Get these 60 Ideas for Your Summer Classroom Decoration

Giving a good decoration to your classroom is really important. That will increase the students’ motivation to go to school and enjoy their time really well there. In case you can bring the seasonal decoration there, that will be even greater. For summer decoration, you can provide some summer stuff to create the season ambiance. You may make the decoration by getting the stuff from the store, but, it will be such a good idea if you can ask your students to help you decorate their own classroom. You can ask the students to make some crafts to be used as the ornament of the classroom.

Talking about decorating the classroom, you can start by decorating the door. For summer classroom door decoration, you can simply install a wreath or garland. The summer theme for that could be in a coastal theme, sunny day theme, summer fruit, and blooming. Then, for the classroom itself, you can decorate the ceiling, the wall, and the window. If it is needed, you can even decorate the board. However, you should consider not providing too much decoration if the class is for a higher grade because that will distract students’ attention from the subject to be learned. Here are examples of summer classroom decorations.

Colorful Ceilings from Teachingexpertise

Kindness Corner from Teachingexpertise

Colorful Lego Building Wall from Teachingexpertise

Hand Painting Wall from Teachingexpertise

Multi Color Classroom from Teachingexpertise

Under the Sea Themed from Teachingexpertise

Blue Personalized Teacher Table from Teachingexpertise

Wonderful Windows from Teachingexpertise

Library Corner from Teachingexpertise

Colorful Furniture from Splashlearn

DIY Colorful Bulletin Board from Splashlearn

3D Jellyfish Door from Teachingexpertise

Hanging Jellyfish from Teachingexpertise

Seahorse Door Decor from Teachingexpertise

Rainbow Fish from Teachingexpertise

Ocean Door Decor from Teachingexpertise

Multicolor Classroom Door from Teachingexpertise

Colorful Sun from Boredteachers

Multicolor Classroom from Boredteachers

Bright Color Lampion from Boredteachers

Under Sea Ceiling Themed from Boredteachers

Reading Corner with Tree from Boredteachers

Beach Bulletin from Hikendip

Sun and Flower Door from Hikendip

Ice Cream Garland from Hikendip

Crab Door from Hikendip

Beach Classroom Door from Hikendip

Bright Color Door from Hikendip

Under Water Door from Hikendip

DIY Coconut Tree from Hikendip

Colorful Fish from Hikendip

Watermelon Themed from Hikendip

Purple Jellyfish from Hikendip

Sun Themed Bulletin from Hikendip

Ocean Door Decor from Hikendip

Colorful Balloon Classroom Door from Hikendip

Turtle Classroom Door from Hikendip

Green Ceiling from Boredart

Fish Door Decor from Boredart

Colorful Lego Classroom Decor from Boredart

Banner Garland from Boredart

Rainbow Door Classroom from Ideastand

Multicolor Bulletin from Ideastand

Underwater Bulletin from Ideastand

Colorful Candy Bulletin from Ideastand

Sunflower Bulletin from Ideastand

Navy Classroom Door from Ideastand

Rainbow Banner Garland from Schoolgirlstyle

Flower Arrangement from Schoolgirlstyle

Colorful Tassel Garland from Chaylorandmads

Paper Banner Garland from Chaylorandmads

Multicolor Carpet from Chaylorandmads

Light Blue Wall from Chaylorandmads

Bright Color Table Cloth from Chaylorandmads

Colorful Bulletin from Chaylorandmads

Blue Ottoman from Chaylorandmads

Colorful Stool from Chaylorandmads

Light Blue Accessories from Chaylorandmads

Cactus Bulletin from Chaylorandmads

Rainbow Ceiling from Schoolgirlstyle

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