How to Use Burlap As the Table Runner

The use of burlap material in home decoration is quite familiar. It functioned to be so many utilization including as the table runner. With its special design impression, you can get uniqueness to your table in an aesthetic look. The burlap table runner itself can be used with its plain shape without any additional touches. However, if you want to get another special impression with this, then you can have the decorated burlap. For example, you can have the burlap with the lace knitted into the burlap. Or, adding some tassels will also be pretty. In case you have painting skills, you can paint the burlap with certain designs that you want. Please go down for the complete ideas.

Farmhouse Look Table Runner

Cover your reclaimed wood dining table with two table runners made of different materials. Burlap and wicker rattan table runners make the perfect combination to give an instant farmhouse feel. They both carry a simple vibe that’s perfect for when you want to cut costs. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the table runner with several candle holders that have different sizes and heights. Embrace earth tone color for a warmer and timeless atmosphere in the room, the use of this color is also easier to combine with other interiors around it. Combination Burlap with Wicker Rattan Table Runner from @tarastexasfarmhouse

Fall Pattern Burlap Table Runner

Dress up your dining table for fall celebrations with this classic and simple burlap table runner. The orange pumpkin pattern is a very good choice to try. This burlap table runner design adds instant drama and contrast to a dark wood dining table. Simplicity can be obtained by not adding other decorative items to this table. For now, you can avoid using centerpiece decorations so that the pumpkin pattern on the table runner can be seen clearly and not covered. Usually, they are used in a fall farmhouse-style room that will never go out of style. Pumpkin Pattern Burlap Table Runner from @crazycraftersfun

DIY Plain Burlap Table Runner

There is nothing wrong with using a burlap table runner over the use of a wooden dining table that has solid black paint. Just choose and use this burlap table runner in white so it can look more contrast when combined with the use of wooden tables and chairs that have a glossy black color. The burlap table runner that is used is also sewn on the sides so that it is more durable and does not tear easily when used for a long period of time. Usually, this dining table decoration is used in a modern farmhouse-style room, contemporary, and cottage. Not only on the dining table, but you can also apply it to the coffee dining table in the living room. DIY Plain Burlap Table Runner from @dbroderius


Gather Burlap Table Runner

The simple design of using this table runner is suitable for welcoming autumn this year. You can try applying it on a farmhouse or rustic dining table so that it blends in more perfectly. This table runner has the word Gather which is perfected with a maple leaf pattern that is dominated by the use of jet black watercolors. To make the use of this burlap table runner look more festive and fun, you can place a series of dried flowers and maple leaves that have a yellow color so they can look bolder and attract attention. Just use a wooden vase with a size large enough so that it becomes a centerpiece decoration that is easy to do. Gather Burlap Table Runner On Budget from @kellyanncompany

Burlap Table Runner with Greenery Decor

Cover the wooden dining table that has been painted in white with a burlap table runner that has a striped pattern with white as well. After that, you can also use a natural touch to the table runner by presenting a wooden box filled with fresh green plants. In addition to green plants, you can also use two candle holders with reclaimed wood on both sides of the same size so that it looks more symmetrical. Just buy this burlap table runner online to make it more practical. The use of white shades that dominate the dining room makes the table runner area, as well as the centerpiece, look bolder and ready to serve as the focal point of the room. Natural Themed Table Runner Decor from @repurposeandupcycle

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Festive Fall Centerpiece Decoration

Celebrate fall this year by lining the dining table with a plain DIY burlap table runner that looks cheap and easy to find in local craft stores. Because this burlap table runner comes without a pattern, you can complete it with a centerpiece decoration that is dominated by important autumn ornaments such as pumpkins, wheat rings, and several candle holders which are dominated by a combination of pink and yellow. The box vase section, which is perfected with the welcome writing, welcomes your guests who eat with your guests or family who come. With the candle holder, the atmosphere in this room is brighter, dramatic, romantic, and warm. You can try this simple dining table decoration better and maximally for a satisfying final result. Burlap Table Runner with Fall Vibes from @kimberleerenae

Geometric Burlap Table Runner

An easy way that you can do to decorate your current dining room is to coat the dining table with an eye-catching DIY table runner. The eye-catching design offers a geometric pattern for the use of a table runner in your dining room decor. This burlap table runner comes in brown and navy blue colors that will work well together and of course, be able to blend more perfectly. With the use of navy blue in this geometric pattern, its presence looks bolder when applied to a natural wood dining table. Tassel accents at the bottom of the burlap table runner complete the look of your classic dining table, try the idea of using it easily and save costs. Geometric Burlap Table Runner from @sweetbeecottage

Rustic Vibes Table Runner Design

Do you have dining room decor with a rustic theme? If so, then you can decorate the wooden dining table with a charming and eye-catching centerpiece. It’s a good idea before you apply pumpkins and blooming flowers as centerpiece decorations, then coat this wooden dining table with a burlap table runner which has a striped pattern in solid black. Candle holders with different levels make your dinner atmosphere more magical and warm. No need to repaint this wooden dining table for a look that is more in line with the rustic theme applied in this room, you can try it easily and maximally. Rustic Vibes Burlap Table Runner Design from @kdavi11

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Fall Burlap Table Runner Ideas

Dress up your farmhouse dining table for a fall theme with this patternless or plain burlap table runner, its presence sets the mood for an unforgettable dining experience. The use of this table runner maintains a simple classic theme that is cheap and on budget. But it’s a good idea to decorate it again with some series of dry cotton that is neatly arranged on this burlap table runner. The silver mini gourd on top of the buffalo napkin adds texture to the dining table perfectly and certainly, brings an instant fall vibe. The use of a buffalo napkin with a combination of white and navy blue adds color to the surface of this DIY wooden dining table. Burlap Table Runner with Cotton Ornament from @becauseiloveadeal

Burlap with Lace Material Table Runner

Grab a burlap table runner to maintain a simple theme in a classic bohemian dining room decor. This quite attractive design creates a wooden coffee table base that can blend perfectly when combined with a bohemian patterned throw pillow with a variety of different color combinations and patterns. This is a new idea for decorating your living room, not only can it be applied to the dining table. For now, you can choose a burlap table runner combined with dark black lace fabric so that it provides sufficient contrast when used as the focal point of the room. The presence of a green plant vase in the centerpiece is a natural decoration that can be easily obtained in the backyard garden. Burlap with Lace Material Table Runner from @epicmenic

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