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10 Cheap but Charming Water Garden Ideas for Beginners

Whether you choose gardening or other outdoor activities, “playing” outside is certainl…

Improving your outdoor living space is extremely important to defeat stress. Whether you choose gardening or other outdoor activities, “playing” outside is certainly so refreshing and healthy. Therefore, in this section, we feel compelled to share some budget, charming water garden ideas for you to try.

Transform a Used Wine Barrel into a Beautiful Mini Pond

Bring a rustic touch to your patio or yard by creating a mini pond made of a used wine barrel. You can purchase wine barrels in thrift stores. Then, cut it in the size of your choice.  Finally, turn it into a mini pond by adding some beautiful water plants and decorative stones.

The perfect idea for your water garden design is to use the wine barrel for a mini pool equipped with an old faucet. Completing with various types of aquatic plants to provide a natural finishing touch.

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Take advantage of your used wine barrels for an economical and practical DIY mini pond. You can enhance it with various types of plants around it.

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Turn Your Old Ceramic Bowl into a Water Garden

Repurposing your old ceramic bowl into a gorgeous tabletop water garden. For this DIY water garden project, use rocks in various sizes so that you can arrange them into a beautiful mini fountain base. As for the finishing touch, add some mini water plants to insert greenery there.

The water garden with ceramic bowls has a very natural and brilliant concept. Here you just fill it with water and place several types of aquatic plants so that they can float beautifully.
Your old ceramic bowl that has been transformed into a mini water garden will give a peaceful and fresh feel to your garden. You can take advantage of various types of water plants that can bloom beautifully.

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Use a Stock Tank to Make a Bigger Pond

If you have a large backyard, this water garden option will work perfectly for you. Simply transform a stock tank into a bigger pond. Then, you can add some plants, rocks, and fish. What’s more, you can repaint the tank with your favorite colors. 

Fill your stock tank with full water, then add several different types of aquatic plants to make it looks more crowded but attractive to beautify your backyard.

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It doesn’t matter if you have a large backyard in you want to have a big pond. All you have to do is just a stock tank pool and fill it with water and some various kinds of plants. Let them grow and you will see how it can beautify your backyard.

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Revamp Your Old Metal Bucket into a Mini Water Fountain

Is there a worn metal bucket in your barn? If yes, turn it into a simple water fountain by adding stones and a mini fountain installation kit. Sure, sitting near this homemade water feature will bring a soothing and relaxed feeling due to the sound of water splashing released from it.

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You can use a metal bucket and watering can and then create a mini fountain in your garden. This is very simple to make and of course, won’t take up too much your budget.

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Two tier metal bucket fountain can decorate your water garden corner nicely and perfectly. You just put it in an area that is often visited.

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Change Your Old Glass Mug into a Cute Water Garden

If you set the table in the backyard, do not forget to put some water decoration there. For instance, you can change your old glass into a water feature. Then, try arranging some mini plants/peat moss and rocks within it.

The old glass mugs turned into a water feature will make for an attractive outdoor focal point. Because this water park has a small size, you can put it on the table.
In addition to the garden, you can put a glass of water plants on your backyard patio table. This water feature glass will also change the design of the table to be more attractive.

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Add these water garden ideas into your bucket list and then try making one for adorning your yard or patio appearance.

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