55 Ideas to Install Sunshade for Your Garden

It is true that enjoying the sunlight is really fun. But, you need to know that you have to protect your skin from UV. Here, if you want to enjoy your time in your garden, it is better for you to install the garden sunshade. That will be really useful not only to protect your skin health from the UV but also to protect your garden furniture not to being exposed to the sun so that your furniture can be more durable. In this case, if you want to do the sunbath, you don’t need to worry because the sunshade can still allow you to do it where you can still feel the sun touches your skin.

In giving the garden sunshade, there will be some choices for the shade itself and for the installation style. For the shade, you can choose on the materials and the look where you can choose it based on the decoration style impression. For example, you can have the colorful patterned sunshade for Bohemian style. Then, you can have the white minimalist sunshade for modern style, and more. For the installation, you can have it by simply install it above like a ceiling, design it like a canopy, and more. The following images will show you more about the designs and the installations. Get them now!

Triangle Sail Shade from Hgtv

DIY Breezy Outdoor Room from Homebnc

Hanging Shade Curtains from Homebnc

Tent-Style Awning with Milk Can Anchors from Homebnc

Fun and Funky Outdoor Seating Shade from Homebnc

Hanging Shade-Cloth from Homebnc

Aluminum-Pipe Framed Backyard Canopy from Homebnc

Rustic Draped Canopy from Homebnc

Yellow Sun Shade from Homebnc

Large Rectangular Parasol from Deavita

A rectangular canopy from Deavita

Parasol Fixed Through the Center of the Table from Deavita

Freestanding Sun Shade from Trendey

Attached to House from Trendey

Black Attached to House Sun Shade from Trendey

Patio Sun Shade from Trendey

Sail Patio Shade from Trendey

Swimming Pool Sun Shade from Trendey

Triangle Sun Shade from Trendey

Backyard Sun Shade from Trendey

Sail Shade Gazebo from Idealhome

Climbing Plants Sun Shade from Idealhome

Freestanding Umbrella from Idealhome

DIY Fabric Canopy from Idealhome

Wooden Sun Shade from Idealhome

Triangle Patio Sun Shade from Ofdesign

Striped Sun Shade from Ofdesign

Layered Sun Shade from Farmfoodfamily

Fabric Pergola Sun Shade from Farmfoodfamily

Blue Fabric Sun Shade from Farmfoodfamily

Red Sun Shade from Farmfoodfamily

Striped Sun Shade from Decoist

Grey Fabric Sun Shade from Decoist

Retractable Canvas Awnings from Decoist

Rectangular Sunshade from Decoist

Blue Sails Shade from Thegardenglove

Sliding Wire Canopy from Thegardenglove

 Bright Canvas Shade from Thegardenglove

Green Awing Sun Shade from Thegardenglove

Layered Sail Shade from Thegardenglove

Grey Sail Shade from Homedit

Layered Sail Shade from Homedit

Yellow Retractable awning from Homedesignlover

White Retractable Awning from Hgtv

Striped Retractable awning from Homedit

Light Retractable awning from Homedit

Striped Retractable awning from Nextluxury

Dark Retractable awning from Nextluxury

Yellow Sail Patio Shade from Designrulz

Blue Sail Sun Shade from Designrulz

Folding Sun Shade from Designrulz

Three Sail Sun Shade from Designrulz

Curved Garden Sun Shade from Designrulz

Red Sail Swimming Pool Shade from Designrulz

Oversized Moveable Umbrella from Thespruce

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