40 Ideas to Create an Earth Tone Home Decor

The earth tone has its special impression when being applied to home decoration. It can create a calming and relaxing feeling so that your home will be cozier. The ambiance that the earth tone has is really worth it to have so we do recommend you to choose it as your home decoration color scheme. Then now, the question is, what colors that we can apply to create the earth tone home decoration? Well, you can pick the colors that come from the earth. For example, you can choose the wood or soil color which is brown. Then, you can also choose the stone colors like dark grey or beige.

In applying the colors, you can do to many parts of your home. Let’s say that you can have it for your floor, wall, ceiling, and even the furniture. To strengthen the earth impression, commonly people use wood material for the floor so that it won’t only about the color but also to present the earth element into the house. That will be really awesome and calming. Anyway, consider applying different colors so that your home decoration won’t be seen as boring. For example, you may apply the ivory color for the wall, then the brown color for the floor. Choose the colors that could be matched well. Here are the examples for you.

Brown sofa and Carpet from homedesignlover

Leather Sofa from homedesignlover

Wooden Wall Accent from homedesignlover

Rattan Chair from homedesignlover

Brown Wall Living Room from homedesignlover

Dark Wooden Floor from homedesignlover

Beige Color Scheme from homedesignlover

from homedesignlover

Brown Leather Ottoman from homedesignlover

Muted Grey   from decoist

Wooden Accent from decoist

Olive Sofa from decoist

Red Clay Tones from decoist

Neutral Color Palette from decoist

Taupe Color Wall from decoist

All-Beige Room from decoist

Forest Green Wall from decoist

Textured Natural Materials from decoist

Taupe and Tan Pillows from decoist

Dark Blue and Gray from decoist

Clay Blanket from decoist

Sage Green Bed Set from decoist

Olive Green Blanket from decoist

Brown Headboard from decoist

Beige Paint Wall from housebeautiful

Gray Wall Dining Room from housebeautiful

Terracotta Accents from housebeautiful

Pink-Brown Walls from housebeautiful

Two Tone Earth Tone from housebeautiful

Blue Slate Wall from housebeautiful

Texture Brown Bedroom from homebnc

Wooden Floor and Rug from homebnc

Mustard Bed Set from homebnc

Reclaimed Wooden Door from homebnc

Green and Brown Bed Set from homebnc

Honeycomb Headboard from homebnc

Earthy Wall Art from homebnc

Gray Blanket and Wall from homebnc

Sage Green Cabinet from bhg

Bright Green Palette from bhg

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