How to Apply Space Saving Projects for Your Home

These days, something effective and efficient is really needed for any purpose including for your home decoration needs. When talking about decoration, it could be in form of furniture that could be applied for space-saving purposes. You can provide folding furniture or multi-functional furniture. What is meant with multi-functional here is one piece of furniture that could be enhanced related to its function. For example, you can have a table with the storage under it so that you can function the table as the table and as the storage. Such a brilliant idea, right? That will be really beneficial in case you only have such a small home space. For other ideas for this project, you can see the following images.

To minimize the use of the floor area in decorating a small bathroom, you can apply a standing storage rack above the toilet in use. Storage that you can use is an open shelf that has been repainted in plain white. Use a shelf made of wood to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. You can use it as storage for tissues, magazines, and some decorative items such as flower vases and small framed paintings. Storage rack above the toilet from homebnc.

Choose and use multifunctional furniture to enhance your minimalist kitchen decor. One of the pieces of furniture that you can use is a kitchen island which is equipped with a roll-out kitchen island extension that can be used according to your needs. This roll-out kitchen island extension is very easy to use, you can pull it outward when it is used. Because the surface is made of marble, you can clean it easily and practically so it doesn’t burden you when doing routine maintenance. Roll-out kitchen island extension from homebnc.

Maximize your storage in the house by using the entire interior as much as possible. What you can do now is to use the bottom of the stairs as a storage drawer with a variety of different sizes. Because there are more than one drawer, you can sort and organize the items to be stored according to their type and needs. This is done to make it easier for you when you take the items you need more practically and more effectively. Built-in drawer staircases from homebnc.

Do you have a bathroom decoration with a narrow room size? If so, then there’s no need to worry because you can store it anywhere to minimize clutter. Start by using a mirror frame that is perfected with built-in open shelves that you can use as an area to put flower vases and candle holders. You can place the flower vase in the corner so as not to interfere with the main function of the mirror to examine your appearance in detail. Frame mirror with open shelf from homebnc.

Don’t let your walls look empty and not functioning at all. To save space in a small house, you can maximize the walls with built-in storage shelves that are openly designed. This rack can be used to store all your shoe or high heels collections so that they are more well organized and neat, more precisely, this shelf is in an attic which is perfected with a comfortable sitting area. You can also find it with a more effective and efficient time, try this storage idea well and maximally. Built-in wall storage from homebnc.

At the bottom of the stairs there must be a gap in the room that is not in use, for that you can maximize its use. Start by reorganizing it into several pull-out drawers that can be used as closed storage. This drawer will store all your belongings properly and free from dust. You can even use this drawer as a wardrobe which is very practical and doesn’t use the floor area at all. Isn’t this space saving idea very eye-catching. Pull-out drawer under the stairs from homebnc.

The window is one of the storage areas that you can do in any room, including your kitchen decor. So that this window area can be used as storage, then you can add a floating glass shelf that looks shiny and clean. This shelf can be used as an area to show off some small green plants of different sizes and types. Use modern pots to match the style of your kitchen and of course never go out of style. Windowsill decor with open shelf from homebnc.

So that the built-in wall shelf in the bathroom vanity area can be seen more clearly at night, you can add LEDs as focused lighting. The shelf material used can be wood which has a smooth and soft surface. This shelf consists of four storage sections that can be used to put some equipment and bathroom necessities properly and in an orderly manner. While the patterned tile that is applied to the floor becomes an additional color that looks elegant. LED Built-in wall storage from homebnc.

Not many people know and understand about storage in the corner of the room. Yes, you can try it for a more unique impression of the room and of course able to minimize the chaos in the room. Storage that you can do is a magazine rack that is arranged vertically and of course has a modern look because it has been repainted with a clean white color. This magazine rack is made of sturdy wood so it can store a large number of magazines. Corner magazine rack from homebnc.

To bring storage to your bathroom decor, then consider the use of DIY wooden ladder storage that can be applied and placed right above the toilet that is currently in use. You can assemble this ladder storage yourself from teak wood, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money that is too expensive. So that this storage can be used more widely, then you can add two rattan wicker baskets of the same size. The existence of ladder storage also does not use the floor area at all. DIY ladder storage from homebnc.

The empty space around the sink is perfected with a stainless steel dish rack that you can use as needed. The existence of this dish rack is intended so that all cutlery that will be stored in the cabinet is dry so that it does not cause the area in the kitchen cabinet to be damp and moldy. The choice of material from this shelf is also very appropriate because it is more sturdy and can accommodate a larger number of plates. In addition, stainless steel is also more durable than rusting which will be exposed to water continuously. Stainless steel plate rack from homebnc.

If you have used cans that are no longer in use, turn them into items that can be useful when they are recycled. For example, you can use this can as a container for your make-up tools so that they don’t scatter everywhere. Apply this can to the dining area by nailing it to the wooden board that has been repainted with a clean white color so that it looks more elegant. The last idea you can do is to repaint the storage can with a bold color like shiny gold. DIY cans cosmetic storage from homebnc.

Storage cubbies that are applied along the stairs are an open storage idea that you can make the most of. For example, you can use it as an area to store bags and some boots that can be used as room decorations. This shelf can be repainted with white for a more elegant and modern look. In addition, this shelf makes it easy for you to store or retrieve items easily and practically. You can try this storage idea as much as possible. Minimalist cubbies storage from homebnc.

Don’t let the corner of the room in your house look empty, try to add a minimalist storage that will create a new center of attention in the room. Use a few pieces of wood blocks as floating shelves in the corner of the room. Don’t ask how to arrange it, you can install it according to your taste. To make it more leverage, you can also add a hook under the wooden piece of floating shelf as an additional storage area that can be used to hang all the jewelry you have. Corner wooden block storage from homebnc.

A storage pot that is applied to the ceiling is a storage idea that does not use the floor area at all. You can choose this storage with a size large enough to store all your kitchen utensils properly. In addition, choose this storage with iron material so that it is not easy to rust and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Hooks are additional storage that will make it easier for you too when hanging your pots or pans. Ceiling pots storage from decoist.

A minimalist kitchen will feel lacking if you don’t use multifunctional furniture, a multifunctional kitchen island is a smart idea. You can use a kitchen island with additional storage underneath. To make it easier for you to store or find items quickly, open shelves are very suitable for use in this kitchen island, repaint for a more stunning appearance. Place this storage on the side of the kitchen island so it doesn’t interfere with your main activities in the kitchen. Multifunction kitchen island from decoist.

If you have a small kitchen in your home, try to use wall mounted storage which is very practical and can save space. You can use wall mounted storage to hang some kitchen utensils that you often use. How to bring this wall storage, you simply hang an iron shelf that has been perfected with a hook that is quite sturdy. In addition, the green plants that are hung are also a beautiful additional decoration of the room and can be obtained in the garden area easily. Wall mounted cookware storage from housebeautiful.

Change the look of your minimalist living room wall by adding several levels of floating shelves in the corner of the room. Besides being used as storage, this floating shelf can also beautify the appearance of your minimalist living room. In order to give color to the white walls, you should coat this floating shelf with a darker color paint, for example a glossy black color. Using two or three tiers of floating shelves can also fill the empty space on the corner wall of the room so that it can be used better. DIY corner shelves from housebeautiful.

This kitchen cabinet, which is perfected with sliding drawers, becomes furniture that has a double storage function. You can use both as closed storage which will protect all your belongings well so they are protected from dust. For the drawers, you can use it as an area to store several drink bottles to minimize rolling and breaking. Arrange all the glass bottles neatly and orderly, this storage idea is easy enough for anyone to do. Sliding drawers from housebeautiful.

Look at the pull-out tray tables that are attached to the storage cabinets and desks, don’t they look awesome? Have this furniture to save more space in your home. This furniture idea is very smart and suitable for those of you who have limited room decorations. Add chairs with the appropriate height as a combination of furniture that will work well together, besides that you can use chairs in any style including a beautiful vintage touch. Pull-out tray tables from housebeautiful.

To save space in your home decor, it’s not just storage that you can rely on. The layout is also a precise idea that you can do well and maximally. For example, on the top surface of this small kitchen there is a small room that can be turned into a bedroom decoration that is dominated by clean white. This white nuance is able to give the effect of a wider, brighter and open room, you can try it as much as possible. Loft bedroom decoration from housebeautiful.

If you can do it, then why not. Choose and use furniture that does not use too much floor area so that the room has a wider area and of course does not limit your movement too much. Floating wooden desk is the right choice for you to do. Another advantage that you can get from the existence of this floating desk is that it can be used as a storage idea because it is enhanced with a drawer underneath to protect your important data that can be easily retrieved. Floating desk with built-in storage from diyncrafts.

A small bedroom will be more practical if you use multifunctional furniture. You can use a small table that fits the size of the rest of the room beside the bed. You can use this small table as a complete nightstand with a night light on it. It’s not enough to end here, when you add a chair in front of this nightstand it will become a simple desk that is quite comfortable when used because the height of this chair and table is ideal. Desk with nightstand from diyncrafts.

Use the secret vault to keep your collectibles in the bedroom. The place I never thought of adding a secret repository was on the headboard. Add a few open shelving panels so you can store more stuff in them and you can use long curtains to cover these open shelving for more privacy and cover up any clutter. Isn’t this idea unique enough to try, you can do it easily and cheaply. Multifunctional headboard with storage from diyncrafts.

Use a headboard complete with storage in it so that your bedroom looks neater and different from other bedrooms. This wooden headboard has a vintage style that can be repainted with white to have a newer look and not be boring or shabby. Use this headboard to store some of your favorite books that you read frequently. Besides books, you can also finish off the look of this built-in storage with some decorative items like a colorful shabby chic flower painting. Built-in headboard storage from diyncrafts.

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