60 Best Design Ideas for Your Indoor Pool

There are some advantages that you can get by having an indoor pool. The first one is that you don’t need to worry about the season and weather. No matter how the weather is going to be bad outside, you can still always swim without any disturbance. Then, for you who love privacy, having an indoor pool is such a perfect idea. You can set the pool to have a design where you can make it closed so that it can’t be exposed from the outside. However, there is also the thing that you should consider related to the existence of the indoor pool where you should maintain the humidity of the space around. That will be important to keep the room healthy. You can do that by providing the proper air circulation or letting the sunlight in.

Talking about the design, there are so many ideas that you can apply to your indoor pool. For the size and the shape, it can be made to be the same as the outdoor pool. Even for the lounge chairs, although you can’t do the sunbathing there, but relaxing there will be comfortable as well. The thing that may be a little bit different with the outdoor pool is the wall or screen that you should install for your indoor pool. If it is possible, it is recommended to have the glass wall there so that you can let the sunshine in and you can enjoy the scenery outside also. Or, if you want privacy, you can have the common wall but install the glass roof. There are still some ways that you can do to create a proper indoor pool as you can see in the following images.

Large Wave Pool from Thespruce

Aspen Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Pine Lake Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Hearst Castle’s Roman Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Griffin Island Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Bright German Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Smart Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Woodstock Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Indoor Pool With View of the Woods from Thespruce

Subterranean Pool from Thespruce

Scenic Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Ukraine Indoor Pool from Thespruce

Indoor Swimming Pool with a Diving Board from Decoist

Pendant Lights Illuminate the Indoor Pool from Decoist

Indoor Pool features a Waterfall Backdrop from Decoist

Round Indoor Pool from Decoist

Rustic Indoor Pool from Decoist

Dazzling lighting Swimming Pool from Decoist

Curved Indoor Pool from Decoist

Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pool from Decoist

Blue Round Pool from Decoist

Above Ground Pool from Decoist

Moroccan-styled indoor pool from Decoist

Olympic-sized Indoor Pool from Decoist

Refreshing and Large Indoor Swimming Pool from Decoist

Wave Indoor Pool from Decoist

Sleek and Contemporary Indoor Pool from Decoist

Surreal Indoor Pool Offers the Perfect Escape from Decoist

Natural Themed Swimming Pool from Decoist

Dark Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Long Indoor Pool Design from Mydomaine

Wide Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Round and Rectangular Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Farmhouse Pool from Mydomaine

Rectangular Pool from Mydomaine

Medium Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Lighted Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Letter L Pool from Mydomaine

In Ground Pool from Mydomaine

Blue Tile Pool from Mydomaine

Spa-Like Indoor Pool from Mydomaine

Blue Pool with Star from Mydomaine

Large Pool with Waterfall from Mydomaine

Wall Mounted Swimming Pool from Mydomaine

Large Curved Pool from Deavita

Round and Wave Design from Deavita

Symmetry Indoor Pool Design from Deavita

Indoor Pool with Aquarium from Deavita

Simple and Minimalist Pool from Deavita

Large Pool with Slide from Goodshomedesign

Small Curved Pool from Goodshomedesign

Wave and Round Indoor Pool from Goodshomedesign

Blue Tile Indoor Pool from Goodshomedesign

Large Indoor Pool with Bridge from Goodshomedesign

White Pool with Stair from Homestratosphere

Modern Inground Pool from Homestratosphere

Above Ground Tile Pool from Homestratosphere

Large Blue Indoor Pool from Homestratosphere

Minimalist Indoor Pool from Homestratosphere

Unique Indoor Pool Design from Homestratosphere

Mosaic Tile Indoor Pool from Homestratosphere

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