How to Decorate Your Home with Christmas Theme

Decorating your home with a Christmas theme won’t be difficult. You just need to add ornaments or home accessories that characterize Christmas. So, don’t be in doubt to decorate your home to welcome the Christmas celebration. Anyway, when you commonly only consider providing the Christmas tree for your Christmas home decoration, then you should know that there are so many other kinds of things that you can add. Let’s say that you can have Christmas signs for your wall decoration. Then, you may also have a wreath or garland that can be applied to the door, fireplace, wall, and even the stair. The idea of giving the Christmas touches to your home decoration is really interesting. Here, we have compiled some ideas that you can copy that is covered from the front part of your home to all possible rooms in a house. Get them out!

Winter Porch

This lovely winter patio accented with wreaths and green leaf garlands creates a Christmas touch on this patio. This idea is a stylish design if you don’t want to lose the Christmas touch on your patio. This white color scheme and pastel color doors will create a spacious and beautiful room decor. Some natural touches on this Christmas ornament can change the appearance to be attractive and stylish. Winter Porch from @itsasmallspace

Red Christmas Tree

You can place this big red Christmas tree in one of the living rooms in your house. This is a great way to add a little Christmas touch to this living room. Complete with ball ornaments, red ribbons, and some other ornaments, this will excite the winter decor in your living room. Combined with some ornaments and a red blanket around this tree to balance the look of the living room this winter. Red Christmas Tree from @merrychristmas7766

Christmas Staircase

The muted color scheme of this entryway farmhouse lends a warm and serene feel to the entire space. Adding a Christmas tree equipped with string lights can create a charming design and steal the attention of every guest who comes. In addition to this Christmas tree, you can add some other rustic ornaments in the form of sleighs, garlands and wreaths from grenery for a charming final result. Christmas Staircase from @christmas_x_santa

Christmas Dining Room

This neutral dining room with Christmas accents looks cute and adorable. This elegant décor creates a charming and stylish look. You can use centerpieces with Christmas accents and green wreaths if you want to have a Christmas touch to your decor this winter. Soft blankets and soft pillows on this dining table are able to provide a warm and calm home atmosphere. Christmas Dining Room from @merrychristmas7766

Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree placed in the corner of the winter living room adds a Christmas touch to the entire room. This is a great way to decorate a room that you don’t want to get rid of. Complementing this Christmas tree decoration with string lights and ball ornaments can provide a beautiful and stylish home decoration. In addition to this Christmas tree you can add a wreath hanging over the fireplace for the perfect Christmas decoration idea. Christmas Tree from @thatorganizedhome

Kitchen Christmas

Several small garlands with red ribbons hanging from the cabinets in this kitchen add a bit of a Christmas touch to the whole room. This idea is easy for you to try because its unique design will also radiate a Christmas atmosphere throughout the room. The white color scheme combined with wood accents will give the impression of a fresh and warm room. Kitchen Christmas from @thatorganizedhome

Christmas Bedroom

You can still apply this Christmas feel to your bedroom decor for a fun holiday theme. Adding a Christmas tree equipped with string lights will give the room the perfect design. Complete the décor with a neutral color scheme to bring a warm and cozy feel to your entire room. A bedding set with quilted blankets and pillows will create a warm and cozy room decor. Christmas Bedroom from @christmaslove247

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Garland Fireplace

This winter living room decoration complete with a wreath is a great idea for you to try this year’s Christmas design. Complete with candlesticks, red ribbon ball decorations and string lights will enliven the holiday throughout this room. Complete with a sofa coupled with red checkered pillow accents that can balance the look in your living room. Garland Fireplace from @ornamentallyyou

Christmas Wall Art

You can try Christmas decorations by applying this wall art. You can still apply this idea to your dining room decor because its trendy style can also be the focal point of this room. You can also add wall art in the form of wreaths and hand paintings that hang on the wall for interesting wall ideas. Combined with a pale white color scheme on the walls and some furniture will result in a warm and calm room decor Christmas Wall Art fom @stefaniejean_

Christmas Ornament

This winter fireplace decor features a small Christmas tree ornament to create a Christmas atmosphere throughout the room. This is a great way to add a Christmas touch to the entrance area of your home. These large signs, wreaths and gnomes will complete the home’s distinctive look and design. Pair it with a soft beige color scheme to give the room a warm and serene look Christmas Ornament from @sugarnmilkco

Christmas Banister

Fireplaces are a part of Winter and these neutrals and whites have a touch of calm and warm decor. Adding this small faux fur Christmas tree adds a Christmas touch to your living room decor this winter. Piles of wood in a galvanized tub, checkered pillows, and a simple white and natural tree are a stylish addition to any room’s décor. Christmas Banister from @layeredlounge

Garland Stocking

The touch of Christmas is still attached to this living room decoration. Simply place a wreath and stockings over the fireplace to give this room a Christmas vibe. Moreover, adding a green Christmas tree next to the window will also give a Christmas feel to the entire room. Don’t forget to complete the look with some quilted blankets and pillows and a soft chair to give the impression of a warm and calm room. Garland Stocking from @west_and_co

Christmas Console Table

This console table equipped with Christmas ornaments gives a Christmas feel to the entire room. Putting some Christmas decorations such as green leaves in a vase, snow in a galvanized pot and red decorations from Santa’s ribbons and hats will give the room a unique design and give it a stylish look. Use a white tablecloth that is equipped with Christmas writing, this will create a matching table appearance. This large mirror with a wooden frame will give this room a rustic impression. Christmas Console Table from @thekindredginger

Evergreen Garland

How to decorate a living room Christmas using a touch of evergreen garland and a small Christmas tree in the corner of this room is a brilliant idea for you to try. This idea will look simple and catch the eye. Pair with soft sofa furniture and some pillows and blankets for the perfect room decor. Creating a cozy winter home is a great way to start decorating this room. Evergreen Garland from @davia_at_home

Cozy Dining Table

This Christmas dining table decoration uses a gray color scheme on the walls for a warm and serene space. Adding a large Christmas tree and placing it in the corner of this room will result in a trendy room design. Christmas ornaments in the form of silver and evergreen balls placed on the dining table are able to make a beautiful dining table decoration and steal the eye. This simple design will create a winter atmosphere in your entire room. Cozy DIning Table from @victoriakatehome

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Christmas Fireplace

Stocking ornaments hanging on this winter dress will make your Christmas day fun. It is very easy for you to make so that it gives a beautiful look and looks more stylish. Combined with evergreen garland and a large sign placed on the table, it gives a unique look for you to try. The white color scheme on this wall is able to give a warm and calm impression to your entire home. Christmas Fireplace from @ohsweetskye

Christmas Sign

Christmas sign ornaments placed above the fireplace add a Christmas touch to this living room. You can complete the design of this room with some pillows and blankets to give a warm and comfortable impression. A few Christmas trees in this burlap pot can give a fresh impression to this reading corner decoration Christmas Sign from @ohsweetskye

Snow Christmas Tree

Decorate the snow Christmas tree with a touch of red ornaments to give a bold impression to complement your living room decor. You can apply this snow Christmas tree in the corner of your living room so that it becomes the perfect focal point of the room. Combined with a white color scheme on the walls and furniture, it can produce a spacious and airy home decor. Snow Christmas Tree from @thewhitesnextdoor

Holiday Theme Bedroom

A touch of Christmas in this bedroom gives a unique room decoration and is a brilliant idea for you to try. This bedding set, which is equipped with a Christmas touch on the pillows and blankets, becomes an attractive room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Garland on this headboard is also able to produce beautiful home decorations and look more attractive, Holiday Theme Bedroom from livetteswallpaper

Colorful Christmas Fireplace

Add a bit of Christmas cheer with colorful ornaments placed on your fireplace for a stylish result. Choosing colorful ball ornaments that hang on the fireplace can steal the attention of every guest who comes. A few pampas in a vase, a small christmas tree is a brilliant idea for christmas decorations in your home. This large painting printed on canvas is also able to give a neutral color to the walls of this room. Colorful Christmas Fireplace from

Christmas Garland

Decorating the house using a Christmas theme garland will be the perfect focal point of the room and a different design every year. Choosing a large garland that is equipped with ball ornaments, ribbons and string light accents can change the appearance of your entrance door. Throwing this entryway can steal the show and will welcome your guests with a festive feeling and a touch of Christmas. Christmas Garland fom @stephanie_smyth_events

Christmas Kitchen and DIning Room

A warm and festive welcome for your guests can be done easily and on a budget. Now, you can decorate your dining room and kitchen combo with a festive Christmas touch. Choosing a large garland that hangs on this wall can change your blank wall. A touch of red on the ribbons and countertops will also balance this cool kitchen decor. In this way, the presence of a hanging Christmas garland can look bolder and of course attract attention. Christmas Kitchen and DIning Room from theholidayhousedecor

Christmas Laundry Room

The farmhouse laundry room with a soft Christmas touch creates a beautiful feeling and is able to shake the impression of a holiday this year. In addition, the cute garland accent of this little santa dress gives a more attractive appearance and steals the eyes of every guest who comes. This garland is able to add a little touch to the laudry room farmhouse decor and will bring the winter farmhouse atmosphere really special. Christmas Laundry Room from @ourfarmhousestylehome

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Entryway Decor

The Christmas accent on the farmhouse entrance decoration with a touch of balance in the form of a deer placed on a large mirror is able to steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. In addition to this garland, you can add some other Christmas ornaments in the form of green plants in a vase and a touch of red on this table decoration to enliven the holiday theme in this room. This leftover white color gives it a more attractive appearance. Entryway Decor from @mackbergz

Red Color Accent

This Christmas bathroom decoration with a modern farmhouse theme looks beautiful with a touch of red accents on the decoration. Applying red on towels, carpets and paintings is able to present such a beautiful charm. The natural and friendly impression on the walls and furniture is able to give a charming touch. The built in storage beside this tub will also keep the clutter in this modern farmhouse bathroom. Red Color Accent from @color_place_interior

Plaid Accent

This is a very cute and charming decoration. Because with a touch of red plaid on pillows, blankets and carpets, this will make your Christmas more beautiful. Choosing this red plaid accent can be an attraction because it has a striking color. In addition, the white accented walls and the green bed frame with the famhouse style are able to give a brighter look. Plaid Accent from @vintagefurniturereclaimed

Farmhouse Kitchen

Decorating this modern farmhouse kitchen with a touch of Christmas will never fail to enliven your holiday this year. Using a plaid touch in this decoration is also able to present a beautiful design and is able to steal attention. Christmas ornaments such as garlands and some silver balls add to the atmosphere at Christmas to be more special. The white color scheme on the walls and furniture can reduce the clutter in the Christmas kitchen this year. Farmhouse Kitchen from @amywilsondesigns

Christmas Bedroom Decor

The Christmas tree in the corner of this modern farmhouse bedroom attracts every visitor. Plus, using this festive Christmas tree can add a holiday touch to your bedroom. A large sign placed under this tree is able to welcome Christmas with splendor. Don’t forget to decorate the top with a wreath and some other Christmas decorations to make the atmosphere this year even more charming. Christmas Bedroom Decor from @12timbers

Red Blanket

The red blanket and red pillows in this bedding set add a warm and cozy touch to your Christmas bedroom decor. In addition, the wreath of evergreens that are hung above the headboard can change your Christmas look every year. This simple design is able to present a different design and make the focal point of the room. This white color scheme is also able to give a warm and calm room. Red Blanket from @talkofthehouse

Christmast Bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with a Christmas touch in the form of a small Christmas tree placed above the toilet gives the impression of a fun Christmas farmhouse. Apart from that, some other Christmas ornaments will balance the appearance and attract everyone to this bathroom. This simple design is able to make a different look every year. The off-white color scheme and some antique furnishings add a farmhouse feel to your entire home. Christmas Bathroom fom @bathrooms_of_insta


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