Winter Home Tour in 10 Pictures

Applying winter touches to any part of your home decoration is really possible and won’t be too much in case you know exactly the portion of the decoration. Mention it! From the front part of the house which is the front porch to the entryway, you can put some winter ornaments there so that you can feel the spirit of the winter even from the really first step. Then, move to the public space in your house, like the living room and dining room, and applying the winter decoration there feels really comfortable. Don’t forget about your private space! To let yourself enjoy the season spirit in your bedroom can be really fun. Here, we have prepared the winter home tour so that you can copy some of the ideas to be applied to your home. Hope you’ll like it!

Inviting Winter Front Porch Ideas

The front porch decoration will be the first area that your guests will visit so you can decorate it to the maximum according to the current season. When winter is in progress, the use of snowy Christmas trees placed on both sides of the door is a smart idea that you can try. Other ornaments that you can place here are candle lanterns, hanging wreath and some dry twigs which are applied to a large enough galvanized vase. The wreath design here is made of several choices of natural materials such as red berries, pinecones and dried grapevines which are not easily spoiled when used throughout this winter. Put all these decorations neatly so as not to interfere with the main road when you enter your house. Festive Look Winter Front Porch from @inspiringorganization

Winter Hygge Entryway Decoration

The entryway is one of the rooms that your guests often visit so you can decorate it optimally to get a warm and cozy vibe. When winter comes, the addition of some thick and soft knitted fabrics is the best choice that you can apply on the wooden bench that is applied in this room. Not only throw pillows that you are considering at this time, but you can also apply candle lighting in this room with more than one use. The next ornament that you can use to emphasize winter is a snowball garland that you can make from plain white knitted fabric. Some of the evergreen strands that you put in this rattan wicker basket are additional decorations that can be hung on your wall using a nail or hook that has been provided. Winter Hygge Entryway Decoration from @becky.cunningham.home

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Winter Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Look at the winter living room decoration with this farmhouse theme, doesn’t it look simple but still looks attractive? You can dominate this living room with wood so it has a natural and environmentally friendly look. What you can do to emphasize the winter theme this year is to decorate the coffee table with candle pillars, a mini evergreen Christmas tree and a dramatic village house complete with lighting. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also complete the linen sofa with some throw pillows with knitted materials that have a warmer and softer surface. The throw blanket that is applied together on the sofa is the final touch that makes your sitting area more comfortable to use throughout the day. Winter Farmhouse Living Room Ideas from @rekindledsigns

Kitchen Winter Wonderland Design

A white feather wreath, snowy spruce leaves, deer ornaments, and blooming flower arrangements are a combination of decorations that you can apply to the kitchen countertop at the same time. Arrange all these ornament layouts neatly so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. Because this kitchen wall is dominated by transparent glass material, the existence of this decoration or ornament can be seen from inside or outside the room. The wonderland theme in the kitchen room can also be obtained perfectly. A bouquet of roses blooming in red provides a never-failing addition of color to give the final look a more pleasing finish. You can buy deer ornaments at a winter craft shop or you can buy them online so that it is more practical and of course, it can be adjusted to the budget you have. Kitchen Winter Wonderland Design from @justynakinvar

Warm Touch Reading Nook Ideas

The corner of the room in your house will be more useful when you turn it into a reading nook decoration that can be used by anyone who needs it to relax. Here you can line the built-in bench with some throw pillows and a thick knitted chunky blanket for a warmer, more comfortable, and very soft bench surface when in use. Repaint the bench according to the color of the window frame so that it has a color harmony that looks more elegant. The more throw pillows you use, the more comfortable your sitting surface will be. Here you can read your favorite magazine or book while enjoying the outdoor view filled with greenery and towering trees. Warm and Thick Fabric Material from @diana.dares

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Simple Look Winter Dining Room Ideas

When you are going on a winter home tour, the dining room decoration is one of the important rooms that you can pay attention to. Because this dining room has been dominated by the use of wooden interiors, the appearance will be more perfect when you combine it with natural decorations such as evergreens that are applied to the design of candle chandeliers that are hung right above the round dining table. The arrangement of plants and flowers in a patterned ceramic vase is an additional touch of nature that you can easily get in the backyard garden area. No need to use excessive furniture to get a more free and spacious floor area. The use of a dining table and chair set equipped with a storage dresser has become the main furniture idea that will work well together. Natural Vibes Winter Dining Room from @lunainteriorstyle

Rustic Style Winter Bedroom Decoration

This bedroom decoration, which is dominated by wood and brick interiors, is one of the characteristics of the rustic theme. In this room, you can complete it with some ornaments that have a winter touch such as evergreen Christmas trees, garlands and candle lanterns placed on a wooden bench beside the bed. To emphasize the winter theme, you can use a throw pillow with a snowman pattern that can be placed neatly together with other pillows that have a snowflake pattern. Try to use bedding and blankets with thick knitted materials to have a comfortable and warm resting area when used throughout this winter. Add string light accents to the Christmas tree and garland for a dramatic look that keeps the room warm. Rustic Winter Bedroom Decoration from @laurie3.lh

Snowy Evergreen for Bathroom Design

No need to worry when you have a bathroom with a simple farmhouse theme. The use of furniture made of wood can be perfected by the presence of snowy evergreens that are placed in several different places. One of them you can put on the vanity countertop together with the candle holder. Not only the evergreen snowy series, but here you can combine it with some fake snowballs that are put in a DIY wooden box that is neatly placed on top of the toilet you use. You can get this evergreen in your garden easily, or when you are going to use a fake one you can buy it online at a low price and can be adjusted to the budget you currently have. Winter Bathroom Ideas from @debanddanelle

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Monochromatic Winter Balcony

The combination of black and white will never fail when made as the main color in your current winter balcony decoration. This color can be applied to the use of a firepit, faux fur fabric, and some throw pillows that are placed on this sofa. The two will work well together to produce a monochromatic theme instantly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use or turn on the firepit when the weather outside starts to feel cold. Cover the floor with two different layers of rugs to get a warmer foot surface and of course more comfortable to use. After everything is neatly installed, this balcony decoration is ready to be used with your family or partner. Black and White Tone Color Balcony from @huisjevansanne

Winter Backyard Terrace with Firepit

When you have a backyard patio of a fairly large size, then use it as an area to relax during the day or night. Here you can put two pairs of chairs facing the garden that has been covered with white snowflakes. You don’t have to worry about being cold because here is also equipped with a hanging firepit that you can use anytime according to your warm needs. This iron fireplace will be sturdier and not easily porous when used for a long period of time, repaint it with dark black so that it has color harmony with the wall paint and glass window frames used in this house. Furthermore, the use of chairs and wooden floors make your terrace decorations blend with nature more perfectly. Winter Look Backyard Terrace from @oleg_klodt_design


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