How To Make Water Tanks Blend With Your Landscape Design

Water tanks should be placed high up in the air, with scaffolding in place and a separate structure to hold it all together. A few homeowners can do this with the garden space and budget. And if you’re one of those homeowners, however, you’ll have to settle for having the water tanks on ground level.   

While installing a water tank is one of the best functional improvements in your home, especially if you’re looking to store rainwater at your place, there’s no denying how it can negatively affect your garden’s aesthetics. Water tanks can stick out like a sore thumb. To avoid this, you must give enough effort so the water tanks in your home can seamlessly blend with your garden’s landscape.   

If this is a struggle you’re currently facing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll come across tips and tricks on how to make water tanks look more aesthetically pleasing.   

Camouflage The Water Tank 

No, it doesn’t mean painting your water tank in a camouflage print. Rather, this step entails painting the water tank the same color as your home’s exterior, so it doesn’t stick out awkwardly. It’ll be easier to miss when the water tank blends with the walls. Yes, you know the water tank is there, but it’s not screaming for attention, unlike if it was in the usual green or blue paint.  

Position The Water Tank Out Of View 

If you’re lucky enough that your property line allows it, the best way to position your water tank right at the outset is to keep it out of view. For instance, you have a roofed area or a corner that’s out of sight, far from your property entrance or the garden, where you may most likely entertain guests

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Another option is to choose side paths, if you have that, also usually where your service area is located. Slim tanks are perfect for this, so you can be sure it fits.  

Hide Behind Concrete Walls 

For homeowners who have a bit more budget, another sneaky way is to hide the water tanks behind concrete walls. Build concrete walls around the water tank as if it is its own home.  

You can even go all out with the design, so it’s not just ordinary concrete but also has a sense of style akin to the rest of your home. When designed well enough, guests and onlookers won’t even know that what’s inside is your water tank.  

Plant Around It 

Hire a good landscaper for your yard, and they’ll know how to deal with every nook and cranny. They can emphasize and give attention to the pleasant parts while hiding unpleasant areas like the water tank.  

There are many ways to go about this, starting with small plants, shrubs, trailing plants when placed on a trellis that covers the tank, or even trees if you have enough space for them. Nothing beats the beauty that plants bring; it can instantly elevate an otherwise flat space now that you have more depth and dimension. 

Wooden Privacy Screens 

Wooden privacy screens are mostly used inside the home, but you can also use them on the outside. Find a good builder who can customize a wooden privacy screen so the dimensions are enough to cover your water tank. You can also choose designs that complement your landscape style and design, so there’s a sense of coherence. 

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Keep It Contained In An Outdoor Cabinet 

Yes, keeping your water tank in an outdoor cabinet is possible if your water tank is positioned against one wall of your home. It works even better with slim water tanks, so the outdoor cabinet looks more natural and believable.  

To elevate the style factor even more, have the outdoor cabinet run the whole length of the side where the water tank is located. It can help conceal the water tank even more, as the cabinets look more believable. Plus, you’ll have extra outdoor storage space, so your garden stays clean and well-designed. No matter how well-landscaped your lawn is, if it’s messy, it still won’t look as attractive as you intended your yard to be.  

Opt For An Underground Water Tank 

Lastly, consider an underground water tank if available in your area. It may cost a bit more, but there’s no other best way for the tank to go with your landscape design than to have an underground tank. With one, concealing the tank becomes pretty simple, as you can position potted plants above the area where the tank is visible.  

The Bottomline 

Having a rainwater tank at home is one of the best ways to save money on water consumption, but it also takes up space, all while visibly hurting your home’s aesthetics. It’s up to you as a homeowner to choose your battles, so you can still have that water tank you desire without necessarily hurting how your yard and outdoor façade look. There are many ways to make your water tank camouflage and blend with your landscape design, starting with the insights above. 

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