Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Wooden Fence Beautiful All Year Long

Fences do not only serve as a barrier for your ranch but can also be an aesthetic piece in your overall curb appeal.

Regardless of the kind of fence you use, proper maintenance is the only way it can stand the test of time. And as we enter the warmer months, it’s the perfect time to execute the long-needed maintenance your wooden fence may have been yearning for. Of course, it wouldn’t be great to spruce up your lawn without doing something about other worn-out parts of your exterior.

Here are maintenance tips to follow.

Wash it up

Occasional washing is the #1 and easiest maintenance practice you can offer your wooden fence. If the perimeter is decently small, you can quickly wash it by hand. Or else, use a pressure washer. However, ensure you use a low setting to prevent boring holes inside the wood. After cleaning, stain the surface to maximize the wood’s durability and prevent rot due to weather.

There’s no standard timing for washing the surface. If it appears dusty and drab, that’s a warning sign.

Paint the surface

Painting doesn’t work only for walls; it can protect your wooden fence from rot and termite infestation. This will also help to extend the life expectancy of the posts and panels.

Repaint your wooden fence every 1-3 years to avoid the appearance of peeling and cracking. You don’t have to wait for three years to elapse anyway; if you notice imperfections on the surface, that’s a great time to repaint.

Carry out repairs early

The need for early repairs can never be overemphasized when it comes to wooden fences. For example, leaving one or two loose/broken boards can compromise the structural integrity of the entire fence. So it’s wise to carry out fence repair as soon as you notice damage. A professional can help you determine whether to replace or repair the damaged part or restore the entire fence altogether.

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Remember that a few broken boards not only hurt the appearance of your fence, but its ultimate purpose (to serve as a barrier) can be defeated easily. You don’t want your livestock breaking through because of a weak link.

Treat against insect and mold

If you use cedar, you need not worry too much as it is highly resistant to rot. When using other types of wood, ensure it is pressure-treated to prevent rot and mold. Or else, spray the boards with insecticide and use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to get rid of mold.

Why regular maintenance is crucial

Your fence may be made of cedar, which has the longest life span of 15-30 years. Or it may be pine or something else that would last only about 5-10 years.

Whatever the case, the key to ensuring your fence’s full life span and beauty is regular maintenance. And wooden ones generally require more frequent maintenance to remain beautiful all year round because they’re more prone to rot and other environmental factors.

So, start practicing the above maintenance tips today to ensure your wooden fence retains its beauty for years to come.


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