How to Reuse Your Old Bathtub

The bathtub is something that could cause some trouble when it is broken because the size is too big and too difficult to throw. Well, rather than just let it not function, you can reuse it. There will be many things that you can make by using the bathtub to be used for your home decoration needs or garden needs. Make it yourself and design the tub as good as possible based on your imagination and taste. You can make it during your free time and no need to be in a hurry. Just take your time and have fun with the projects.

For your reference, let’s talk about the old bathtub reuse projects for both indoors and outdoor. For the indoors, you can have the bathtub be the chairs, tables, or storage. Not to make it looks boring, you can paint the bathtub or add some accessories to make it looks pretty. Then, for the outdoor, you can have the bathtub to be the planter, garden bed, garden bench, water fountain, and more. For the look of the bathtub, you can make the style of it. For example, you can apply a bright color when the summer comes to give the summer touch. Or, you can have the Boho look by applying Boho patterns and colors to the bathtub. Look at the following interesting design ideas.

Vintage Old Bathtub Planter from hgtv

Blue and White Sofa Bathtub from hgtv

DIY Bathtub Planter from hgtv

Sofa Bathtub from hgtv

DIY Cooler Bathtub from hgtv

DIY Chair Bathtub from hgtv

Water Fountain from hgtv

Garden Bed Bathtub from hgtv

Cutting Bathtub Chair from hgtv

Bathtub Sofa Outdoor from hgtv

DIY Bathtub Bench from hgtv

Water Fountain from hgtv

Sofa Bathtub from hgtv

Cushion and Bathtub Chair from hgtv

Bathtub Poted from architectureartdesigns

Bathtub Sofa Outdoor from architectureartdesigns

Repurpose Bathtub Planter from architectureartdesigns

Large Mosaic Bathtub Planter from architectureartdesigns

Small Cooler Bathtub from architectureartdesigns

Standing Cooler Bathtub from architectureartdesigns

Cooler Bathtub from architectureartdesigns

DIY Pattern Bathtub Chair from homecrux

Red and White Bathtub from homecrux

Outdoor Chair from homecrux

Sofa Bathtub Outdoor from homecrux

DIY Sofa Bathtub from homecrux

Black and White Bathtub Sofa from homecrux

Red and Black Bathtub Outdoor from homecrux

Pillow and Bathtub Chair from homecrux

Bathtub Sofa from homecrux

Pillow Sofa Bathtub from homecrux

Bathtub Garden Bed from homecrux

Mosaic Battub Planter from homecrux

Vintage Bathtub from homecrux

Reuse Vintage Bathtub from homecrux

BathtubGarden Bed from homecrux

Bathtub Water Pond from homecrux

Wooden Frame Bathtub Planter from homecrux

Bathtub Water Fountain from homecrux

Bathtub Pond from homecrux

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