8 Inspiring DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens bring families together, which is one of the main reasons people often refer to them as the hearts of the homes.

That leads us to believe that the amount of time, energy, and money we invest in designing and constructing our kitchens is far from surprising. However, regardless of the beautiful and functional designs interior designers have created, the kitchen will continue to be nothing until the inhabitants add a touch of themselves. 

And picking some DIY projects happens to be the most common way to give soul to a kitchen. Hence, in this article, we have prepared 8 DIY ideas to help you spruce up your kitchen space. 

Let’s get started! 

Tile it up

Tiling your kitchen is a classic move that never goes out of style. Whether designing your new kitchen or looking for ways to renovate your old one, tiles can add color and texture to your cooking area. 

And it is not all about looks. Tiles increase your kitchen’s functionality, especially near the stove, by protecting your surfaces from food splatters. 

Tip: If you already have tiles that you no longer fancy but for whatever reason can’t currently change, there’s a hack you might like. Look up tile stickers and thank us later.

Repaint drawers and cabinets

Ever thought about how much a change of color can impact the appearance of a kitchen? Repainting your cabinets’ doors, drawers, and cupboards can transform the look of your area. 

That is a makeover project that in no way requires too many additional skills, meaning even DIY novices can complete it. 

Read more about how different colors affect us, and pick a color palette that will set exactly the mood you are going for. 

Tip: don’t forget to look up what type of paint will work on the material of your cabinets before storming to the store.  

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Change the handles of the cupboards

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, another way to do a complete makeover of your cooking space is by changing the handles or knobs. 

Don’t freak out yet! Although that project requires some construction tools, literally anyone can deal with it. 

Why would I want to go through all the trouble of searching and choosing new handles? – you may ask. First of all, it is cheaper than getting new cabinets from scratch. And second of all, you get to choose a completely different look and vibe for your kitchen. 

There are hundreds of available options online – from the modern T-bar handles to the classic cupped style knobs. It is all up to you. 

Add some DIY shelves

Give open shelving a chance. It saves material, won’t break the bank because of the reduced labor costs, and on top of that – it is minimalistic. And let’s not forget how trendy being minimalistic currently is. 

Open shelves help the whole space feel more light and airy. Even if you already have upper cabinets, you can always mix things up and place some open shelves in unused areas.

That’s an idea that may require both skills and access to the right tools, especially if you want to cut your materials – in most cases solid wood or metal – yourself. 

If that’s the case, you may have to use a grinding machine to get precisely measured racks. 

Tip: Whenever you decide to use a grinding machine, make sure you’ve stocked up on diamond grinding wheels because you never know when you need to switch them up.

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Craft handmade cutting boards

Now that we’ve brought cutting wood into the picture, you may as well create fancy-looking cutting boards for your upgraded kitchen. Executed well, cutting boards have the potential to elevate the appearance of your cooking area. And imagine the satisfactory feeling of cutting all fruits and vegetables on something you’ve made yourself. 

You can also choose different styles for your cutting boards. Do you want them with sharp or round edges, in unusual or geometrical shapes, painted or not, engraved with a wood burner or with a clear surface? 

Tip: If you opt for painted DIY cutting boards, don’t forget to look for food-safe paint. 

Use the space smartly

The next idea for sprucing up your kitchen is self-explanatory. Regardless of the size of your cooking place, it’s a good idea to keep things neatly stored and use your space smartly. Don’t just randomly throw things into your drawers and cabinets. Take your time to plan where you will store your kitchenware – pots, plates, glasses, cups, utensils, etc. 

Think of an actionable strategy and store your most commonly used tools and appliances within reach. Organize your spices in jars, store utensils in a cutlery tray, install hooks on the doors of your cabinets and hang your pot lids. There are endless opportunities to smartly organize your space in such a way that works best for you. Grasp them and transform your kitchen.

DIY Labeled pantry jars 

Now that we’ve mentioned jar storage, there’s no way we won’t also tell you that one of the easiest things you can do yourself is to organize your spice, herbs, and other essential items. If you are into woodcraft and want some wooden jars instead of glass ones, you can create them yourself. 

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But even if you are not, you can go to your nearest shop and stock up on glass jars. Buy different sizes to make sure you also have everything covered. Then fill your jars with every product or spice you use. 

Then comes the best part – labeling. You can use paint pens to write the names of your products. Or, if you are more into digital stuff, you can create beautiful stickers on your computer to print and put on your jars. It’s up to you!

Do a makeover on your tableware

Painting your cutlery, plates, or glasses is the most inspiring DIY idea if you want to leave a personal touch on your kitchen. You can paint on your tableware whatever you want – from random brushstrokes to beautifully designed illustrations.  

It is also a fun family activity you can do with children. All you need to do is put on your favorite T-shirt, grab a set of food-safe paints, and unleash your creativity. The result will be impressive tableware that will make your dining experience even more pleasant. 

Tip: Don’t forget to use plain white plates to get any color or design you like on your dishes. If you are painting your glasses, make sure they have a smooth surface to get the best results. 

Feeling inspired? Time to transform your kitchen

Getting rid of your kitchen and getting an entirely new one from scratch is expensive. However, you can transform your existing kitchen with just a few DIY projects. Take your time, get all your needed tools and materials, and get to work. And we guarantee you that in no time, you will have an entirely different yet cost-effective kitchen.


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