55 Ideas to Beautify Your Winter Staircase

If it is too exhausting to decorate your whole home part with winter touches, then you can simply focus on the staircase decoration. Well, not all of you love to have too much decoration, but giving a few winter touches can be interesting to welcome the season and give the spirit of the season to your home. It won’t be difficult to decorate your staircase for sure. Also, since the space will be really limited, then you don’t need to have many things there. However, that will also become the key in decorating the stair because if you apply too many things there, you will make it be seen as complicated.

Now, let’s talk about the things that you can use to decorate your stair. In this case, the garland is the easiest one. Well, as we all know that there are so many garland designs that you can have. You can even get the garland with seasonal designs. Then, you can also have decorative lighting there like the string light, bulb, or small lantern. Anyway, you can also apply some ornaments to the stair. But, make sure that the ornaments do not block the stair so that you can still walk through there. Here are the references for you.

Knitted Socks Staircase from curatedinterior

Garland along Stair Railing from curatedinterior

Pine Needles and Red Ribbons from curatedinterior

Garland with Red Ribbon from curatedinterior

DIY Big Paper Snowflake Wall from curatedinterior

Garland with Icon Winter Staircase from curatedinterior

Snowflakes Various Types and Sizes from curatedinterior

Pom-Pom Greenery Garland from curatedinterior

Green Leaf and Roses Garland from curatedinterior

DIY Paper Tree Garland from goodhousekeeping

Berry Wreaths from goodhousekeeping

Pillar Candles Stairway from goodhousekeeping

Banister Garland with Red Ball from goodhousekeeping

Natural Garland Stairway from goodhousekeeping

Winter Card Display from goodhousekeeping

Metallic and Gold Stairway from goodhousekeeping

Coastal Style Garland from goodhousekeeping

Ribbon Garland Banister from goodhousekeeping

Gold and Green Staircase from goodhousekeeping

Twinkle Lights Garland from goodhousekeeping

Vintage Jingle Bells from goodhousekeeping

Retro Theme Stairway from goodhousekeeping

Berry and Ornaments from goodhousekeeping

All Green Garland Stairway from elledecor

Snowy Garland from elledecor

DIY Paper Leaf and Sock Stairway from elledecor

White and Green Wreath from elledecor

Bold Ribbon for Garland Decor from elledecor

Focus Point Knitted Sock from elledecor

Needle Pine Garland from elledecor

Waterfall Twinkle Light from elledecor

Red Bows Decoration from countryliving

Citrus Garland from countryliving

Mason Jar Stairway from thepioneerwoman

Hanging Vintage Sock from thepioneerwoman

Bold Ball with Pinecones Staircase from thepioneerwoman

Faux Greenery Garland from thepioneerwoman

Farmhouse Staircase Style from thepioneerwoman

Dried Orange Garland from thepioneerwoman

Icy White Stairway Decor from livingetc

Rustic Theme Stairway from decoist

Vintage Stairway Ornaments from decoist

Metallic Ball Ornaments from decoist

Magical Stairway Ideas from architecturendesign

Red Snowflake Ornament from architecturendesign

Natural Greenery Garland from architecturendesign

Bold Color Stairway Decor from architecturendesign

Needle Pine Wreath from architecturendesign

Modern and Traditional Stairway from architecturendesign

Ball Ornament and Ribbon from architecturendesign

Glass Candle Holder with Sock from architecturendesign

Wooden Snowflake Stairway from architecturendesign

Cotton and Toy Penguins from digsdigs

Greenery and Pine Cones Teapot Vase from digsdigs

Lantern and Evergreen Garland from digsdigs

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