Prepare Your Summer Planter with These 50 Ideas

There are some plants and flowers that are possible to grow during summer. Preparing the planter for those living things is great. Here, we recommend you add the summer touches there so that everything could be harmonious between the planter and the seasonal atmosphere around. If you can find the summer touch planter at the store then that will be great. But if not, then you can surely make it yourself by doing the DIY summer planter projects that won’t be difficult at all. You can even make it your summer holiday activity that won’t be boring and really positive.

In providing the summer planter (in case you want to make it yourself), what you have to do first is find the planter and then decide the theme you want to apply to the planter. For the summer theme, you can have a coastal theme, sun and sky theme, fresh summer fruit theme, and more. Painting the planter will be simple, but you can also do it by wrapping the planter. If you want to make it looks prettier, adding some accessories is also allowed. Anyway, if you think that you lack ideas, we have prepared some summer planter designs which are easy and possible to make.

Floral Patterned Planter from Messylittlemonster

Geometric Planter from Messylittlemonster

Blue Plater from Messylittlemonster

DIY Painted Summer Planter from Messylittlemonster

Watermelon Planter from Messylittlemonster

Blooming Planter from Backyardboss

Pop Color Tire Planter from Backyardboss

Yellow Planter from Southernliving

Blue Crates Scaled Planter from Datacolor

Yellow Bucket Planter from Datacolor

Sisal Plater from Homestoriesatoz

Blue and White Planter from Homestoriesatoz

Sea Shell Planter from Homestoriesatoz

Pineapple Planter from Shelterness

Ombre Planter from Thesprucecrafts

Yellow Terracotta Planter from Thesprucecrafts

Striped Planter from Hgtv

Rainbow Planter from Tellloveandparty

Pom Pom Planter from Theseamanmom

Yellow and Orange Planter from Handmadecharlotte

Hanging Sea Shell Planter from Balconygardenweb

Tin Can Planter from Balconygardenweb

Blue Wooden Planter from Homebnc

Yellow and Orange Bucket Planter from Homebnc

Fish Scales Planter from Abeautifulmess

Fruit Hanging Planter from Housing

Wave Patterned Planter from Housing

DIY Watermelon Planter from Housing

White Boat Planter from Completely-coastal

Blue Boat Planter from Completely-coastal

White Ceramic Whale Planter from Completely-coastal

Clam Shell Planter from Completely-coastal

Flamingo Planter from Completely-coastal

Driftwood Planter from Completely-coastal

Blue Planter with Flip Flop from Completely-coastal

Nautical Garden Planter from Completely-coastal

Sisal Covered Planter from Completely-coastal

DIY Seashell Garden Planter from Completely-coastal

Blue Painted Seashell Planter from Completely-coastal

White Seashell Planter from Completely-coastal

Octopus Planter from Completely-coastal

Surfboard Planter from Completely-coastal

Concrete Whale Planter from Completely-coastal

Basket Planter with Seashell from Shelterness

Blue Painted Planter from Homebnc

Seashell Planter from Homebnc

Blue Boat Planter from Morenascorner

Seashell Planter from Balconygardenweb

DIY Watermelon Planter from Letsmingleblog

Pineapple Planter from Letsmingleblog

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