30 Best Summer Outdoor Decorations

It can be said that summer is the right time to do some outdoor activities. Why? Of course because of the weather. The warm temperature and the moment where you can finally feel the sun expose your skin can bring you a perfect moment. That is why, when talking about summer decoration, the thing that you should concern about more is your outdoor decoration. In this case, the outdoor decoration could be the front porch decoration, front yard decoration, patio decoration, and backyard decoration. The application of the decoration could be based on the space that you have in your house and the possible spot that could be used to chill and enjoy the summertime. The varied decoration application is recommended so that everything won’t be seen as boring. To give you ease, here we have prepared some outdoor decoration ideas for you.

Blue Plaid Pillow

To decorate the outdoors this summer, you can add a blue checkered pillow placed on this chairlift to create a beautiful and eye-catching room decor. This is a simple way for you to try because it will make the terrace design comfortable and inviting. Adding a pergola to this chairlift will create the perfect and unique look for your patio. Greenery and some flowers will also brighten up the summer on this patio.

White Wrought Iron

The white chair wrought iron that is applied to the front porch of this house will produce a bright and fresh summer design for you to try. This will result in an attractive room design and will give a comfortable impression while enjoying coffee in the afternoon. Coupled with some colors and floral print pillows will brighten the summer in this house. The yellow color scheme on the walls and window trim will also complete the look of your home.

Bohemian Summer Outdoor

To enliven the summer on this back porch, you can apply a boho style that is equipped with a rattan seating set and boho decorations for a beautiful look. This is a simple method that you can try because it will create a comfortable terrace design and you will enjoy the afternoon air on the back porch while enjoying the sunset. This light bulb chandelier, green plants and hanging chairs will complete the look of this terrace so that it will create a natural and beautiful room.

Seating Area

The comfortable seating area in this summer outdoor design uses a soft sofa made of rattan and a rattan chair to produce a comfortable and warm outdoo design. Don’t forget to add some pillows to give this backyard patio an extra look and coziness. A small coffee table, burlap carpet and some green plants in large pots can give the room a fresh and cool impression.

Fern Plants

Some green nail plants placed on the floor of the pot and hung will make the terrace design of the house beautiful and steal the attention. This is a type of plant that is durable and can withstand any weather. In addition to these plants, you can add rocking chairs and wooden hanging chairs to give the room a comfortable and inviting look. This American flag patterned blanket and several American flags will make a beautiful patio design and steal your attention. This string light bulb will brighten up your patio.

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L-Shaped Sofa

This comfortable seating area uses an L-shaped sofa to create a cozy and inviting outdoor design. Adding pillows to this sofa will also create a warm feel for you to spend time in the garden this summer. This coffee table also features some greenery in a terracotta pot and wicker lanterns to complete the decor. This white floor cushion will create a warm outdoor atmosphere.

Garden Lemon Theme

This summer garden party with a lemon theme will create a unique outdoor design that will never fail. Having this exterior design and some white furniture will help balance this garden party look. The lemon yellow color will help you give this design a pop of color. This string light bulb never fails to create the perfect lighting.

Vintage Urn Planter

These vintage jars can make beautiful planters in your summer garden decor. With its blue color and unique pattern, it will produce a beautiful and eye-catching summer garden decoration. don’t forget to add an iron bench that can withstand any weather to produce a beautiful garden design. This bench will become your favorite place to relax in the summer garden.

Rattan Chair

Using an L-shaped rattan chair equipped with several gray cushions will produce an interesting design for you to try. Placed in the corner of the terrace and combined with some greenery and this portable fireplace will produce a charming room decoration for you to try. This light gray rug will also create a warm and cozy room.

Hanging Red Flower

Hanging red flowers in pots on these patio poles will spice up summer in your home. This red flower will produce an attractive and eye-catching terrace design. Combined with lanterns hanging from poles, it will give a charming space. This rattan chair with patterned cushions will also balance the look of the terrace and provide a comfortable feel for the entire room.

Lemon Pattern Pillow

This rattan hanging chair is equipped with a lemon patterned pillow to create a comfortable chair design. Opting for this lemon pattern will spice it up this summer outdoors. This wooden coffee table with a few lemon wedges in a galvanized pot and this nail plant will complete this patio look.

Natural Summer Patio

A natural touch to the outdoor design by adding this wood accent will produce a beautiful room decoration for you to try. This is a simple decoration that will make your room more stylish. You can apply to pergolas, wicker chairs, lampshades and railings to create a stylish patio design. These green plants in pots will also complement your patio design and will give a fresh and cool impression to the entire outdoor area.

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Large Umbrela

Summer outdoor design by adding a large umbrella in one corner of this deck will be a comfortable place to relax in the afternoon. Equipped with two chairs equipped with geometric patterned pillows to provide a comfortable and inviting design. This small coffee table is equipped with green plants in this pot will produce a fresh and cool design for this outdoor.


Coastal Summer Outdoor

This beach decoration is synonymous with summer style. This is suitable for you to try because it will create a beautiful design with a light blue color scheme on this shiplap wall. This rattan chair set which is equipped with pillows and a coffee table will create an attractive appearance as well as a comfortable design. The ferns in this garden will also provide a cool and fresh terrace.



These sunflowers in a vase decorate your summer garden. Putting it in a glass vase on this coffee table will produce a beautiful design and steal attention. This classic blue and white chair set will give a comfortable look to create a fresh terrace. Green grass and blooming flowers will also give a fresh and cool impression on the entire terrace.

Summer Balcony

This summer balcony also offers some greenery and a comfortable and inviting seating area. Choosing colorful flowers and green plants will result in a fresh and cool room design. These rattan lanterns will also make your balcony look dramatic with minimal lighting. This wooden bench equipped with several pillows will produce a comfortable and inviting room design.

Backyard Summer

Rattan material looks more durable and eye-catching. The lounge made of wicker looks unique and inviting. Enjoy sunbathing time with your partner in this simple lounge design. This design will make for a beautiful summer garden and will give a cozy and warm feel to the entire room. Some of these green plants are also able to give a cool and fresh impression to the entire room.

Porch Summer Decor

On the back porch of this summer house you can add some comfortable seating areas to relax over a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Choosing chairs and rattan rugs with geometric patterns will result in a comfortable and warm terrace design. Patterned pillows, green plants and candles on these ceramics can provide interesting room decorations for you to try.

Colorful Dining Chair

These colorful dining chairs behind the patio add color to your summer home decor. This is a simple method that you can try because it will produce a beautiful room design and enliven the summer in this house. Combined with a white dining table, this will highlight the color of the chairs in this patio design. The swimming pool is equipped with glass railings and some green grass will also complete the terrace design of this house.

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Yellow Chair

Welcoming summer with joy, a decorating step that you can try is to add a set of yellow chairs that are equipped with patterned pillows that will brighten up the summer in this house. In addition to yellow chairs, sunflowers can also be used to complete the appearance of the terrace of this house. Both of these decorations will work optimally to welcome your guests who come to your home.

Summer Farmhouse Porch

Bright colors are always an important accent for decorating the terrace of a summer farmhouse to the fullest. Now you can add bright color cushions to your lounge chair set to add a warm and cozy feel to the whole room. You can combine the white and gray shades of the patio this summer with some ferns and weather on the door to jazz up diporch this summer.

Colorful Summer Terrace

In addition to making the terrace decoration more beautiful and eye catching, pillows with flamingo motifs and hello summer writings are also one of the ornaments that will enliven summer in your home. You can place this pillow in the rocking chair next to it. These pink flowers will thrive in one container with regular care, namely watering and providing organic fertilizer. This blooming bouquet will also produce beautiful home decorations and will steal the attention of every guest who comes.


Some greenery in this summer outdoor design will give your garden a fresh and natural touch. Picking some low-maintenance greenery and growing them in these terracotta pots will result in a beautiful and harmonious garden design. Adding a wooden bench equipped with some patterned pillows will also produce a comfortable and inviting garden design.


Gery Color Scheme

The gray color scheme in this summer terrace design will provide a different decoration while producing a unique room design for you to try. With a color scheme like this will create a calm and comfortable atmosphere to spend time in the afternoon. Add a soft rattan sofa and a geometric patterned gray rug to create a cozy patio look.


Add Flower

Blooming flowers are an essential must-have accent for patio decoration in summer. You can choose several types of flowers that are blooming in pots and then place them on the coffee table to make them look neat and organized. This flower will also appear more optimal when combined with other green plants and green grass. This white iron seating set will also produce a comfortable room design to spend time in the afternoon.

Colorful Garden Bed

This summer garden design features a garden bed painted with bright flowers to give this garden a fresh and unique touch. Use your creativity to paint this garden bed resulting in an economical garden decoration while enhancing your creativity. With this garden idea you will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling.

Pink Blanket and Pillow

This pink blanket and pillow, leaf motif rug and rattan sofa will give a cozy and warm impression on the rummer terrace in your home. Choosing a variety of colors on this terrace design, you will have a cheerful terrace appearance and will enliven the summer in your home. In addition to green plants in pots placed on the table, this will result in a fresh and cool room design for you to try now.

Colorful Ornament

Hanging colorful pots, colorful pillows, and a matching wicker coffee table in your patio decor will give this area a lovely summer approach. This decoration will add color to your patio while creating a beautiful room design. Burlap rugs and greenery in wicker pots can also complete the patio look this summer.

Pansy Flower

Some of these purple pansies will cool your backyard garden. Planting in this black pot will make the design of the room beautiful and will give the room a charming look. Add an L-shaped black pallet wood bench and complement it with some cushions to create a cozy and warm garden design. The black coffee table added with this large lantern also makes for the perfect lighting.

Monochromatic Summer Outdoor

The monochrome color scheme on the terrace of this summer house produces a beautiful room decoration that will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. This white hanging chair is complemented by some black and white cushions, and this geometric patterned rug completes the look of this home. This pallet wood coffee table will balance the look of this patio and will make for the perfect design.


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