How to Provide Comfortable Pergola this Summer

When there is a question about what is important for a summer garden, then the answer will be the pergola. Well, it is great to enjoy the summer sunshine but it is also important to protect your skin from direct sunlight exposure. By having the pergola, you can still enjoy the sunlight without feeling too much. There are some kinds of pergola designs that you can have that could be differentiated from the materials, ways of installment, and accessories to be added to beautify them. Also, don’t forget that if your pergola is done, move to the furniture to be added so that you can really enjoy your time there. You can choose to have a swing, sofa, lazy chair, beanbag, and more. Check the following complete ideas.

Summer Tropical Pergola

There’s nothing wrong with combining a tropical theme with summer in your pergola decoration. This pergola design is surrounded by a variety of tropical plants and flowers that bloom beautifully. What you can do here is add some sitting areas such as sofas and benches to relax outdoors comfortably with your family and friends who come to your house. Throw pillows with tropical patterns can make the sofa surface softer when used. This wooden pergola is complemented by a stained glass roof that will protect you from direct sunlight during the day.

Relaxing Summer Pergola

Relax your body at night while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery. The pergola is one of the outdoor areas that you can use to relax while also being able to soak in the Jacuzzi that has been provided. Use four chairs as a sitting area that you can use to have a warm chat with your family. Do the right layout, for example, you can surround the stone fireplace with these four painted chairs. So that this pergola looks more comfortable and bright, you can add a bulb string light that has a fairly long size and can be applied to the ceiling of your house as neatly as possible.

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Small Corner Pergola

Do you have unused garden decorations in your backyard? If so, then you can use it as an area to apply summer pergola decorations that are surrounded by various types of green plants. For now, you can also add a macrame swing to the pergola to make it a relaxing area during the day. The rope swing is also complemented by beautiful vines and fits the summer theme this year. Also think about the garden fence for a more festive look, a decoration that you can try right now is to hang some tinned pots that have been repainted in a variety of different colors.

Garden Summer Pergola

The garden is one place that you can use as a relaxing area during the day or night. For now, you can try to make summer pergola decorations that look festive and fun. Start by using the right furniture and accessories. Throw pillows with floral patterns and tropical leaf-patterned carpets are the combination that will produce the right summer pergola decoration. Furthermore, in the ceiling pergola, you can add colorful summer bunting crafts, and install them thoroughly and neatly.

Summer Beach Style Pergola

Summer is the perfect season for you to enjoy the outdoor scenery freely during the day or night. Therefore you can create an area that can be used as a place to relax by using the summer beach theme which is dominated by a combination of blue and white. Surround this pergola decoration with greenery and blooming flowers to make it look more summer and of course, it will never fail. Arrange the layout of the sofa, chairs, and small coffee table to get a more comfortable chatting area when used with your family or friends on weekends. Here you can also sunbathe freely according to your body’s needs.

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Outdoor Summer Dining Room

You can also use the pergola decoration as an outdoor dining room for a different atmosphere when eating the food or drinks that have been provided. Have lunch or dinner with your family. To emphasize the summer theme in this area, you can use a table runner and throw pillow that has a flower pattern that blooms beautifully. It’s not enough to end here, also add a flower arrangement on the dining table for a fresh touch that can blend with nature more perfectly. Rattan wicker chairs and sofas lined with pillows become a sitting area that can be used right now.

Modern Farmhouse Pergola

The white nuance on the pergola which is perfected with a few touches of pastel colors is one of the hallmarks of the modern decoration of the summer pergola farmhouse. The use of white color will never fail and is suitable for any decoration. Here, you can include a few pastel colors for a less plain and boring room. Just try the use of pastel colors on chairs, sofas, throw pillows, and some types of flowers that bloom beautifully. Arrange the layout of all types of your plants so as not to interfere with the main function of this pergola decoration.

Minimalist Summer Pergola

There is no need to use too much furniture in this pergola decoration to display a minimalist design that never fails. For example, you can use an egg swing that can be covered with a seat cushion so that it is softer when used to relax. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use colorful potted which can be used as a pergola wall that looks so eye-catching and of course very multifunctional. Here, you can sunbathe in the morning with the warm rays of the sun. Faux grass rugs and wall coverings instantly enhance the summer theme.

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Rustic Garden Pergola

The rustic theme will never fail when applied to any home decor. Try applying it to the pergola decoration which is perfected by the use of outdoor furniture made of reclaimed wood. To make it seem summer, you can repaint it with quite a variety of colors on the use of the dining chair that is currently in use. When you need lighting, classic chandeliers and candle lanterns are the best combinations that can be used simultaneously at night. It’s not enough to get here, you can also put some green plant containers in the surrounding area as natural decorations that can be easily found in the backyard garden.

Summer Pergola with Colorful Furniture

When your pergola decoration is dominated by white shades, it’s a good idea to use furniture that has colorful tones. With this, the pergola decoration is ready to be used to present a summer theme instantly. The color combinations that can be used are yellow, red, blue and green, all of which will work well together to bring a bold touch that attracts attention. The green plants that surround it become a natural decoration that can blend in perfectly outside the room. Don’t let this pergola wall look empty and boring, now you can hang a canvas painting that has a large enough size.


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