Decorate Your Banister with These 40 Winter Touch Ideas

Although it is not the main point of home decoration, decorating the banister is also recommended. Not only to beautify the decoration, but the banister that is well-decorated can bring a certain good feeling while you walk through the stair. If you can create seasonal decorations there, then you can get the best spirit of the season experience. Anyway, all seasons are possible to be added to your banister decoration including the winter season. It is great if you can add the Christmas decoration touches there so that when Christmas comes you don’t need to do many decorations anymore.

Having the banister decoration can also by installing the lighting. For easy installation, you can use the string light. Then, don’t forget the winter stuff. The evergreen is the easiest, but there are still many things that you can have. For example, you may apply the Christmas ball, gingerbread, candy cane, pinecone, and more. For your consideration, in case you have kids or family members that need to hold the banister while walking through the window, then you should adjust the installation of the decoration so that it won’t cover the banister and still can be used well. Here are some ideas that we have prepared for you.

String Lights and Village Houses, from thespruce

Pinecone Leaf from thespruce

Letter and Wreath from thespruce

Lighting Banister from thespruce

Dried Orange Slice from thespruce

Bell and Ribbon Banister from thespruce

Snowflake and Ball from thespruce

DIY Snowflake from thespruce

Wreath Greenery from thespruce

Winter Rustic Banister from thespruce

Red Bedll and Greenery from thespruce

Evergreen Railing from thespruce

String Light Banister from digsdigs

White Ribbon and Garlad from digsdigs

Red Ball and Greenery from digsdigs

Coastal Winter Banister from digsdigs

Evergreen and Gold Banister from countryliving

Red Ribbon Staircase from countryliving

Greenery from countryliving

Red, White, and Green Decorations from countryliving

Silver Ornaments Decorations from countryliving

Candlelight Decorations from countryliving

Marquee Letters Decorations from countryliving

Sock Winter Decor from countryliving

Lighting and Greenery from elledecor

Wreaths Railing Decor from elledecor

White String Light from elledecor

Garland and Wreath from elledecor

Garland Snowy and Lighting from elledecor

Silky Ribbon and Greenery from elledecor

Natural Garland from elledecor

Garland and Silver Ball from bhg

Red Ribbon and Grennery from bhg

Greenery Railing from bhg

Winter Banister from bhg

Holiday Railing from bhg

Faux Flower and Garland from bhg

Dried Orange Garland from thepioneerwoman

Pine Leaf from thepioneerwoman

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