath the mat?

Or, have you advanced a little and placed it in a plant?

How about you stop doing either!

When will we understand that having a spare key anywhere in your house perimeter is very dangerous? Burglars have gotten advanced; they know all the hiding places.

Not Telling Your Newspaper Supplier Before Traveling

If you are traveling; please, please tell your newspaper supplier to stop the supply for the time being.

This is because if someone is prying at your house, the fact that there are piled-up newspapers near the front door and mail in the mailbox.

They will clearly understand that no one is at home.

Not Taking Perimeter Security Seriously

If you are not taking perimeter security seriously, then you are missing out on a big chunk of your security.

No matter the corner of the house, it needs protection.

Especially perimeters, because intruders will see a weakly secured perimeter, and it will become their first target.

Avoid Mistakes – Save Yourself! 

These are some of the common mistakes which have cost some a lot!

Thus, we have compiled them together and brought them to you because a wise person will always learn from other people’s mistakes.


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