Providing Some Beach Gear for Your Summer Home

There are some beach gears that have aesthetic look and could be used for your home decoration needs. The amazing thing about it is that you can apply it not only for the ornament but also use it as furniture or home accessories. Anyway, the beach gear has a farmhouse or rustic impression. But, you can surely use it for your coastal decoration theme that will match well with the summertime. Why? Because summertime is really identical to the beach where that will be the perfect time to go there. That is why we recommend you present the beach gear as a part of your summer home decoration. Trust me that no matter what it is, you won’t fail to create the summer vibe with the beach gear inside your house.

Now, let’s talk about how you can present the beach gear to your summer home decoration. The first one will be the boat. You can use it as the bathtub, wall rack, door frame, and more. However, when you want to use it as the bathtub, you should make sure that the wooden boat is only used as the cover because if it stays wet, it will be difficult to clean it. Besides the boat, you can also use the paddle, anchor, ship wheels, surfing board, and more. For the application of that stuff, you can see on the following images that will be really inspired. From the difficult one to the easy one, everything is available there.

Boat Bathtub from Completely-coastal

Boat Coffee Table from Completely-coastal

Boat Frame Entry from Completely-coastal

Side Table from Completely-coastal

Boat Ceiling Decor from Completely-coastal

Wall Shelf from Completely-coastal

Old Boat Bedframe from Completely-coastal

Aluminum Anchor Coffee Table from Completely-coastal

Anchor Wall Art from Completely-coastal

Wooden Anchor Table Lamp from Completely-coastal

Metal Anchor Shelf from Completely-coastal

 Ship Wheels Wall Decor from Completely-coastal

Ship Wheels Mantel Decor from Completely-coastal

Painted Paddle Wall Art from Completely-coastal

Paddle Banister from Completely-coastal

Mantel Coat from Completely-coastal

Towel Hook from Completely-coastal

DIY Paddle Headboard from Completely-coastal

Paddle Coat Hook from Decorhomeideas

Lifebuoy Wall Decor from Decorhomeideas

Ship Wheels Mirror Frame from Decorhomeideas

Anchor Wall Art from Decorhomeideas

Blue Lifebuoy Wall Hanging from Completely-coastal

Blue Lifebuoy Wall Gallery from Completely-coastal

Framed Lifebuoy Wall Art from Completely-coastal

Fishing Nets Wall Decor from Thespruce

Coffee Table from Deavita

Surfing Board Towel Hook from Deavita

Surfing Board Headboard from Deavita

Surfboard Ceiling Decor from Decoist

Surfboard Lighting from Decoist

Wooden Surfboard Coffee Table from Decoist

Fishnet Table Cloth from Completely-coastal

Wooden Paddle Interior from Shelterness

Red Paddle Wall Art from Shelterness

Curtain Rod from Shelterness

Living Room with Boat from Deavita

Three Boat Display from Deavita

Mini Boat Ornament from Deavita

Lifebuoy Wall Decor from Deavita

Boat ornament on the Shelf from Deavita

Wooden and Glass Boat Coffee Table from Deavita

Staircase Spindles from Homebnc

Canoe Ceiling Decor from Woohome

Standing Canoe Shelf from Woohome

White Boat Book Shelf from Woohome

Wooden Surfboard Headboard from Topdreamer

Wall Shelf from Topdreamer

Mirror Frame from Topdreamer

Surfboard Countertop from Topdreamer

Pink Surfboard Table from Topdreamer

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