50 Proper Pergola for Your Garden

Being exposed to the sun is really great, especially after the cold winter season. However, the sunlight can destroy our skin with UV. Here, you can install something that can still let you be exposed to the sunlight but not directly so that you can still manage the proportion of the sunlight that exposes your skin. For that need, we do recommend you install the pergola. The pergola is like a garden shade that won’t cover all of the patio parts where it has spaces between the roof provided. With that design, the pergola has its own aesthetic look that could be proper to beautify your garden decoration.

Although mostly comes in wooden material, the pergola has many design choices. It won’t only be about the farmhouse or rustic design style, but you can also have the others. Let’s say that you can have the modern pergola design by using wood material. Here, you just need to make the wool looks sleek and clean. Then, you should also paint it in neutral colors like black or white. Another adorable thing about a pergola is that you can arrange the installation of the roof so that it has the unique look. The following references will show you how varied the pergola designs could be.

Pergola with Thatched Roof from Thisoldhouse

Wooden Pergola with Seating Area from Thisoldhouse

Encourage Plant Life from Thisoldhouse

White Pergola from Nextluxury

Wood Pattern Pergola from Nextluxury

Black Wooden Pergola from Nextluxury

Curved Wooden Roof from Nextluxury

Pergola Attached to House from Nextluxury

Natural Wooden Pergola from Nextluxury

Curved Shape Pergola from Nextluxury

Long Wooden Pergola from Nextluxury

Morrocan Pergola from Nextluxury

Flower Covered Plant Pergola from Nextluxury

Green Covered Plant Pergola from Nextluxury

Cube Shape Pergola from Nextluxury

White Painted Wooden Pergola from Nextluxury

Simple Wooden Pergola from Nextluxury

Lighted Pergola from Nextluxury

Wooden Block Pergola from Nextluxury

Rustic Wooden Beam Pergola from Nextluxury

All of White Pergola from Nextluxury

Wood Slats Pergola with Metal from Nextluxury

Rustic Pergola from Realhomes

Black Wooden Pergola from Realhomes

Farmhouse Wooden Pergola from Realhomes

Wooden Log Pergola from Realhomes

Minimalist Wooden Pergola from Realhomes

Transparent Pergola Ceiling from Realhomes

Grey Pergola with Decks from Realhomes

Simple Pergola with Shade from Realhomes

Corner Cabin Style Pergola from Homebnc

Freestanding Cubic Pergola from Homebnc

Pacific Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting from Homebnc

Repurposed Wooden Pergola from Homebnc

Grilling Palace Pergola from Homebnc

Polynesian Bliss Poolside Pergola from Homebnc

Northeastern Pagoda Style from Homebnc

English Garden Latticed Pergola from Homebnc

Corner Retreat Pergola from Homebnc

Rustic Grecian Pillared Pergola from Homebnc

Garden Gazebo Style Pergola from Homebnc

Botanical Promenade Pergola from Homebnc

Provincial Cottage Pergola from Homebnc

Malibu Shelter Curtained Pergola from Homebnc

Big Sur Style Rustic Pergola from Homebnc

Wooden Cube Pergola from Trendey

Triangle Wooden Pergola from Trendey

White Wooden Pergola from Trendey

Black and Brown Pergola from Trendey

Large Pergola with Curtain from Trendey

Wooden Pergola with Bulb String Light from Trendey

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