Spruce Up Your Yard to be a Pretty Garden Landscape with these 23 Ideas

A yard is an outdoor place that simply beautifies your house. Also, it can represent the house owner. It is not only a front yard, but the backyard and side yard also become the place to enjoy the spare time with family or even hold a seasonal party. To make your yard more affordable, there are a thousand ideas to try. And, these ideas can be planned on a low budget. Starting from the greenery to the ornaments and some additional parts will be described below to elevate your garden look. Now, be ready to be inspired and get the one best for yours. Here are some garden landscape ideas.

Providing Flower Bed

This is the first way to make a gorgeous look for your yard. Yes, providing a flower bed is one of the easy tips to spruce up the yard with a springtime vibe. It fits your front yard, backyard, and side yard. Moreover, bring some colorful and textured flowers to make it more interesting. The more various flowers you have, the more incredible your flower bed is. Besides, you can mix the flowers with the shrubs, herbs as long as they are beautiful. For those whose yard is small, just don’t be worried because a vertical flower bed can be your smart solution.

Design your flower bed with beautiful colors. Choose and plant flowers that will last all seasons of the year. Create this flower bed design with a curved shape framed by tiny purple flowers that are blooming beautifully. Curved flower bed from mydesiredhome.

Try the flower bed idea on the curved front line of your house which is perfected with various types of flowers, shrubs and green grass. You can do watering every day to get maximum results and according to your expectations. Flower bed on the front line of the house from mydesiredhome.

Installing Garden Lighting

The right lighting is important for a yard as night draws in. It is a vital part because it gives a dramatic and romantic impression for your yard landscape. As we all know the dark yard is a style in the past. Now, to create a good ambiance in the yard, there are many choices of lighting. You may complete the landscape of your beautiful yard with string lights, lanterns, pendants, and many more. Therefore, let your yard glow all night with the right outdoor lighting to create a comfortable and enjoyable nuance.

When decorating your garden is made as a second relaxing place after the living room, the use of lights is very necessary to help your activities at night. String bulb lighting is the best choice and recommendation that you can try because it has a price that is not too expensive and of course easier to install. String bulb lighting from realhomes.

The outdoor dining room in your garden is an area for eating food and drinks with a different atmosphere. Currently you can hang a pendant light in sufficient number to illuminate the area around it brightly. This lamp has a yellow light that can give a warm and dramatic feel at night. Hanging pendant lamps from realhomes.

If you have a garden decor with a minimalist style, then the use of candle lanterns with iron cages is a very appropriate lighting idea to try. You can use several of these lanterns to get maximum light. Don’t forget to use some outdoor furniture as a comfortable area to relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view. Modern candle lantern from realhomes.

If the garden decoration that is used as an outdoor living room is inspired by the Moroccan style, then for the right lighting idea, you should use nautical lanterns that have a classic look and of course have warmer lighting. This nautical lantern casts a beautiful shadow on your patio decor. Nautical lantern inspired by Moroccan style from realhomes.

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The Existence of Water Fountain

Do you want to add a unique element for your yard? Consider a water feature then. A water fountain can be the best option to enhance your yard look. As well as, a water fountain will live up the ambiance for all the elements of the yard. In addition, a water fountain creates a relaxing sound that is beautiful to admire. What makes a water fountain interesting is that it attracts birds, wildlife, and hummingbirds. Though your yard is not spacious, you are possible to have a water fountain to make an adorable yard.

One of the cheapest and simplest outdoor water features is a bird bath fountain made of neutral colored cement. This water feature accent does not take up much garden space so it is perfect for those of you who have garden decorations with limited space. Turtle statues are additional decorations that can be obtained at craft stores. Bird bath fountain from extraspace.

Choose and use a bubbler fountain to place in one area of your small garden as a water feature idea that can give a different appearance to your backyard decor. Because this bubbler fountain has a fairly large size, it can be used as the focal point of the backyard which gives a more beautiful garden effect. Bubbler fountain from extraspace.

The design of the fountain above the pool is made of concrete so that it is more sturdy and strong against all changes in outdoor weather. In addition, this fountain also adds an additional DIY design that is able to provide the sound of splashing water which makes your relaxing area more relaxed and refreshes your mind. Concrete fountain over the pond from extraspace.

Building a Water Pond

The next tips to spruce up your yard is by building a water pond. A water pond is an aquatic garden used as an exterior landscape to complement the display of your yard. Furthermore, it will be more awesome to have some fish. Thus, you can have a lively ambiance in the yard while having some kinds of beautiful fish. When you have spare time, you can feed them to get pleasure. Then, complete your pond with stepping stones, lighting, and artistic statues to make it mesmerizing.

This fish pond which is perfected with waterfall accents produces splashes of water that can make you more relaxed when relaxing in the surrounding area. You can make it from stone, it is quite easy to find and of course it has a fairly cheap price. Some green plants around it add to the color of this fish pond to be fresher. Fish pond with waterfall accent from homestratosphere.

When you have a garden decoration with limited space, then you can use some of the land area by building a small pond with an oval shape. You can surround this pool with stone pavers that have a variety of different sizes. The expanse of green grass and lavender flowers becomes an instant perfect view of this pond. Small pond with oval shape from homestratosphere.

Turn your backyard into a serene koi pond decoration. Make sure your koi pond is made of natural stone material that allows fish to develop properly and comfortably. This fish pond is also surrounded by fresh green plants, you can choose koi fish with several different types. Koi pond with natural stone material from homestratosphere.

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Garden Swing to Chill

Providing a swing in the yard sounds to be a good idea to spend warm weather outside. You can go with a wooden, floating bed, pallet, hammock swing or many others. In this swing, you will find a relaxing moment while reading, listening to the music, or just enjoying your leisure time. Furthermore, when your flowers in the yard get blooming, you can see some butterflies and birds fly around. This swing in the yard will be the cozy spot for you then.

The swing is one of the most suitable outdoor furniture to place in your garden decoration to be used as a very comfortable relaxing area. You can choose a swing with iron material to make it more sturdy and strong against all temperatures outside the room. Repaint this iron swing with white to make it look more beautiful. Repaint iron swing from decoist.

Do you need a place to relax with a different atmosphere? If so, then you can use a rattan swing installed in your garden to make it the most comfortable sitting area to use. Cover the surface of this swing seat with several soft pillows to make it warmer to use during the day or night. Swing rattan ideas from decoist.

This small patio in garden decor is equipped with a wooden swing that is repainted in white for an elegant look. This swing is surrounded by various colors of blooming roses so that it makes your eyes fresher while relaxing on this swing. You can try using this swing without having to spend a lot of money. Small patio with wooden swing from decoist.

Pretty Garden Hedge

Another element that cannot be ignored for your yard is the hedge. A floral hedge tends to be more natural than wooden or steel. It is not only used as a boundary, but it also plays as an aesthetic element. Though a floral or plant hedge needs more maintenance than the other ones, it creates a beautiful look for your yard. There are some plants that are used to be a hedge, like Leylandii (Green), Laurel hedging, and Griselinia littoralis. Additionally, a hedge protects your yard so that you have your privacy area at home.

This simple garden hedge design features brightly colored flowers that bloom beautifully. You can create subtle looking garden decorations by keeping flowers and plants in order. This hedge garden design adds endless beautiful details. Garden flower hedge from backyardboss.

Keep your garden hedge to a minimum for decorating a larger garden yard. This design is also a perfect choice that is very effective. Now you can use a green shrub garden hedge that is perfected with red flowers along this hedge beautifully and really looks more unique. Minimalist garden hedge from backyardboss.

Comfortable Patio

Having a yard patio is a choice for those who have enough budget. Patio is where you find a lounging, cooking, and entertaining areas come in a comfy place. In this patio, you can enjoy the spare time while looking at the blooming flowers, holding a BBQ party, or having a movie time with family. No matter you will built your patio with brick, paver, or concrete, it will be gorgeous. Likewise, providing a comfy seating area is a must for a patio so that everyone gets their relaxing moment at anytime.

This small patio located on the backyard terrace is used as an outdoor dining room where you can enjoy the sun freely and of course get the right exterior lighting. String lights that are installed right above the dining table are a lighting idea that can be used at night. Small patio as outdoor dining room from bhg.

You don’t have to have a large backyard to make a terrace that you like. Now you can use a small corner of the garden to put some chairs and benches as the cheapest and easiest seating area to move when needed. Gravel pathways become safe footwear for your feet when you don’t use sandals or shoes. Small gravel patio from bhg.

The small space in your garden can be used for patio decoration which can be used as a very comfortable outdoor retreat. Now you just need to add a set of chairs and a table that is equipped with an umbrella so that you avoid exposure to the sun. The rug lining reinforces the cozy atmosphere. Small patio that is used as an outdoor living room from bhg.

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Put Statue for the Ornament

Your yard is the place you blend with nature. Also, you can put some artistic ornaments just to elevate it to be more interesting and comfortable. Putting statues is one of the effort to make it true. The sculptures can sure make your yard look beautiful and help you find the peace and natural setting. Moreover, you can have a statue as the focal point of your yard or just have them as additional ornaments. Get the big one if you want to make it as a focal point. Then, you can put it near the water pond or fountain. It will create a more lively vibe by installing a decorative lighting on the statue.

To perfect the design of your garden bed, adding a fairy statue and a chicken statue is a smart idea that you can try. You can repaint this fairy statue with white for a more elegant look, besides that you can also enhance its existence with various types of green plants around it. Fairy statue and chicken statue from decoist.

To add an artistic style to your garden decoration, you can add a deer statue accent as a creative idea that you can make or can also be purchased at the nearest craft store. When you are going to make it yourself, use concrete material to make it more sturdy and not easy to fire when exposed to different outdoor temperatures. Deer statue from decoist.

If you have a Zen garden decoration, it’s a good idea to add a Buddha statue in one part of the area or rather close to the guardrail so as not to disturb the presence of other plants around you because it has a fairly large size. In addition, this Buddha statue can be used as the focal point of a beautiful garden. Zen garden decoration with Buddha statue from decoist.

Those are some ideas to make a pretty garden landscape. Hopefully will inspire you.


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