15 Cheap but Charming Water Garden Ideas for Beginners

Improving your outdoor living space is extremely important to defeat stress. Whether you choose gardening or other outdoor activities, “playing” outside is certainly so refreshing and healthy. Therefore, in this section, we feel compelled to share some budget, charming water garden ideas for you to try.

Transform a Used Wine Barrel into a Beautiful Mini Pond

Bring a rustic touch to your patio or yard by creating a mini pond made of a used wine barrel. You can purchase wine barrels in thrift stores. Then, cut it in the size of your choice.  Finally, turn it into a mini pond by adding some beautiful water plants and decorative stones.

For beginner water garden decorations, you can reuse a wine barrel as an ornament that is quite eye-catching. This large and wide size is ready to be used as a garden pond decoration complete with a variety of different types of green plants. After that you can put it in one of the areas that are often visited by your guests so that it can be used as a different eye sight. For example, you can put this wine barrel garden pond right next to the chair you are using, this layout will never interfere with your space when you are in the backyard. Side Wine Barrel Garden Pond from @dirtyuniform

Look at the design of this wine barrel garden pond, doesn’t it have a size that is quite a statement? Yes, you can try putting it in the backyard garden as a unique new focal point. The appearance of this water pond will be more perfect when you add a mini fountain accent that is applied in the middle. The vase plants that surround it are an additional decoration that matches the feel of the garden which is dominated by a natural touch. There is no need to repaint the wine barrels used to save more on the spending budget. Garden Pond for Mini Fountain from @fass_schmiede

Don’t throw away any old wine barrels you have in the cellar. Take it out of the warehouse and reuse it as one of the water garden decorations for beginners. Why is it suitable for beginners? Because the arrangement and method are quite easy to turn it into a beautiful garden pond. What you can do here is fill the reclaimed wood wine barrel with clean water and fill it with water plants of different types. This way your aquatic plants will float up and are ready to be used as garden decorations that will never fail to be tried right now. Reclaimed Wood Wine Barrel Mini Pond from @elly_pirelly

Reuse your old wine barrel as a water pond that is suitable for decorating your garden for a more unique and different look. The first thing you can do here is fill the wine barrel with water and some fresh greenery. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with a black faucet to make it into a mini waterfall which will produce splashes of water so that your relaxing day feels more relaxed, the area around it can be used to place a set of outdoor chairs and tables. Reuse your Old Wine Barrel with Faucet from @fraeuleinemmama

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Turn Your Old Ceramic Bowl into a Water Garden

Repurposing your old ceramic bowl into a gorgeous tabletop water garden. For this DIY water garden project, use rocks in various sizes so that you can arrange them into a beautiful mini fountain base. As for the finishing touch, add some mini water plants to insert greenery there.

Water features in your garden decoration can be created easily. You can design a water pond bowl that is combined with stone accents on the inside and around it. This water feature bowl is equipped with a mini waterfall that will produce the sound of splashing water which makes you more relaxed when you are around it. You don’t need to worry about this old ceramic bowl breaking easily because it has a very thick material and is suitable for changing outdoor temperatures. Pondless Water Feature from @the_average_gardener

A stone bowl with a fairly dark color choice will be transformed into a garden pond which can be perfected with green plants in it. Just put this stone bowl pond in a very strategic place so that everyone who visits your garden can see it. Just move it when needed. You can take care of the green plants that surround the bowl garden pond so that they can develop properly and optimally. Natural Stone Water Bowls from @balimystique

Your old stone bowl that has been transformed into a mini water garden will give your garden a peaceful and fresh feel. You can take advantage of various types of aquatic plants that can flower beautifully. This water pond bowl idea provides a water feature design without a pond, isn’t it very eye-catching? Yes, you must have it and of course it can be adjusted to the style of the garden that will be used. The use of this water feature is usually used by Japanese garden decorations complete with rocks around it. Japanese Stone Bowl Pond from @cape_outdoor

Use a Stock Tank to Make a Bigger Pond

If you have a large backyard, this water garden option will work perfectly for you. Simply transform a stock tank into a bigger pond. Then, you can add some plants, rocks, and fish. What’s more, you can repaint the tank with your favorite colors. 

This water garden with a stock tank has a very natural and brilliant concept. Here, all you have to do is fill it with water and put several types of aquatic plants so that it floats beautifully. This stock tank material that looks shiny will be more luxurious when exposed to the reflection of sunlight. There’s nothing wrong with perfecting it with a mini fountain that looks very charming and can produce the sound of splashing water which makes you feel more relaxed. Stock Tank Pond with Mini Fountain Ideas from @underhillurbanfarmco

Take advantage of your used stock tank for an economical and practical DIY mini pond. You can beautify it with various types of plants in it. But before that you can fill it first with clean water and of course with a volume of water that is high enough so that the plants that are applied will float beautifully. This large size can be used as a statement for your garden and is suitable for decoration that is on a budget. You can make it yourself easily, and it is highly recommended for garden decorations, large or small. Round Shaped Stock Tank Garden Pond from @pamdigging

The stainless steel material used in the use of this stock tank has a size that is quite high and you can use it as a garden pond this year. The first thing you can do right now is fill the stock tank with water that is quite full. Then fill it with various types of green plants with a variety of different heights as well. This stainless steel material is not easy to rust when used for a long time. The large crystal ball that is placed right next to the garden pond is a decoration that can be used as an additional ornament. Stainless Steel Stock Tank Pond from @green_thosan

The perfect idea for your water garden design is to use a stock tank for a mini pond equipped with a mini fountain. Complete with various types of aquatic plants to give a natural finishing touch. This stock tank pool with a textured surface has a very low height so that it can be seen by both children and adults. Add fish if necessary, here you don’t need high maintenance. Just change the water when it looks too cloudy. Low Stock Tank Garden Pond from @cat_jones_atx

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Revamp Your Old Metal Bucket into a Mini Garden Pond

Is there a worn metal bucket in your barn? If yes, turn it into a simple mini pond for your garden. All you have to do is just by adding stones and some water plants. Sure, sitting near this homemade water feature will bring a soothing and relaxed feeling due to the sound of water splashing released from it.

Metal bucket is a container that you can use as a mini pond that can be used to enhance your garden decoration. There’s nothing wrong with adding a candle accent in the water as the right lighting idea at night. Lotus is one of the aquatic plants that you can use. Its existence can be more easily found. Stones with a variety of different sizes can also be put into this bucket pond as additional decorations that can be found easily around your home, just choose the right size. Metal Bucket Pond with Candles from @nathalie2606

This old metal bucket, which is equipped with handles on both sides, is a new decoration idea for your garden. Because you can turn it into a garden pond which can be equipped with aquatic plants and large accent stones so that the volume of water can rise upwards. This bucket pond can be moved easily when needed, but it’s good when you move it to another place you can empty the inside of the metal bucket so it doesn’t get damaged easily. Other ornaments can be added when you have them to produce a more unique and lively decoration. Old Metal Bucket Pond with Stones Accent from @meli_ha18

Do you have a large and tall metal bucket that you no longer use? There is nothing wrong if you switch functions to a mini bucket pond. The size of this high and large bucket pond is very suitable for use as a decoration for your garden, besides that, a bucket pond can also make your garden more natural. Aquatic plants that you intentionally plant in a bucket pond will add freshness and of course make your garden have a different look. Own it with low expenses. High and Large Bucket Garden Pond from @hausklamotte

If you have a little remaining land in the backyard but want to have a beautiful pond, there’s nothing wrong if you try using a bucket pond for garden decoration. Use a bucket pond with metal material so that it can last longer and also you can choose the shape according to your wishes. Create a bucket pond with a look that is as natural as possible, you can add some water plants as a natural bucket pond decoration. This oval or rectangle shaped bucket pond is very interesting to try, another advantage you can get is that it can accommodate quite a lot of water plants. Rectangle Shaped Metal Bucket Pond from @mountainlilyfarm


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