Decorate Your Mantel with these 30 Fall Touch Idea

After the long summertime, when the fall is coming, there are some decoration parts of your home that should be changed. Not only to move all your summer decoration, but when you can add some fall touches there then that will be awesome. One of your home parts that you may consider again is your mantel. It is something that you will use again really soon. To add the fall touches, there are some things that you can install. Those are the stuff that characterizes the fall season really well. For example, you can use pumpkins, maple leaves, pinecones, and more. You can arrange them on the top side of the mantle or have the wreath and garland that will be effective to create the impression. Also, you may simply have a fall sign that you install there. The references below will show you more about the proper fall mantel decoration.

Pumpkin and Pinecone

These pine cones and little white pumpkin accents will bring a pretty mantle decor and fall vibe to this whole fireplace. Placing it on top of this coat will make a pretty and stylish decor. The star statue accent placed above the fireplace is also able to provide an attractive design and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Large pumpkins and wooden baskets placed next to the skillet provide the perfect design. Pumpkin and Pinecone from @lennox_house

Stacked Pumpkin Lantern

The pile of pumpkins placed on these lanterns can provide an attractive decoration and will thrill the fall throughout this room. Placed next to the fireplace and paired with a bouquet of carnberries and eucalyptus, this will make for a different look every year. This natural stone fireplace is able to give a rustic impression to the entire room. Stacked Pumpkin Lantern from @home_by_flareonesix

Fall Mantel Decor

This fall style coat decoration is complete with maple leaves that are turned into a garland to give a beautiful design to the whole house. You can hang this garland on this wedding coat to make an attractive decoration and look more stylish. This white painted wood FALL sign makes for an eye-catching home decor and will rock the fall vibes throughout the room. Fall Mantel Decor from @welllookitsbrookeagain

Burlap Garland

This burlap wreath hanging from the fireplace will make for an eye-catching and eye-catching décor. Making your own from burlap or buying it cheaply can decorate a house on a minimal budget and will change the look of your home. At the top of this wedding mantle you can add lanterns and pillar candles to give it a beautiful design and a different decor each year. Pumpkin placed under the fireplace can decorate a different room and look more attractive. Burlap Garland from @at.home.with.hilary

Several Pumpkin

A coat decorated in this fall style will make a beautiful home decor and will be the center of attention for every guest who comes. Adding several pumpkins of different sizes and grenery is able to give a stylish room decor and a touch of fall to the whole room. Combining it with a wooden coat on this sofa is able to give the impression of a rustic room throughout this room. Fall Mantel Pumpkin from @jenandrewsathome

Wreath Fall Decor

A bouquet of pumpkins, pinecones and green leaves can give your fireplace an autumn feel. This is a brilliant idea for you to try as it will make a different and vibrant design fall throughout your room. Hanging on an old window and adding some rustic ornaments can create a natural home touch and an eye-catching feel to the entire living room this fall. Wreath Fall Decor from @bentleyblonde

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Dried Flower Garland

Dried wreaths placed on top of these coats can add a fall feel to your entire room. Adding a small pumpkin on top of this wreath can give it a beautiful look and look more stylish. This wooden plank placed above the fireplace is able to welcome autumn throughout the room as well as a different design. Pair it with a stacked stone fireplace to give the entire room a natural feel.Dried Flower Dried from @designbylovely

Leaf and Pumpkin Decor

The fall vibes throughout the house by adding mango and pumpkin leaves placed on top of this fireplace can give a room a beautiful and stylish look. Combined with this wood finish, it will give a natural feel to the whole house and a stylish space décor. This white color scheme also results in a spacious and bright home decor. Leaf and Pumpkin Decor from @thedahlfarmhouse

Wreath Dried Leaf

Making your own bouquet of dried leaves will give it a pretty look and will save you a lot of money on this decoration. By collecting dry leaves behind the house and arranged into a wreath that hangs on the old window, it is able to provide a beautiful and attractive design. In addition to the wreath, you can add a wreath of faux maple leaves which will make your fireplace décor more attractive. Wreath Dried Leaf from @houseonwren

Rustic Mantel Fireplace

Decorating a rustic coat in this autumn style will steal the show and welcome your guests with a festive feeling. Adding some pumpkins placed on top of this faux fireplace can change the style of your entire home and give it a different design. Don’t forget to add a garland with the words FALL, it gives an attractive decoration and looks stylish. Rustic Mantel Fall Decor from @lynnetteshomesweethome

Fall Faux Fireplace

Decorating a simple fall coat with lush greenery and little pumpkins, a small wall-hanging wreath and an AUTUMN banner are a simple way of beautiful and stylish fall decorating ideas. Combined with this classic style coat, it will also strengthen the natural and elegant impression throughout the room. Combined with the white color scheme on this wall, it will also give a clean and bright look. Fall Faux Mantel Decor from @mrsnorthernbelle

White Pumpkin

This beautiful autumn coat with several pumpkins of different colors and sizes brings a sophisticated and attractive design to the room. Don’t forget you can add green plants that are placed in this vase to complete the look of this fireplace. Combined with this stone fireplace will also make the design and style simple but still look more chic. The white pumpkin in this lantern can transform the fall decor into this farmhouse. White Pumpkin from @bekahliggett

Cornstalk Arrangement

This autumn coat with cornstalk set in a large ceramic vase will catch the eye of every guest. It’s easy for you to make, just collect dried corn leaves that you don’t use anymore to decorate your fall house. These few little pumpkins of various colors and sizes bring an autumn vibe to the whole room. Combined with a classic fireplace that will make a beautiful and eye-catching look. Cornstalk Arrangement from @glitterandgingham

Wooden Pumpkin Sign

Decorating this chic rustic fall coat with a handmade wreath will create a beautiful and eye-catching look. This old pumpkin pattern sign will also create a beautiful space design and give it a different look. You can also add some of this antique furniture to create a unique look. This fake pumpkin made of wood blocks will also complete the look of your fireplace making it look more attractive. Wooden Pumpkin Sign from @cuzwercarters

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Fall FIreplace Decor

This faux fireplace design from the Kauyi mantle is complemented by some fall ornaments that will spice up fall throughout your home. Using a tobacco basket equipped with wooden signs can create a rustic style that never goes out of style. Several pumpkins of different sizes, complete with dried leaves, can transform a beautiful wedding decoration and still look charming. Fall FIreplace Decor from @sherisewsweet

Pumpkin SIgn

This large pumpkin painted on a wooden plank can change the look of your fireplace so that it will vibrate falling into this home. Apart from this sign, you can add other fall ornaments such as a small pumpkin and some dried leaves which can give a beautiful design. Dried oats placed in this vase also change the look of your home fireplace. Pumpkin Sign fom @athomewithjessidee

Dried Leaf

These dry leaves are able to transform the decor of a fireplace with an autumn theme into the room. Dried leaves placed on the edge of the fireplace can give a fall feel to your home fireplace decor. This design is able to enliven autumn throughout the house and is able to create a different design. Antique mirror accents on this coat will also make your home more spacious and bright. Dried Leaf from @mysweetgeorgiahome

Rustic Fall Deocr

Some of these rustic ornaments transform the entire fall fireplace décor in your home. By opting for autumn ornaments of tobacco baskets, galvanized grain and a few vintage mirrors set over the fireplace, this home decor lends a distinct and vibrant fall feel to the entire room. This pumpkin and pinecone wreath also makes for a pretty design and a focal point. Rustic Fall Decor from @theturquoisefarmhouse

DIY Burlap Garland

The burlap garland hanging on the fireplace shelf will transform the look of your coat with a fall vibe. You can make this garland yourself by simply collecting unused burlap and adding this article can give you a beautiful and colorful coat decoration. Don’t forget to add some pumpkins around the fireplace for festive fall splendor. DIY Burlap Garland fom @sweetsunshinehome

White Pumpkin

Decorating this simple fall coat with some white pumpkins is a simple way for a beautiful and stylish fall decorating idea. Combined with this brick mante, it will also strengthen the natural and rustic impression throughout the room. Combined with the white color scheme on this wall, it will also give a clean and bright look. At the bottom of this fireplace you can also add a few piles of pumpkins that will give the impression of falling deeper. White Pumpkin from @thefinleyfarmhouse

Happy Fall Sign

This eye-catching and beautiful spring coat with fall markings brings an eye-catching design to the room. Making your own will save you a lot of money while providing a low-budget fireplace decor. Opting for this wooden sign with the words “HAPPY FALL” will complete the look of this fireplace fireplace. Combined with some fall ornaments and this round mirror will also make the design and style simple but still look more chic. Happy Fall Sign from @woodsidefarmcreations

Modern Farmhouse Fall

This fall coat in the modern farmhouse style will give it an eye-catching and stylish look. Adding darland from dried leaves and several pumpkins of various sizes and shapes will attract the attention of every guest. Complete the tapians with field people and other ornaments for a sophisticated and stylish design. The garland leaves that are placed on this coat will give a natural touch and a different design. Modern Farmhouse Fall from @thestampedcottage

Faux Pumpkin

This array of dried pumpkins placed on top of the fireplace makes a beautiful mantle design for this fall décor. Buying it at a flea market at a low price is capable of creating a low-budget fireplace design as well as a stylish design. This large mirror complemented by an old window will also provide an attractive and stylish fireplace mantel decoration. This styled stone fireplace will add a natural touch to your home decor. This white color scheme will also balance the look of this living room. Faux Pumpkin from @wilshire_collections

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Pillar Candle and Leaf

Redecorating your fireplace with this fall theme isn’t a bad idea to try. Simply adding a few candlesticks complemented by orange maple leaves can make a difference in your home decor. At the top of this painting you can also add a large painting with an autumn theme to give it a beautiful design. This wedding decoration makes the perfect focal point of the room and will wow guests. Pillar Candle and Leaf from @littleredhousevintage

Several Pumpkins

Several pumpkins of different sizes can give a different home decor and charming room decor. Choosing this pumpkin is a brilliant idea because it is synonymous with fall. In addition, you can also add signs of reclaimed wood and some other vintage ornaments that will give your fireplace mantel an autumn feel. This pile of pumpkins placed next to the fireplace can provide a beautiful and stylish home decor. This whitewashed fireplace can give a different design. Pumpkin Decor from @home.decor.honey

Vintage Fall Fireplace

The vintage style of this faux dress is complemented by several fall ornaments that will add a festive look to your home decor. Some of these pumpkins will give different fall decorations while creating a festive decor. You can also add some vintage ornaments like a large mirror and a net behind the mirror to give it a different design. This white color scheme is able to decorate a spacious and airy space. Vintage Fall Fireplace from @buildtobeautify

Mantel Fall Color

This green fireplace will give a different fall décor while creating a festive décor. You can add some ornaments like a large fall sign and an antique mirror with a white frame to make the decor eye-catching and eye-catching. Small fake pumpkins and dried oats and corn in this vase complete the poerpai décor this fall. Equipped with several chairs complete with pillows and blankets, it is able to provide extra comfort to the entire room. Mantel Color from @decorsteals

Boho Fall Mantel Decor

This boho-style farmhouse summer coat can change the look of your home fireplace. Adding a natural accent to the ornament combined with this painted pumpkin garland will make any room design beautiful and attractive. This white fireplace and faux brick will steal the show and give your home a different look every year. Boho Fall Mantel Decor from @myfauxcottage

Rustic Autumn Mantle Decor


This chic rustic autumn mantel decor with a touch of wood will create a beautiful and eye-catching look. This old sign will also create a beautiful space design and give it a different look. You can also add some of this antique furniture to create a unique look. Some pumpkins and bouquets from the maple cycle can give a beautiful and more stylish look to wedding decorations. Rustic Autumn Mantle Decor from @kh_decor

Wooden Paint Sign

The fireplace is one of the furniture that you can use to complement the autumn decorations so that it will provide warmth. You can also add simple decorations such as this FALL painting painted wooden sign to create a beautiful fall look that is eye-catching and eye-catching. Adding some old window decorations complete with a wreath of dried leaves will make a beautiful and attractive display Wooden Paint Sign from @houseonwren


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